Chapter 374: Yue Linglong’s Death, The Hopping Mad Old Man

Demoness's Art of Vengeance

Yue Linglong had never expected all of her men to be felled by Ye Xiuwen in just the blink of an eye, while Ye Xiuwen remained completely unharmed and unaffected.

A bunch of useless things! Yue Linglong thought angrily to herself as she hollered at the Zephyr Sect disciples standing around, “Which of you are willing to apprehend him? This Highness will reward greatly whoever captures him!”

Unfortunately, the Zephyr Sect disciples simply exchanged sheepish glances as they thought to themselves in vexation – Do you think we don’t want your rewards? The only problem lays with the fact that this man is far too strong! How could we possibly have the ability to capture and restrain him? What’s the use of rewards if we’ve lost our lives?

Thus, despite having hollered for some time, not a single Zephyr Sect disciple responded to Princess Linglong’s call. She stamped her feet in fury.

“You’re all a bunch of no good things!” Princess Linglong cursed at them aloud.

Just then, Ye Xiuwen suddenly made his move. Under the augmentation of his Windwalk ability, Ye Xiuwen was so fast that nobody was able to see his movements – the only thing they saw was a shadow flicker about. Princess Linglong’s spirits had always been incredibly tense. Thus, as soon as she noticed Ye Xiuwen making his move, she immediately shrieked at all of the surrounding Zephyr Sect disciples once more, “Quick! Hurry up and protect This Highness!”

Unfortunately, how could Princess Linglong possibly know that Ye Xiuwen’s target this time was not her, but all of the other Zephyr Sect disciples who were standing around her?

Before any of them could react, the Zephyr Sect disciples felt a gust of cold wind rush past their bodies. In the very next moment, each of them felt an excruciating pain surge straight from their kneecaps through to their minds – Ye Xiuwen’s Wind Blades had sliced cleanly through each of their limbs, severing the nerves within their knees and their wrists. As the electrifying pain coursed throughout their body, the Zephyr Sect disciples felt their knees buckle, and their bodies collapsed to the ground under their own weight.


Several cries immediately rang out around Princess Linglong. As soon as she managed to collect herself and react to the situation, Princess Linglong discovered that all of the Zephyr Sect disciples had already collapsed to the ground, bloodied and incapacitated. These injuries were hardly considered serious to cultivators in the grand scheme of things – as long as their meridians and Dantian were not damaged, they would be able to recover completely after a few days of rest.

However, these injuries undoubtedly meant that it was now impossible for them to stand up and fight against Ye Xiuwen once more.

Ye Xiuwen had effortlessly incapacitated all of Princess Linglong’s troops. Ye Xiuwen was presently only in his thirties. How could Princess Linglong have expected Ye Xiuwen to have such depth of abilities at such a tender age, however talented he might be?

Of all the Zephyr Sect disciples present right now, the weakest was in the advanced-tier Foundation Establishment stage of cultivation, while the strongest was already in the advanced-tier Golden Core stage of cultivation. How strong did Ye Xiuwen have to be to take out all of them in the blink of an eye?!

Princess Linglong was finally afraid – so much so that the fear resonated and shook the core of her very being. Ye Xiuwen stood placidly in the center of the aftermath, staring at Princess Linglong silently. In her fear, she began to retreat.

There was no one else standing in this courtyard apart from her and Ye Xiuwen. Even if she cried out for help and reinforcements right now, nobody would be able to arrive in time.

The frigid gaze in Ye Xiuwen’s eyes sent chills down Princess Linglong’s spine, and she began to stammer, “You…don’t take another step. If you dare hurt This Highness, Master and the King would never let you off lightly!”

The Zephyr Sect disciples laying on the floor began to snicker coldly in their hearts – Isn’t it a little bit too late to realize what true fear really means? Furthermore, its precisely because you throw the weight of your father and your master’s name about so freely that everyone despises you.

Truth be told, all of them had each their own grievances against Princess Linglong. After all, every single one of them were cultivators who had painstakingly earned their place in a Greater Sect, and they naturally possessed abilities that were well above most of their contemporaries. Naturally, there was good reason for them to be proud of their own achievements. When they learnt that they were suddenly forced to take orders from an arrogant, useless princess just because of her immensely deep backing, how could they possibly swallow their pride just like that?

Unfortunately, the Greenwich Kingdom’s King was a rich resource vein for the Zephyr Sect, and he would send countless spirit tools, medicines and other treasures to the Zephyr Sect every year. On account of this alone, the Zephyr Sect’s Sect Elders would not only turn a blind eye to Princess Linglong’s willful behaviour, they even condoned her tyrannical ways.

Thus, there were several disciples who saw Princess Linglong’s existence as an eyesore to them. Regrettably, none of them were able to find a basis to rid themselves of the little demon among their midst. They knew that they would have to put up with Princess Linglong’s tyranny unless were prepared to leave the Zephyr Sect once and for all.

Right now, their injuries gave them a pretext not to obey Princess Linglong’s commands anymore, so they began to watch the show unfolding before their very eyes with keen interest.

Naturally, they still hoped in their hearts that Ye Xiuwen wouldn’t kill Princess Linglong. Otherwise, none of them present today would be spared the wrath of the Zephyr Sect and the Greenwich Kingdom’s King.

Ye Xiuwen slowly raised his right hand as he drew closer and closer to Princess Linglong. His eyes were so deep and profound that they appeared to be two bottomless whirlpools, slowly swirling and threatening to devour everything around.

“I…I’ll definitely locate Jun Xiaomo for you, alright? Please don’t kill me…” Princess Linglong spirit was finally broken. She feared death the most – she still had a long life ahead of her, so how could she possibly perish just like that?

Unfortunately, she had earlier already recanted on her promise to locate Jun Xiaomo, so her present words bore no powers of persuasion whatsoever.

Just like the boy who cried wolf, her promises were no longer credible.

Just as a glint of murderous intent flickered across the depths of his eyes, a Transmission Talisman within Ye Xiuwen’s Interspatial Ring suddenly glowed brightly. After a moment’s hesitation, he paused in his steps and retrieved the Transmission Talisman.

“Master?” Ye Xiuwen placidly addressed his master.

“Cough cough…Aiyah, Disciple, are ye still at the courtyard where yer wife was originally being held?” The old man’s voice echoed out from the Transmission Talisman.

Ye Xiuwen squinted slightly as he barked, “Master, please say whatever you have to say quickly.”

The old man was slightly taken aback by Ye Xiuwen’s impatience and impudence, and he exclaimed in his heart – This damn li’l brat is far too disrespectful of his master! After berating Ye Xiuwen in his heart, the old man responded, “Disciple, Master has already found yer wife for ye. Don’t dally there any longer. Come find yer master.”

Ye Xiuwen’s heart constricted slightly, and emotions began to ripple in the depths of his eyes. After a protracted pause, he finally replied, “Alright, I’ll head over there right now.”

As Ye Xiuwen finished speaking, he returned the Transmission Talisman to his Interspatial Ring.

Princess Linglong and the other bodyguards heaved a sigh of relief in their hearts. Since Jun Xiaomo had been found, they would finally be able to send this fiendish war god Ye Xiuwen away as well.

As expected, Ye Xiuwen retrieved a Teleportation Scroll and laid it out on the floor shortly after ending the transmission with his master. Evidently, he intended to leave the courtyard with the aid of the Teleportation Scroll.

Princess Linglong finally loosened her tense spirits. As Ye Xiuwen was busy preparing the Teleportation Scroll, she discreetly cast Ye Xiuwen a vicious gaze – Just you wait! I’m not going to let you nor Jun Xiaomo off the hook just like that!

Unfortunately, Ye Xiuwen looked back up at the most inopportune moment for Princess Linglong. She was slightly taken aback, and she immediately attempted to collect the vicious cast in her eyes. However, it was too late.

Ye Xiuwen waved his arm gently, sending innumerable Wind Blades surging straight towards Princess Linglong.

Just like that, Princess Linglong’s body was turned into a beehive without any warning. One of the Wind Blades had even sliced straight across her throat, sending blood spurting everywhere.

Princess Linglong’s eyes were ostensibly filled with horror as she slowly fell backwards, slamming heavily into the ground.



The Zephyr Sect disciples immediately clambered over towards Princess Linglong, attempting to help her up and prevent any more blood from flowing out of her wounds, while others stuffed all sorts of recovery pills into her mouth.

Unfortunately, just as they commenced their attempt to rescue her, tens of Wind Blades shot out from deep within Princess Linglong’s chest once more, sending her blood splattering all over the faces of the Zephyr Sect disciples.

This was the killing blow which Ye Xiuwen had left within Princess Linglong’s body. He had never intended to spare Princess Linglong’s life right from the onset because her harsh, accusatory remarks against Jun Xiaomo had thoroughly enraged him.

Princess Linglong’s limbs convulsed slightly, and her neck slumped down lifelessly. Even as she drew her final breath, her eyes remained wide open, as though filled with a horror and disbelief that lingered beyond death.

Perhaps she had never expected to perish so cleanly and swiftly. Perhaps she had thought that the road ahead was long and promising, and she would be able to live long and live well under the dual-protection of the Zephyr Sect and the Greenwich Kingdom.

Unfortunately, she clearly didn’t understand the important principle that undergirded the cultivation world – there are always people out there more talented than oneself. As long as she continued to provoke others in her tyrannical ways, she was sooner or later bound to meet a person who would without hesitation shrug off the threat of the two powers backing her in order to protect his boundaries and baselines.

“Princess!!!” The Princess’s bodyguards burst out into tears instantly. They weren’t crying out of sorrow for Princess Linglong’s passing. Rather, they were crying because they feared the fate that awaited them.

Princess Linglong had perished. As mere bodyguards whose sole role was to protect the Princess, how could they possibly survive the wrath of the King of the Greenwich Kingdom when he learns of the death of the Princess?

The Zephyr Sect disciples had an equally ashen expression on their face. They, too, knew that not a single person would be spared the punishment for Princess Linglong’s death.

Practically everyone present were filled with worry and concern for the fate that awaited each of them. Ironically, the catalyzing event that was Princess Linglong’s death hardly caused a single ripple in each of their hearts. Not a single one of them grieved Princess Linglong’s passing at all.

On the other side, Ye Xiuwen swiftly arrived by the old man’s side with the aid of the Teleportation Scroll. Once he packed up his Teleportation Scroll, Ye Xiuwen strode quickly towards where the sprightly old man and Jun Xiaomo were located.

The sprightly old man was not carrying Jun Xiaomo right now. He knew that Ye Xiuwen was hardly in the right frame of mind, and his madness made him so territorial that he would explode in rage at any men who dared to even draw close to Jun Xiaomo. Thus, the old man knew better than to let Ye Xiuwen see any part of his body touch Jun Xiaomo, for fear that he might suffer from his disciple’s wrath again.

Ye Xiuwen quickly made his way towards Jun Xiaomo, only slowing down slightly as he drew close to her.

Jun Xiaomo was lying feebly on the ground. Her face was pale and devoid of the colour of blood, while her hands and legs were still shackled and bound tightly.

“This is…” Ye Xiuwen glanced at the chains as he furrowed his brows.

“This should be something that the Greenwich Kingdom’s Princess Linglong had restrained her with. Master’s ability is unfortunately limited. At the very least, Master has no way of unlocking the fetters.” The old man sighed with resignation as he explained. He knew that he was guilty for Jun Xiaomo’s present predicament.

Ye Xiuwen’s eyes gleamed with a frigid gaze, “So it was her after all! Death was too easy for her!”

“What?! Ye’ve killed that Princess?!” The old man’s eyes widened with disbelief.

“That’s right. So what about it?” Ye Xiuwen glanced dispassionately at the old man as he quipped back.

“So what about it…what about it…ye snotty li’l brat! Ye don’t even know the kind of trouble ye’ve just gotten yerself into?! Even I don’t dare to lay a hand on that First-Seat Disciple of the Stoneknife Peak, yet ye went ahead and recklessly murdered the beloved daughter of an entire kingdom?! How strong do ye think ye are?! Do ye think ye can stand up to the wrath of both a kingdom and a Greater Sect?! Ye are going to be the death of me!” Glaring daggers, the old man exploded at Ye Xiuwen.

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