Chapter 378: Chi Jingtian Hits the Nail on the Head

Demoness's Art of Vengeance

Unlike Rong Ruihan, the little packrat had only managed to discover Jun Xiaomo’s whereabouts after several twists and turns. Old Man Chi had always been concerned about the little packrat’s body. Furthermore, Old Man Chi knew that the quasi-great-granddaughter-in-law of his was a magnet for burdensome relationships. Afraid that the little packrat would be hurt in this pursuit of passion of his, Old Man Chi issued a standing order to all of his clansmen that nobody was to divulge Jun Xiaomo’s whereabouts to the little packrat. Thus, the little packrat had only learnt of Jun Xiaomo’s “resurrection from the dead” after quite some time.

Then, it was only after he threw a tantrum for an incredibly long time that Old Man Chi finally relented and agreed to let him leave the clan’s grounds. At the same time, Old Man Chi secretly instructed a group of clansmen to tail the little packrat and protect him from the shadows.

The little packrat was the only one bearing Old Man Chi’s bloodline in his generation. Naturally, Old Man Chi was incredibly protective and couldn’t bear to let anything happen to the little packrat. In particular, Old Man Chi could not afford to risk the little packrat consuming a Shapeshifting Fruit again.

In fact, the little packrat had only worked so hard on his cultivation because he had fixed his eyes on the goal of being strong enough to be able to protect Jun Xiaomo. Otherwise, given the extent to which Old Man Chi and the rest of the clan spoilt the little packrat, he would most certainly have become a profligate.

Right now, the little packrat’s abilities were already in the advanced-tier Golden Core stage of cultivation. Thus, Old Man Chi felt much more at ease letting him out of the clan’s grounds. At the very least, he knew that the little packrat would not simply fall to an average joe cultivator.

Nuzzling in Jun Xiaomo’s warm embrace, the little packrat gnawed slightly at its claws and thought to himself – I wonder when Jun Xiaomo would finally realize once again that I’m a human, and not just a demonic packrat? This is distressing…

Just as the little packrat was anguishing over his thoughts, Ye Xiuwen returned. As he drew closer to Jun Xiaomo’s whereabouts, he immediately detected a foreign aura near her.

Someone’s there?! Ye Xiuwen immediately rushed over towards Jun Xiaomo. It was only when he arrived before her that he noticed a round ball of fluff nestled in Jun Xiaomo’s bosom.

Packrat? Ye Xiuwen squinted slightly, before quickly dismissing it.

No, that’s no mere packrat. Ye Xiuwen immediately recalled the Jun Xiaomo’s little “pet” that had found its way to Jun Xiaomo’s side years ago. This packrat was clearly one and the same as that one – even the colour of its fur was the same!

Ye Xiuwen was infuriated. He had left in a huff earlier, and it was only after the sprightly old man had painstakingly cajoled and placated him that his rage abated slightly. Who would have thought that he would catch Jun Xiaomo together with yet another love rival as soon as he returned?!

More accurately speaking, this was an old rival in love – one that Ye Xiuwen had forgotten all about.

Ye Xiuwen immediately stretched out his hand and motioned to grab at the little packrat. Yet his disposition was so intimidating that it could not have been to merely cast out the little packrat. Rather, it was evident that Ye Xiuwen intended to crush the little packrat in one fell swoop.

Jun Xiaomo reacted in the blink of an eye, rolling to the side with the little packrat as she yelled at Ye Xiuwen, “Ye Xiuwen, what are you doing?!”

“Exterminating a rival in love.” Ye Xiuwen responded placidly, yet his grave gaze revealed just how serious he was.

“What nonsense are you blabbering about? Can’t you even allow the existence of a small pet?” Jun Xiaomo barked back as she shot to her feet and confronted Ye Xiuwen directly.

Ye Xiuwen glared at Jun Xiaomo with a fiery gaze in his eyes, “Do you even know his identity? How could you assume he’s a pet just like that?”

“What other identity could a little packrat possibly have?” Jun Xiaomo found Ye Xiuwen completely absurd.

Squeak squeak! Infuriated, the little packrat brandished and waved his claws threateningly about at Ye Xiuwen.

Ye Xiuwen’s eyes darkened. Just as he was about to operate his Windwalk ability and swipe the little packrat away, Jun Xiaomo let out a muffled groan and curled up her body quickly.

Squeak squeak squeak! The little packrat cried out anxiously in Jun Xiaomo’s bosom, wondering what happened to her body.

Then, everything happened in the blink of an eye. Just as Jun Xiaomo stumbled and fell backward, the little packrat leapt out of her bosom, turned into a charming, handsome man and caught Jun Xiaomo just before she struck the ground.

“You…” Jun Xiaomo furrowed her brows, staring in bewilderment at the man who had suddenly appeared.

“Let’s get to know each other again. My name is Chi Jingtian. I’m the youngest child of the Hidden Sect, Chi Clan, and I’m also the little packrat who’s been following by your side just a little while ago. Oh, that’s right, Little Packie was what you used to call me back when I was stuck being a little demonic packrat.” The charming man smiled radiantly at Jun Xiaomo, dazzling her with his gleaming eyes.

“Little Packie…” Jun Xiaomo muttered under her breath, somewhat detecting a sense of familiarity with that term, “Then, between us…what’s our relationship?” Jun Xiaomo asked after some hesitation.

“We’re naturally master and pet…ah, no.” The charming man bit down on his own tongue and decided to change tact, “If possible, I’d like Xiaomo to think of me as a quasi-husband.”

As soon as the man finished speaking, he smiled brightly at Jun Xiaomo once again.

Jun Xiaomo realized that he was quite the fun person. Not only did he like smiling, he was also rather self-amused. Furthermore, his radiance almost seemed contagious, and watching him seemed to make all of her troubles disappear into the back of his mind.

Jun Xiaomo had recently been thoroughly tormented by Ye Xiuwen’s intense emotional fluctuations, so encountering such an interesting man was like a breath of fresh air to her. Furthermore, Jun Xiaomo knew that there was a reasonable possibility that this was someone whom she knew in the past. Thus, she couldn’t help but smile brightly at the pleasant turn of events.

“Then, how should I address you?”

Jun Xiaomo selectively glossed over the reference to “quasi-husband”. This was not merely due to the fact that Ye Xiuwen grew ostensibly fuming mad at the term. Rather, what was most important to her was to find out more about the matters that had occurred in the past before she had lost her memory. In particular, she wanted to know more about the kinds of relationships which she had embroiled herself with.

At the very least, Jun Xiaomo had resolved that she would close off her heart to anyone before she could ascertain all these things.

“You can call me Jingtian. My name is Chi Jingtian after all. Addressing me as ‘Little Packie’ would make it sound like you’re calling a pet.” The charming man shrugged with some measure of exasperation.

“Pfft…” Jun Xiaomo burst out into laughter, curling up her eyes, and the colour of blood even began to return to her otherwise pale face.

The sprightly old man looked at his disciple worriedly. As expected, the swirling, vile energy in the depths of Ye Xiuwen’s eyes had almost become corporeal by now.

That said, what was most surprising was the fact that Ye Xiuwen had managed to hold himself together and refrain from lashing out despite the intensely roiling vile energy in the depths of his eyes.

The old man was prepared to leap out at the moment’s notice to intercept any attacks from his disciple against the charming young man. At the very least, he could not allow his disciple to slaughter indiscriminately in his rage. Otherwise, Jun Xiaomo would never be able to forgive his disciple. After all, it was natural that Jun Xiaomo would have so many suitors. What was most important right now was to think of way to allow his disciple to stand out among all of the other suitors so that he can securely win Jun Xiaomo’s heart once and for all.

But, given his disciple’s current condition right now, it’s going to be an uphill task if I want him to realize all these things. The old man sighed as he shook his head.

Indeed, it was true that Ye Xiuwen’s heart was being battered incessantly by the vile energy right now. However, as soon as he noticed the brilliant smile on Jun Xiaomo’s face that he had not seen in such a long time, the vile energy seemed to lose its hold over his heart.

How long has it been since I’ve seen Little Martial Sister smile like that? It feels almost like an eternity. In fact, I don’t think I’ve seen her smile ever since she was trapped within the spirit tool and almost perished inside together with Rong Ruihan, much less that brilliant a smile.

Little Martial Sister is always brooding over something in her heart. Perhaps if she hadn’t lost her memory, she might not be able to laugh so heartily and carefreely, would she?

A wave of bitter astringency suddenly washed over Ye Xiuwen’s heart, causing it to ache in pain. Although this sensation was faint, it was sufficient to prevent him from attacking Chi Jingtian directly.

After Chi Jingtian helped Jun Xiaomo regain her footing, he suddenly exclaimed, before grabbing Jun Xiaomo’s wrist and sending a thread of demonic energy probing through her meridians, “Xiaomo, you’re pregnant?”

Jun Xiaomo was slightly taken aback. She had never expected Chi Jingtian to be so keenly observant.

“You’re indeed pregnant!” Chi Jingtian placed his hand down and squatted down excitedly as he motioned to place his ear on Jun Xiaomo’s belly, “Let me listen if this baby is making a racket inside!”

The sprightly old man raised his eyebrow curiously, “Li’l lad, this isn’t even your child, so why are you so excited about it?”

“It’s because it’s Xiaomo’s child!” Chi Jingtian explained matter-of-factly, before glancing over at the old man with a slightly bewildered look, “Since it’s Xiaomo’s child, I’ll naturally like it. Old man, don’t you know the idiom ‘love me, love my dog’?”

The old man - …Isn’t this li’l lad being a little bit too magnanimous here? At the same time, he glanced back at his disciple sympathetically. This, alone, was sufficient for Chi Jingtian to pull ahead of Ye Xiuwen in the race for Jun Xiaomo’s heart.

Compared with Disciple, this li’l lad that has suddenly appeared appears to be far more suitable to be a father. He’s clearly showing signs of love towards the unborn child. At the very least, he’s not behaving like Disciple, who either presents himself completely emotionless or makes a grave expression like he’s just lost his father every time he sees the slight bump in Jun Xiaomo’s abdomen… The old man rubbed his temples in exasperation, before shelving his thoughts to the side.

“This child would probably be yours and Xiaomo’s, right?” Chi Jingtian stood up and addressed Ye Xiuwen.

Ye Xiuwen glanced placidly back, before muttering, “Mm.”

“Hey, what kind of an attitude is this?” Chi Jingtian reacted with displeasure, “Is there any prospective father who acts like you? Look at how skinny Xiaomo has become. And I clearly noticed Xiaomo’s disdain towards you earlier. The child isn’t the result of you forcing yourself upon her, is it?”

The vile energy in the depths of Ye Xiuwen’s eyes began to roil intensely, “What did you say?! Are you suggesting that I would force Xiaomo to have my child?!”

“Hehe, I’m just making a passing remark. There’s no need to get so angry, right? After all, your personality wasn’t like this in the past…” Chi Jingtian took a step to the side and stood directly between Jun Xiaomo and Ye Xiuwen, “Truth be told, I most certainly wouldn’t feel at ease leaving Jun Xiaomo in your hands if you remain like this. Look at how Xiaomo is right now – is she truly living the blissful life that every prospective mother deserves? Furthermore, the enemies that are after your lives aren’t getting any weaker. Do you think that your abilities alone are sufficient to protect Xiaomo and your child?”

Chi Jingtian had struck the nail on the head, yet the vile energy within Ye Xiuwen’s eyes only continued to roil more intently.

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