Chapter 38: The Anticipated Quarrel

Demoness's Art of Vengeance

Yu Wanrou was indeed absolutely furious. It was Jun Xiaomo who had hurt her in the first place. Yet now, not only did she expect Yu Wanrou to grit her teeth and swallow her indignation and humiliation, she even wanted Yu Wanrou to apologize to the culprit?! What was this? Wasn’t the perpetrator practically calling herself the victim?

“I won’t do it! She was the one who had hurt me, so why should I be apologizing to her, and even admit that I’m slandering her?!” Yu Wanrou was so angry that the veins on her face started to bulge out as she lamented to Qin Lingyu with tears streaking down her cheeks.

“Quieten down a little! Do you want others to discover that you’re quarreling?!” Qin Lingyu harshly rebuked her with a raspy whisper. He felt deeply frustrated. On one hand, he was deeply unsettled by Jun Xiaomo’s changes, and he was also afraid that others might discover his relationship with Yu Wanrou. Yet at the same time, he absolutely had to convince Yu Wanrou to apologize to Jun Xiaomo. After all, those two fifth-grade Energy Rejuvenation Pills were truly too valuable to pass up.

“Lingyu, I’m not lying to you. The person who hurt me was really Jun Xiaomo, not some demonic cultivator. Didn’t you also bring some of the Sect’s martial brothers and sisters to comb the Sect’s surrounding woods? Did you find any traces of demonic cultivators? I’m certain you didn’t, right? I don’t know what happened to Jun Xiaomo’s body, and why her cultivation level would fall to the first level of Qi Mastery immediately after injuring me, but I’ve really been telling the truth…” Yu Wanrou clutched tightly to Qin Lingyu’s sleeve as she bemoaned. She looked pitifully at Qin Lingyu with tear-filled puppy eyes, hoping to gain his sympathy and concern as she had always done before.

“I believe you…but all that is inconsequential now.” Qin Lingyu gritted his teeth as he responded. That pitiful look plastered on Yu Wanrou’s face which had tugged at Qin Lingyu’s heartstrings on so many occasions in the past had instead stirred his frustrations today. He lowered his head slightly, and then swiftly shot out his hand and gripped Yu Wanrou’s wrist tightly, articulating every single word clearly as he demanded, “Whether it was Jun Xiaomo who hurt you or not, you must apologize to her, do you understand me?!”

“Lingyu, it hurts…” Instantly, Yu Wanrou felt a sharp pain at her wrist, as though it was going to be crushed to a pulp. Qin Lingyu had never treated her with such violence before; and this first experience left a deep impression in her heart. 

Weren’t they lovers? Why would Qin Lingyu castigate her just because of that Jun Xiaomo? She could not accept this…absolutely not! How could she time and again lose out to that fool Jun Xiaomo?!

At this moment, the flickering flame in Yu Wanrou’s heart known as “jealousy” exploded with such fiery intensity that it nearly consumed Yu Wanrou’s rationality! 

She had forgotten that Jun Xiaomo was in fact Qin Lingyu’s fiancée; and she had even forgotten how Qin Lingyu viewed all things secondary to the importance of his own reputation. Right now, she only knew that Jun Xiaomo had manipulated Qin Lingyu by dangling some benefits before him, and she felt extremely aggrieved. She could not swallow this bitter pill!

“Lingyu, with your outstanding abilities, you would be able to successfully complete the Sect’s mission even without Jun Xiaomo’s treasures or benefits. Why do you insist that I apologize to a person who had hurt me in the first place?” Yu Wanrou laughed bitterly to herself. She hung her head low, her eyes quivered as tears streaked from them uncontrollably, and her expression exuded immense sorrow.

“What do you know…” Qin Lingyu had finally calmed down. He let go of Yu Wanrou’s hand indifferently, walked to the side and sat down. After drinking some water, he fixed his profound gaze on the dancing flame on a candle set atop the table, saying, “If the treasures that Jun Xiaomo were going to give me were anything else, then it’s fine – I could ignore them. But right now, the treasures that she is offering includes two fifth-grade Energy Rejuvenation Pills. With these Energy Rejuvenation Pills, it’s tantamount to having two additional lives – who would not be tempted by these things? Only that fool Jun Xiaomo would use these priceless treasures for such a small request.”

Yes, despite the fact that Jun Xiaomo was about to give two fifth-grade Energy Rejuvenation Pills to Qin Lingyu, he had always seen this fiancée of his as nothing more than a fool to be used.

If he were her, he would have kept these fifth-grade Energy Rejuvenation Pills securely – who could bear to use these priceless treasures for something so simple as an apology? It must be known that obtaining these fifth-grade Energy Rejuvenation Pills must have been no mean feat, even to a Peakmaster like Jun Linxuan. After all, these treasures were not something that could be simply bought with money.

Having heard Qin Lingyu call Jun Xiaomo a “fool”, Yu Wanrou’s heart felt a little bit better – albeit only a tiny bit.

Qin Lingyu’s words made her realize that this matter was non-negotiable to him. For the sake of obtaining those two fifth-grade Energy Rejuvenation Pills, she had to apologize to Jun Xiaomo, and even state in writing that she would never slander Jun Xiaomo again!

Having thought about all these things – after all is said and done, Yu Wanrou still felt unwilling. She just could not reconcile with the truth before her.

Qin Lingyu raised his head and noticed the unwilling expression on Yu Wanrou’s face, and an idea popped into his mind. With a softened voice, he probed, “Wanrou, Jun Xiaomo agreed to give us two fifth-grade Energy Rejuvenation Pills. This means that each of us can have one. Isn’t this a good thing? Why pass up such a good opportunity to obtain some priceless treasures in a fit of anger?”

Yu Wanrou looked up and locked eyes with Qin Lingyu, yet she merely bit down on her lips and remained silent.

Why would she covet these meagre Energy Rejuvenation Pills from that harlot Jun Xiaomo? To begin with, the spirit spring in her spectral demiplane was already far, far better than these Energy Rejuvenation Pills!

But she knew that the secret of her spectral demiplane could not be disclosed at all costs – even to her most adored Qin Lingyu. Otherwise, she might just become the next Jun Xiaomo to Qin Lingyu.

To Qin Lingyu, benefits and treasures are far more important than love and relationships. The present incident was concrete proof of this.

Yu Wanrou’s heart felt a little sour and cold chilly. Her former blazing passion for Qin Lingyu had dwindled slightly from all these things.

At the same time, because her emotions had subsided, Yu Wanrou’s rationality once again took the reins in her thought processes. Even though she still felt jealous of Jun Xiaomo, she nevertheless nodded her head in agreement to a compromise, “Alright, I’ll go apologize to her.”

As long as she remained in Dawn Sect, she would have to cling onto this great tree that is Qin Lingyu. If Qin Lingyu’s heart grew cold towards her as a result of her refusal here, her potential losses would be far, far greater.

It’s alright. With my spirit spring at hand, coupled with my top-tier dual cultivation technique that only I can use, I will surpass Jun Xiaomo in no time at all! Besides, hasn’t her cultivation level fallen to the first level of Qi Mastery? How long is it going to take before she can return to the eighth level of Qi Mastery? What have I got to fear then? Lingyu certainly wouldn’t marry a useless thing who can’t even attain the Foundation Establishment stage before the age of thirty-five!

I’ll let her revel in her cockiness just this one more time then. Yu Wanrou mocked in her heart, and the bitterness in her heart gradually subsided.

Even though Jun Xiaomo was the one who had set the conditions, she did not mind the outcome too much. This was because she knew how much these two fifth-grade Energy Rejuvenation Pills meant to Qin Lingyu – the temptation was so great that Qin Lingyu might even resort to violence in order to coerce an apology from Yu Wanrou to Jun Xiaomo!

Ah-- what is true love? When benefit-driven people like Qin Lingyu are faced with the prospects of obtaining much coveted treasures, even “true love” would have to stand aside and give way to these benefits. Besides, Qin Lingyu may not necessarily be infatuated with Yu Wanrou at this moment. After all, his standards have long since been inflated beyond reason by the numerous female disciples throwing themselves at him; and his pride might not let him commit fully to Yu Wanrou – a person of humble backgrounds and with seemingly no talent at all.

Of course, these statements were only true for the moment. In the future, when Yu Wanrou becomes the matriarch in control of several outstanding men, then this assessment of her may well become highly inadequate. After all, the true nature of men is that they are drawn to competition. When everyone competes for one single piece of treasure, then the value of this treasure would naturally be inflated in their sights. Perhaps the objective value of such treasures might not even be of great importance to these men in the first place.

This was particularly true for people like Qin Lingyu. If the treasure that belonged to him were stolen or won over by someone else, how could he just take it lying down? Therefore, in the latter half of Jun Xiaomo’s previous life, Qin Lingyu had done all he could to return to Yu Wanrou’s side.

But now that Jun Xiaomo were equipped with the experiences from her previous life, and she had discarding all the distracting emotional attachments which previously clouded her mind, the present Jun Xiaomo could see with pristine clarity the true nature of scumbags like Qin Lingyu.

Right now, Jun Xiaomo’s heart was only concerned about one thing – the fact that Ye Xiuwen is soon about to travel out of the Sect for a mission. She had spent considerable effort convincing Ye Xiuwen to teach her sword arts. Yet before she could revel in Ye Xiuwen’s guidance, she was met with the shocking news that Ye Xiuwen was soon to leave the Sect – what an unfortunate turn of events!

Jun Xiaomo let out a soft sigh in frustration. She knew that Ye Xiuwen had to go through this phase of life. Without such experiences sharpening him, he would never be able to encounter the opportunity required to step into the Foundation Establishment stage from the peak twelfth level of Qi Mastery. Therefore, she could not be selfish and prevent Ye Xiuwen from leaving the Sect.

“What should I do, then?” Jun Xiaomo tapped her chin as the brooded over this matter. The little Demonic Packrat fervently gnawed at the pine nuts just beside her.

“You’re such a carefree little fella~” Jun Xiaomo stroked that plump, furry body of her little packrat; yet it ignored her, and even turned its body around, showing her its bum.

Seeing this, Jun Xiaomo could not help but burst into laughter. She felt that this little companion of hers was truly gifted in dispelling her vexations.

“How about…if I travel out of the Sect with martial brother…” Jun Xiaomo muttered to herself under her breath as her eye gleamed brightly, “Yeah, let’s do that!”

Demonic cultivators could not increase their cultivation levels through mere meditation; instead, the requirement for combat and skirmish far exceeded that of regular spiritual cultivation. Therefore, travelling out of the Sect with Ye Xiuwen would be far more beneficial to her cultivation progress.

Squeak squeak~ Packie understood Jun Xiaomo’s intentions, and it instantly turned around and leapt onto Jun Xiaomo’s arm, squeaking incessantly as it refused to go down. It was impossible to tell whether it was anxious that Jun Xiaomo was travelling out of the Sect, or whether it was extremely happy that it could tag along.

“Alright, alright, I’ll take you along with me no matter what, alright?” Jun Xiaomo tickled her little packrat’s chin. 

Packie was a Demonic Packrat after all; and Jun Xiaomo naturally would not leave it behind at the Sect.

The frequency of her little packrat’s squeaks increased even more, and its black beady eyes seemed to exude a trace of emotion that was not seen in animals.

It was a pity that Jun Xiaomo did not notice this at all. After all, who would have thought that a little Demonic Packrat could have the same level of spiritual awareness as humans?

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