Chapter 380: Jun Xiaomo’s Madness, Ye Xiuwen’s Realization

Demoness's Art of Vengeance

Things happened just as Zhuang Hongsheng had expected. As soon as Wei Xingping “incidentally” learnt that his First-Seat Disciple had been murdered by a young sprout, he immediately flew into a fit of manic fury and sustained a demonic upheaval.

“Ye Xiuwen! Jun Xiaomo! I won’t let you off. I’m going to get revenge for my dear disciple!!!” After spitting out a large mouthful of blood, Wei Xingping passed out.


“Martial Uncle!”

The two Zephyr Sect disciples who had come to deliver the bad news to Wei Xingping hurriedly stuffed several recovery pills into his mouth. Unfortunately, Wei Xingping’s cultivation was still affected. Not only had all his efforts from his closed-door cultivation been negated, he even lost decades’ worth of cultivation.

It couldn’t be helped. A First-Seat Disciple’s existence was akin to that of a successor to a Peakmaster, and the relationship between them was naturally different from that of other disciples. In fact, it might not even be an exaggeration to describe theirs a relationship that was akin to that of father and son. Right now, his quasi-son had just been killed by others – how could Wei Xingping not be infuriated by this news?

Wei Xingping remained unconscious for a full three days and night before he regained consciousness once more. However, the first thought that occurred to him in that very moment he awakened was the thought of exacting vengeance against Jun Xiaomo and Ye Xiuwen!

Even though the backlash from the horrific news had dealt a heavy blow to his cultivation core and caused a fall in his cultivation level, these things were no more than inconsequential matters in light of the fact that his beloved disciple had just perished. He absolutely had to shred Jun Xiaomo and Ye Xiuwen to pieces if he were to resolve this grudge of his!

Just as Wei Xingping was preparing to leave the Sect in search for the objects of his vengeance, he also learnt of the fact that Princess Linglong had also perished in the hands of Jun Xiaomo and Ye Xiuwen. The Greenwich Kingdom’s King had just issued an imperial decree, summoning all the experts in their lands to capture Jun Xiaomo and Ye Xiuwen so that he could break their limbs and pluck their nerves, exacting vengeance for the late Princess Linglong.

Princess Linglong was Zou Zilong’s wife. Naturally, she could also be considered Wei Xingping’s disciple-in-law. Regardless of whether the marriage was one of convenience, Princess Linglong was still Wei Xingping’s in-law in name.

In other words, this was a double whammy. Having learnt of such news, Wei Xingping’s hatred towards Jun Xiaomo and Ye Xiuwen shot straight through the roof and hit unprecedented heights. Two days later, he personally took charge of the entourage of Greenwich Kingdom’s experts and began to make his way towards the Sunset Mountain Range with an unbending will to make Jun Xiaomo and Ye Xiuwen pay for their crimes.

When Zhuang Lenghui received her father Zhuang Hongsheng’s update about the situation, she curled her lips into a vicious, cold smile.

Meanwhile, Jun Xiaomo had already vanished for a total of five days.

Ever since she vanished from right under their noses, Ye Xiuwen, his master, and Chi Jingtian had never paused once in their efforts to locate Jun Xiaomo’s traces. However, it almost seemed as though Jun Xiaomo were intent on hiding from them. No matter how much they called out to her, no lady in striking-red was forthcoming.

Initially, the sprightly old man and Chi Jingtian couldn’t help but blame Ye Xiuwen for having pushed Jun Xiaomo past her limits and snapping that cord of tension within her. If not for the fact that Ye Xiuwen had insisted on aborting the child, Jun Xiaomo would never have fled in a fit of fury and disappeared without leaving any traces behind.

Most importantly, Jun Xiaomo’s condition right now meant that things would be incredibly grave if she ended up being captured by any of her nemeses. Even if she was still at large out there, the child in her womb was more than sufficient to torment and drain her body of all vigor and vitality.

With these thoughts in their mind, everyone began to panic, praying that they would find a trace of Jun Xiaomo’s whereabouts in the very next moment. Chi Jingtian had even secretly sent a missive to his clansmen, seeking their help in his search for Jun Xiaomo’s whereabouts.

That said, a full five days had already lapsed, yet they saw no traces of any lady in red, much less Jun Xiaomo.

By now, the old man and Chi Jingtian were so worried that they had even lost the heart to pin any blame on Ye Xiuwen. At the same time, Ye Xiuwen grew increasingly sullen over the last few days of incessant searching. If he saw no reason to speak, he could even remain silent for an entire day.

Truth be told, Jun Xiaomo was hardly far away from where they were. Unfortunately, they were unable to locate her because Jun Xiaomo had an Invisibility Talisman applied on her body at all times.

As soon as Jun Xiaomo gave Ye Xiuwen the slip, she clumsily stumbled and fumbled her way into a cavern not far from the lotus pond. There, an excruciating pain surged from her womb, and she collapsed onto the ground.

Jun Xiaomo curled up on the ground, clutching at her own womb in pain. For some reason, she found this pain an oddly familiar sensation. In fact, it was so familiar that it seemed to trigger several complicated emotions in her heart.

There was infuriation, bitter astringency, and even resentment…

Jun Xiaomo shut her eyes slowly, and a bead of tear rolled slowly out of her eyes. It suddenly dawned on her just how feeble and weak she was – she possessed no ability to protect both her and her child.

Gradually, despite the dull pangs of pain that constantly echoed through her body, Jun Xiaomo fell into a deep slumber, and countless images and snapshots of her memory flickered quickly before her eyes.

“Jun Xiaomo, Lady Demoness, vicious killer and reaper of souls, you are sentenced to death today!”

“Hahahahaha…what’s the matter, are you still thinking of protecting that monstrosity in your womb? Let me tell you, there’s no hope. You’re the Lady Demoness, so your child is naturally a demonkin. It should never be allowed to see the light of this world to begin with. I’m only sending it on its way sooner rather than later…”

“Jun Xiaomo, what’s the matter? Have you finally tasted the sensation of despair and despondence? Do you finally know how all those people you’ve killed felt when they were on the brink of death?”

Pain…so painful…

It was both painful and hateful. Her child – her unborn child – had actually been forcibly carved out of her body! It had become nothing more than a puddle of bloodied liquid!

I hate it. In my next life, I’m going to make sure to teach all these people the true meaning of despair and despondence!

Just then, Jun Xiaomo’s eyes snapped open once more. Her eyes had become incredibly bloodshot, and the depths of her eyes were filled with hatred and resentment.

In fact, Ye Xiuwen and the rest had combed through the cavern she was in several times in their search for Jun Xiaomo. Unfortunately, they failed to discover Jun Xiaomo’s whereabouts because Jun Xiaomo still had the Invisibility Talisman on her body.

Right now, five days had already passed, and the Invisibility Talisman on Jun Xiaomo’s body was soon wearing out. In fact, she came back to her senses as soon as the Invisibility Talisman wore out, and she immediately shot out of the cavern she was in.

By this time, Ye Xiuwen and the rest were already thinking of expanding their search radius to include the surroundings around the Sunset Mountain Range. Unexpectedly, just as they were making plans together, Jun Xiaomo suddenly appeared before their eyes once again. Unfortunately, her eyes were completely bloodshot. It was evident that she was experiencing a demonic upheaval.

“Return my child to me!” Jun Xiaomo charged at Ye Xiuwen and threw a vicious attack at him. Both the old man and Chi Jingtian were incredibly taken aback, and they immediately rushed forward, thinking of restraining Jun Xiaomo.

Unfortunately, the abilities of a cultivator experiencing a demonic upheaval cannot be measure by conventional wisdom. Ye Xiuwen’s callous comment of aborting her child might well have been the one responsible for triggering her demonic upheaval. Regardless, Jun Xiaomo completely ignored the old man and Chi Jingtian, and she only relentlessly pursued Ye Xiuwen, crying out resentfully that she was going to exact revenge for her lost child.

“Disciple-in-Law, calm down! Isn’t yer child still in yer womb?” The old man attempted to restrain Jun Xiaomo as he tried to talk some sense into her – What is going on?! Disciple isn’t even back to normal, and Disciple-in-Law has gone mad?

Unfortunately, Jun Xiaomo was impervious to all forms of reasoning. Insisting that Ye Xiuwen had murdered her child, she went for Ye Xiuwen’s jugular viciously, intent on taking his life in the swiftest manner. Even though the sprightly old man was the strongest of the four, he knew that he had to take care not to hurt Jun Xiaomo either. Thus, under the circumstantial limitations of his abilities, Jun Xiaomo ran circles around the old man without him being able to do anything in return.

Ye Xiuwen refrained from attacking Jun Xiaomo either. Instead, he simply operated his Windwalk abilities and avoided Jun Xiaomo to the best of his ability as he gazed intently and sullenly at her. Nobody could see the expression in his eyes right now.

Jun Xiaomo was only able to chase after Ye Xiuwen for such a long time because she was fueled by the hatred and resentment in her heart. However, the truth of the matter was that her body was getting weaker by the minute. In particular, having passed out in the cavern for such a long time without consuming any form of sustenance whatsoever, her body was at the weakest state it had been ever since her pregnancy.

Thus, her face grew paler by the minute as she continued to chase after Ye Xiuwen.

Ye Xiuwen was facing Jun Xiaomo all this while, so he was well aware of the ostensible changes to the colour of Jun Xiaomo’s face. Finally, he stopped in his steps when he noticed that Jun Xiaomo’s face was almost as pale as a semi-translucent sheet of paper.

Jun Xiaomo’s attack naturally landed squarely on his body.

“Ungh…” Ye Xiuwen let out a muffled groan, and blood trickled out of the corner of her lips, dripping down onto his garments.

Yet, Ye Xiuwen’s eyes continued to remain transfixed on Jun Xiaomo, his gaze remaining dark and abstruse.

Jun Xiaomo was momentarily taken aback. It was almost as though she were puzzled as to why Ye Xiuwen would suddenly pause in his steps and allow her attack to connect; yet it also seemed that she was considering whether to chain her attacks with several others as well.

Just then, Jun Xiaomo’s womb began to contract with intense pain once more, and waves of energy rippled out from her womb. It appeared that the fetal energy was getting destabilized.

“That’s not good. If this goes on, the lives of both Xiaomo and her child would be in danger!” The old man anxiously bellowed. Chi Jingtian rushed forward and decisively hacked down at Jun Xiaomo’s neck, knocking her unconscious.

Jun Xiaomo fell back into his bosom, and her eyelids fell heavily over her bloodshot eyes, as though the curtains drawing at the end of a play.

“Aiyah, what’s going on?!” The old man barked anxiously, “Ye lads are all just as reckless as the other!”

He walked over towards Ye Xiuwen and tossed a bottle of recovery pills to him as he muttered with some measure of exasperation, “Hurry up and take this. Now’s not the time for guilt tripping her.”

Ye Xiuwen looked at the recovery pills in his hands and deliberated for a moment, before he poured out a pill and consumed it.

“I’m not trying to guilt trip her.” Ye Xiuwen explained after consuming the medicinal pill, “I just didn’t want to see her face get any paler than it already was.”

“Heh. Do ye finally know how to feel pained for yer wife? Why couldn’t ye have realized this earlier?!” The old man barked angrily, “That’s why I’d told ye that the spirit tool ye have isn’t a good thing. If ye don’t void the contract with yer spirit tool soon, it’s only going to be a matter of time before ye do something ye are going to regret for the rest of yer life.”

Ye Xiuwen’s pupils quivered slightly. After a moment’s deliberation, he responded, “I’ll think about it.”

The old man was taken aback, “Ye’ll think about it?!”

“That’s right. I’ll consider it.” Ye Xiuwen responded placidly, “I’ve been doing a lot of thinking over the last few days. Perhaps it really is time for me to regain my rationality. At the very least, I shouldn’t allow a spirit tool to control me to the point where I lose all measure of rationality.”

“Not bad. Once you void the contract, ye might experience a period of weakness in yer body. Ye will have to consider this carefully.” The old man reminded.

“Mm.” Ye Xiuwen responded, inciting the old man’s annoyance with his curt response once more.

What does “mm” even mean?! Does he understand me or does he not?! Master is simply telling you to do so only at an opportune time!!!

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