Chapter 393: Cooperation Between Two Sects, Sprightly Old Man Takes a Backseat

Demoness's Art of Vengeance

The appearance of an Arcane Realm was the confluence of both destiny as well as the heavenly laws.

If the entire cultivation world were likened to an entire universe, then the Arcane Realm could be likened to a parallel, small-scaled universe. Its internal workings were complex and profound, and even powerful cultivators would find it practically impossible to comb the entire Arcane Realm in the short span of three months. This was why the map of the Arcane Realm was of such importance.

Even though Jun Xiaomo sincerely desired to obtain the Arcane Realm’s map, she knew that encountering such opportunities was entirely up to one’s luck and fate.

After fending off some bandit cultivators for the umpteenth time, Chi Jingtian exclaimed with some measure of exasperation, “We can’t carry on like this. The Arcane Realm is just too large! There’s no way we’ll be able to comb through its entirety. Why don’t we split up and search instead? This way, we will be able to cover more ground over a shorter span of time.”

“Moving separately is far too dangerous. I won’t agree to it!” Old Man Chi snorted, “Do you think I’m unaware that you’ll insist on moving with Miss Jun if we decide to move separately?”

Chi Jingtian rubbed his nose silently, tacitly assenting to Old Man Chi’s suspicions.

“I, too, think that it’s a good idea to move separately. Locating the Arcane Realm’s map is but a secondary objective. The most important thing right now is to obtain the Ninth-Grade Green Lotus Pill.” Ye Xiuwen furrowed his brows as his heart was overwhelmed by worry and concern once more.

“Since that’s the case, why don’t we split ourselves into teams? I’ll be in the same team as Xiaomo.” Rong Ruihan quipped.

Old Man Chi glared at Rong Ruihan indignantly. He had never expected to be contradicted by his own disciple.

“Alright, ye old fogey, don’t be so worried and concerned. Yer great-grandson is already well over twenty-years of age. Do ye think he’s still a little brat suckling on milk? Do ye really have to follow him so closely to watch over him? Besides, we’ve got plenty of Transmission Talismans and Teleportation Scrolls within our Interspatial Rings. If we encounter any danger, ‘shk’, and ye’ll be here. What’s the worry?” The sprightly old man couldn’t help but mock Old Man Chi, triggering his angst.

Thus, despite Old Man Chi’s disapprobation, their entire faction still agreed to split up into two groups and move separately. Jun Xiaomo, Rong Ruihan, Ye Xiuwen, Chi Jingtian and the sprightly old man formed one team, while Old Man Chi and the other elites from the Chi Clan formed the other team, and each team went their separate ways.

Just their luck – not long after going their separate ways, Jun Xiaomo’s team immediately encountered the Dawn Sect and the Eternal Summit Sect.

The Dawn Sect and the Eternal Summit Sect were consistently ranked in the top two among all the Secondary Sects in the spiritual cultivation world, and they had historically never been able to see eye to eye. Yet, nothing was eternal. Both sects happened to be united on one front, and that was the fact that they both hated Jun Xiaomo and Ye Xiuwen to the core. Thus, as soon as they encountered Jun Xiaomo and Ye Xiuwen, both the Dawn Sect and the Eternal Summit Sect immediately moved with a united front under a tacit agreement to crush their common nemeses.

“Jun Xiaomo, Ye Xiuwen, today is the day you’re going to die! You’ve killed Sect Leader He; the Dawn Sect is going to make you pay blood for blood!” Several Sect Elders of the Dawn Sect bellowed with rage at the same time as they adopted offensive stances, trapping Jun Xiaomo and the rest in their encirclement.

The Eternal Summit Sect’s Sect Elders also quickly retrieved their own spirit tools and braced themselves for a fight. The death of their Grand Elder, Dai Yanfeng, was like a heavy slap to their faces. How could they continue to exist in humiliation if they didn’t get their revenge against Jun Xiaomo and Ye Xiuwen either?!

Ye Xiuwen, Rong Ruihan and Chi Jingtian positioned themselves around Jun Xiaomo in tacit agreement that they were going to protect her. Even though Jun Xiaomo wasn’t weak, it remained a fact she was still with child, and she should not be over-exerting herself.

Jun Xiaomo held several talismans in her palm, coldly surveying the assailants surrounding her as she clenched her fists tightly.

Then, what the sprightly old man did next left everyone flabbergasted. With three quick leaps and bound, the old man leapt out of the encirclement, before running tens of meters away to a large tree. There, he leapt onto a large branch, hugged his knees and adopted an idling pose, as though he were intent on being a mere observer, watching the fight from a distance.

“Hmph, old fogey, it’s good that you know what’s best for you. Otherwise, you’ll be accompanying them to the grave shortly.” One of the Sect Elders from the Eternal Summit Sect snorted, thinking that the sprightly old man had left the encirclement because he was afraid of dying.

The sprightly old man squinted his eyes with displeasure and flicked his sleeves aggressively. In the next instant, a loud smack resounded on the face of the Eternal Summit Sect’s Sect Elder, “I hate it when people address me as ‘old fogey’, especially when coming from someone who has more wrinkles than I do. Ye make it sound as though yer much younger than I am. Do ye wanna count and compare the number of wrinkles on our faces?”

“You’re asking for it!” The Sect Elder who spoke charged straight at the sprightly old man, casting Ye Xiuwen and Jun Xiaomo’s existences to the back of his mind in an instant.

The sprightly old man snorted coldly, allowing the aura around his body to flourish in an instant. The Sect Elder’s heart sank immediately when he detected the depths of the sprightly old man’s abilities, but it was already too late.

The sprightly old man threw a powerful ball of energy straight towards the Sect Elder, sending him flying and slamming into the ground. Within one single move, the Sect Elder’s nerves and bones were shattered, while the Nascent Soul within his body was completely crushed.

Fear…fearsome! The disciples of the Dawn Sect and the Eternal Summit Sect began to harbour thoughts of retreating almost instantly.

This was the Eternal Summit Sect’s Fifth Elder, and his abilities were well ahead of some of the other Sect Elders within the Eternal Summit Sect. Who would have thought that the sprightly old man could cripple his entire cultivation with just one move? How strong must this old man be?

If such tiny shrimps like us charge at the sprightly old man, we might not even last half a move against him, right? He would probably be able to crush us with just the flick of his thumb!

Just then, the sprightly old man lackadaisically dropped his stance and picked at the largest fruit on the tree. Then, taking a bite out of the fruit, he instructed Jun Xiaomo and the rest, “Master isn’t going to interfere anymore, mmkay? This is a good chance for ye to hone yer abilities. If yer life isn’t in danger, Master isn’t going to help ye with these little problems around.”

Ye Xiuwen smiled faintly. He knew that his master had his reasons for acting this way.

The remaining Sect Elders of both sects exchanged glances once more, wondering whether they should continue fighting or not. In fact, most were contemplating escape right now.

Unfortunately, as soon as they recalled He Zhang and Dai Yanfeng’s tragic deaths, they couldn’t bring themselves to let Jun Xiaomo and Ye Xiuwen slip out from their grasps again.

“Let’s attack together! I refuse to believe that two entire Sects aren’t able to take out four snotty brats that haven’t even begun to experience the world!”

One of the Eternal Summit Sect’s Sect Elders bellowed indignantly. With him taking lead, a barrage of innumerable spells began to blanket Jun Xiaomo and the rest. Several other Sect Elders even began to charge straight towards the sprightly old man in a concerted fashion, attempting to hinder him so that he would be unable to rescue the four trapped in the encirclement.

In their eyes, Jun Xiaomo, Ye Xiuwen and the rest were fated to die as long as they were able to hold down and hinder the sprightly old man’s movements.

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