Chapter 398: No True Feelings, Only Mutual Benefit

Demoness's Art of Vengeance

Yu Wanrou’s men waited for her for a long time. Then, when they still saw no signs of her appearance at all, they immediately realized that something might have happened. Thus, they rushed back to where they came from, only to notice Yu Wanrou lying by the side of the road on the brink of death as blood continued to flow from her lips.

“Wanrou!” Feng Wenyao was the first one to leap over and help her up. He immediately placed his fingers on Yu Wanrou’s wrist to check for her pulse.

Fortunately, there’s still a pulse, albeit slightly weaker. She should be fine after a few days’ rest. Feng Wenyao heaved a sigh of relief.

Moments later, his face stiffened slightly because he noticed a peculiarity in her body’s condition. He immediately sent a thread of spiritual energy through Yu Wanrou’s wrist, intending to probe about her meridians and Dantian, only to discover that all of her meridians and Dantian have already been shattered and torn asunder, unable to hold any spiritual energy anymore.

In other words, Yu Wanrou’s cultivation had been completely crippled by Jun Xiaomo!

“Jun. Xiao. Mo! I’m going to kill you!!!” Feng Wenyao gnashed his teeth as he looked up with an intensely, fiery gaze, as though a raging inferno intent on consuming all in its path were burning within his eyes. There was no doubt that if Jun Xiaomo were in plain sight right now, he would have charged straight towards her in an instant, flayed her skin and plucked her nerves, causing her to experience a life worse than death.

“What’s the matter?” The other men rushed over to his side. When they noticed how Feng Wenyao was acting, their hearts immediately dropped.

“Jun Xiaomo has crippled Wanrou’s cultivation. Whether she can recover from this is another question altogether.” Feng Wenyao explained the situation as he continued to seethe in rage.

The other men were instantly thunderstruck by the news. Several refused to believe Feng Wenyao’s assessment of the situation, and they shot over to Yu Wanrou’s side to take a closer look for themselves. Unfortunately, to all of their dismay, none were able to draw any other conclusion apart from the one that Feng Wenyao had stated upfront.

Yu Wanrou’s cultivation had truly been crippled by Jun Xiaomo!

“Damn! What are we going to do now? The map of the Arcane Realm has been seized by them, so we won’t even know where they’re headed right now.”

“I’ve already memorized the map’s details in my mind, so locating them won’t be a problem. But right now, the most important thing is to resolve the issue with Yu Wanrou’s body. Otherwise, she might not even be able to reach into her Interspatial Ring anymore.” Feng Wenyao muttered coldly.

Everyone’s eyes turned cold and frigid as their thoughts cohered instantly.

Truth be told, the only reasons why they agreed to remain by Yu Wanrou’s side was for her perpetual source of spiritual waters within her Interspatial Ring, as well as their access to Yu Wanrou’s dual cultivation technique.

What if Yu Wanrou’s cultivation was completely crippled and she could no longer access her Interspatial Ring? At that time, would they still be willing to trample on their own pride and share a promiscuous lady with several other men? After all, this lady was hardly attractive in her own right to begin with.

That said, everyone simply kept their thoughts to themselves, and nobody was any wiser as to what the rest thought.

“It’s not like everything is lost. After all, Wanrou has a formidable dual cultivation technique, and it’s not going to take too much effort on her part to regain her cultivation.” Another man chimed in, “The only thing we can do right now is to find and locate a Ninth-Grade Energy Rejuvenation Pill to repair and restore Yu Wanrou’s shattered meridians and Dantian.”

“It’s much easier said than done. Do you think that the Ninth-Grade Energy Rejuvenation Pill is something so easy to find? Even the Limitless Sect doesn’t have one in its store.” Another male cultivator mocked contemptuously.

“No matter what happens, our hope rests in the future. Given the state that Wanrou is in right now, those who wish to back out of this operation may do so. I’ve got no opinions in this regard.” Feng Wenyao stated placidly.

The other male cultivators were slightly taken aback. Yet, after a moment of silent contemplation, everyone tacitly agreed to remain behind regardless of the circumstances.

Despite her grim condition right now, who knows what the future holds? In fact, if she could retrieve such enormous quantities of precious spiritual waters in the past, perhaps she might even be able to do something about her own situation now, right? Everyone thought hopefully in their hearts.

“That’s right. Anyone with spiritual waters with them, take them out now. Wanrou is present still unconscious, but she might come to her senses as soon as she drinks some spiritual waters.” Feng Wenyao stated.

Everyone exchanged sheepish glances with each other. Nobody knew whether Yu Wanrou was still going to be able to provide them with bottles of spiritual water in the future. In other words, every bottle they used now possibly meant less for their own consumption in future. Thus, would anyone in their right mind offer up a bottle now?

It was evident just how much Yu Wanrou truly meant to these male cultivators. Rather than describe their relationship as one built on mutual feelings, it might be far more accurate to describe their relationship as built on mutual benefit.

“Why aren’t you taking out a bottle yourself?” Another male cultivator asked back in displeasure.

“I don’t have anymore within my Interspatial Ring.” Feng Wenyao responded dispassionately.

He knew that nobody had the right nor capacity to open up his Interspatial Ring to check its contents. In other words, this was an unverifiable statement.

Thus, everyone began to follow suit, stating that they had already depleted the last of their spiritual water in their Interspatial Ring. Nobody wanted to offer up the spiritual water in their Interspatial Ring for Yu Wanrou.

In the end, one of the men who harboured some genuine feelings towards Yu Wanrou finally relented and offered up his own bottle of spiritual water.

Just like that, Feng Wenyao fed Yu Wanrou with the spiritual waters.

The other men heaved a sigh of relief in their hearts, thinking that they had at the very least managed to retain the spiritual waters in their own Interspatial Ring. Besides, wouldn’t Wanrou’s cultivation be restored extremely quickly with the aid of the spiritual waters? Everyone thought hopefully in their hearts.

Just then, one of the men noticed a small strip of paper lying just beside Yu Wanrou’s body.

“What’s this?” He picked it up and opened it. Instantly, the strip of paper shone with a bright blue light. In his shock, the man nearly tossed the strip of paper away. But, just then, Jun Xiaomo and Yu Wanrou’s voices began to echo out from within the strip of paper.

“I still can’t hold a candle to you in terms of shamelessness. Stealing someone’s fiancée, snatching someone’s lover, and seizing another clan’s sagely treasure, Yu Wanrou, I wonder if your heart is truly made of stone. Furthermore, I’ll bet that you’ve never truly had feelings for the men following you right now, have you? You’re just keeping them by your side like spoils of war for bragging rights, as though you’re afraid that others wouldn’t know how charming you can be.” Jun Xiaomo mocked.

“You!” Yu Wanrou was incensed and frustrated by the fact that Jun Xiaomo had just exposed the deepest secrets in her heart. However, seeing that her following of men were not around, she began to ramble on irresponsibly as she snickered coldly, “So what? At least I’m not like you, unable to even keep my fiancé obsequiously by my side. It is my accomplishment that these men are all willing to follow me. It is my triumph that they are willing to take orders from me and be at my beck and call. And you, Jun Xiaomo, all you know to do is simply to flap your lips.”

Jun Xiaomo had intentionally left Yu Wanrou’s following of men with the most “heartfelt” message from Yu Wanrou herself. This was the parting gift which Jun Xiaomo had left behind.

As soon as they listened to the conversation between Yu Wanrou and Jun Xiaomo, the men standing around all grew silent and withdrawn.

They knew that their relationship with Yu Wanrou was built on nothing more than mutual benefits. Yet, men were strange creatures. If nobody exposed their intentions, they would be happy and content living with such thoughts in their hearts. But when these intentions were exposed to public, their hearts would immediately feel displeased about such an arrangement.

In fact, Yu Wanrou had spoken about them with such disdain and disregard, almost as though she were simply speaking of using some tools and object. This thoroughly trampled on the pride of the men.

In this very moment, every single one of them was looking at Yu Wanrou with complex emotions roiling in their hearts.

Approximately one incense stick of time later, Yu Wanrou groaned softly and snapped out of her comatose. She slowly opened both eyes.

“Ungh…” Yu Wanrou furrowed her brows. The pain washing across her body almost caused her to pass out once more.

“Don’t move yet. Jun Xiaomo has crippled your cultivation. If you don’t look after yourself properly, you might never be able to recover from the debilitating wound.” Feng Wenyao cautioned Yu Wanrou.

“Crippled my cultivation?!” Yu Wanrou’s eyes widened with disbelief, and a sympathetic, pitiable look was plastered all over her face in an instant, “That damn Jun Xiaomo! I’m going to tear her to shreds!!!”

“Wanrou, don’t be mad. We’ve already fed you with some spiritual water, so you should be recovering very soon.” Another male cultivator chimed in to console her.

“You’ve already fed me with spiritual waters?” Yu Wanrou was slightly taken aback as she anxiously checked on the condition of her body, “That’s strange. If you’ve already given me some spiritual waters, why am I still unable to detect any traces of spiritual energy in my body?”

“Your meridians and Dantian have already been ruinously destroyed. Naturally, you wouldn’t be able to detect the traces of spiritual energy in the early stages of your recovery.” Feng Wenyao consoled her.

“That’s impossible! The spiritual waters possess restorative abilities that can even repair damaged or shattered meridians and Dantian. It’s not possible that I still can’t detect any traces of spiritual energy after having consumed the spiritual waters. What’s going on here?!” Yu Wanrou began to grow anxious as she gripped tightly onto Feng Wenyao’s sleeves.

Feng Wenyao was slightly taken aback by what she said, and he quickly stretched out his hands to check on Yu Wanrou’s condition once more.

As expected, Yu Wanrou’s meridians and Dantian had already been restored, yet they were for some strange reason still completely empty.

Logically speaking, given the sheer number of years Yu Wanrou had been practicing her cultivation, there was no reason that her body would remain completely devoid of spiritual energy as soon as her crippled meridians and Dantian were restored. However, this was the exact situation that Yu Wanrou was facing right now – what in the world was going on?

Du Yongxu thought of yet another possibility, and he took a few steps forward and uttered, “Make way. Let me have a look.”

He didn’t place his hand on Yu Wanrou’s wrist. Instead, he placed his palms directly on Yu Wanrou’s back, slowly and gently suffusing spiritual energy straight through her spinal column.

Moments later, Du Yongxu’s expressions darkened as he concluded, “Wanrou’s cultivation has been completely and utterly destroyed.”

“What do you mean?!” Everyone was astonished.

“Jun Xiaomo has uprooted Wanrou’s spiritual roots and completely severed any possibility of further cultivation altogether.” Du Yongxu explained succinctly.

“Impossible!!!” Yu Wanrou finally understood the gravity of the situation. She had initially thought that she would be able to dominate the entire world with her spiritual waters and her spectral demiplane, and nobody would be able to touch her, much less harm her to begin with.

Who would have thought that she would be thoroughly stripped of her access to cultivation altogether and become no different from a mere mortal in the blink of an eye?!

“Wenyao, help me take a look, please. I don’t believe this. I refuse to believe that any of this is real.” Yu Wanrou eyes were filled with tears once more. But this time, she was no longer pretending. She was truly and sincerely concerned about her future now.

Feng Wenyao sincerely hoped that none of this was real either. Unfortunately, after checking on her condition once more, he had to admit that Du Yongxu was hardly exaggerating in his assessment of her condition.

Yu Wanrou’s cultivation had been destroyed – utterly and completely destroyed. Even her spiritual roots had been plucked and obliterated.

When she noticed the ashen expression on Feng Wenyao’s face, Yu Wanrou immediately began to bawl and weep. Clutching onto Feng Wenyao’s arm, she began to plead, “Wenyao, you have some way to reverse this, don’t you? I don’t want to become a crippled mortal. I don’t want to…”

Feng Wenyao asked with some measure of difficulty, “Is it impossible to cure this with your spiritual waters?”

“Spiritual waters? That’s right! My spiritual water might be able to heal me. Wenyao, do you still have any spiritual water within your Interspatial Ring? Give me some. I’ll get better once I drink more of it.”

Where was the legendary elegance that Yu Wanrou was rumoured to possess now? At this moment, tears were streaming all over her face in a completely tragic and pitiful manner.

This was the first time Feng Wenyao found Yu Wanrou truly vile and nauseating.

“Are you certain that your wounds would recover once you consume more of your spiritual waters?” Du Yongxu queried placidly. Anyone who didn’t know any better would be unable to tell that he had just been interacting intimately with Yu Wanrou merely hours ago.

“I’m absolutely certain!” Yu Wanrou swore on it.

Truth be told, she knew full well that if her spiritual roots had been completely ruined by Jun Xiaomo, they would never be restored again no matter how much spiritual waters she consumed. However, she had no choice but to insist on this. Her only hope remained with these male cultivators following her right now. As soon as they ascertained that she would no longer be able to dish out any more spiritual waters, they would most certainly abandon her, leaving her to perish alone within the Arcane Realm.

That said, were these men really unable to tell the deceit in Yu Wanrou’s voice? After all, these men were all highly proficient in the art of extracting benefits from people.

I guess we’ll just watch and observe for now. Who knows, we might actually be able to find a solution for her problem.

With these thoughts on his mind, Feng Wenyao patted Yu Wanrou’s hair and warmly consoled her, “Unfortunately, we no longer have any spiritual waters within our Interspatial Rings. But, don’t be anxious. Having your spiritual roots destroyed isn’t the end of the world. As long as we can locate the Ninth-Grade Root Revivification Pill, we will be able to reconstruct your spiritual root from scratch.”

“Ninth-Grade Root Revivification Pill?” Yu Wanrou’s eyes glimmered as soon as she caught wind of the thread of hope.

“That’s right. As long we manage to locate it, we will be able to reconstruct your spiritual root.” Du Yongxu maintained.

“Then, what are we waiting for?! Let’s go find it quickly!” Yu Wanrou’s heart burned with anxiety, and it completely slipped her mind the kind of predicament she was in – in an instant, her voice was once again filled with an imperative, demanding tone.

A trace of disgust and frustration flickered across the eyes of each of the male cultivators surrounding her, but they quickly suppressed and concealed this.

“Let’s do it this way. We’ll continue to forge forward towards the heart of the Arcane Realm as we continue to search for the Ninth-Grade Root Revivification Pill along the way.” Du Yongxu suggested, “Jun Xiaomo and the rest should already be well on their way towards the heart of the Arcane Realm. It would be a problem if we dallied any longer and give them the opportunity to seize the Arcane Realm for themselves.”

“Jun. Xiao. Mo!” Yu Wanrou gnashed her teeth with seething hatred as soon as her name was mentioned, “I’m going to show her who’s boss as soon as we find her again!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she immediately turned towards Du Yongxu and the rest with a pitiful expression on the face, “Brother Yongxu, you’ll help me exact vengeance for all of this, won’t you?”

“Naturally.” Du Yongxu’s eyes gleamed brightly as he patted Yu Wanrou’s shoulder, “How could we let her off the hook given how she had treated you, Wanrou? I’m even going to summon the other Du Clan members and have them rendezvous with us at the heart of the Arcane Realm. Even if Jun Xiaomo has ten wings, she’s not going to be able to elude our grasp this time.”

Du Yongxu declared profoundly.

That said, Yu Wanrou failed to notice the implicit meaning behind his words. She simply smiled manically, almost as though she could already see the look on Jun Xiaomo’s face when she was finally tormented to death.

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