Chapter 79: Infuriated Ye Xiuwen

Demoness's Art of Vengeance

These Dawn Sect disciples did not have a close relationship with Ye Xiuwen. In fact, they were quite distant from Ye Xiuwen – even akin to strangers. But at the same time, they did not dare to offend this First-Seat Disciple of the Heavenly Peak.

This had nothing to do with Ye Xiuwen’s stature or position in the Sect. Rather, it was the dignified aura that he gave off which caused people to be on guard at all times.

Despite the cold and distant front of their martial brother who seemed disinterested about matters apart from cultivation, no one dared to belittle him at all. At best, they might speak poorly of Ye Xiuwen behind his back, but no one had the gall to say anything in front of him.

After all, whenever Ye Xiuwen’s piercing gaze swept across their bodies, they would instinctively feel like retreating and shrinking back into their shells.

Therefore, these disciples who were venting their frustrations and unreservedly condemning Jun Xiaomo just a little while ago were immediately taken aback when Ye Xiuwen spoke. They were instantly rendered speechless and lost all ability to retort momentarily.

Even so, they still felt deeply dissatisfied and unconvinced! They even found it ridiculous that their martial brother Ye was now sticking out his neck for a mere outsider.

On the other hand, Jun Xiaomo smiled warmly to herself. She loved the feeling of being protected and sheltered by her martial brother, and her earlier frustrations at this entire group of disciples seemed to have dispersed substantially when Ye Xiuwen stood up for her.

She had initially been racking her brains for the right words to refute all the allegations being levied at her. But now that Ye Xiuwen’s outburst had silenced everyone around and appeased her heart, she saw no further need to refute their allegations anymore.

What was the point of arguing with this bunch of people anyway? Her interactions with this group of people were only limited to their travels at this time, and there were no prospects of them becoming good friends either. Most importantly, it was only a matter of time that she picked a fight with the entire Dawn Sect in future!

Some might say that this was ingratiating behaviour, because Dawn Sect was the place that had groomed her into who she had become today. But this could not be further from the truth in Jun Xiaomo’s eyes. Dawn Sect was one thing, while Heavenly Peak was another. They were two completely separate entities to her. Most importantly, the place that had truly groomed her into who she had become today was Heavenly Peak, not Dawn Sect.

And besides, Dawn Sect even harboured several individuals who eyed Heavenly Peak covetously, and Jun Xiaomo could hardly wait to pick off these pests and get rid of them. Therefore, how could Jun Xiaomo begin to feel any sense of belonging to such a terrible place like Dawn Sect?

Since there were no prospects of developing any good relations with those around them, then what need was there to bother herself these people’s opinions of her to begin with?

Having carefully analyzed these matters, Jun Xiaomo finally came to terms with the situation – there was no need for her to bother about what these inconsequential people thought.

Rather than butt heads with these people, why not spend some time and effort filling their growling tummies instead? After all, they hadn’t even eaten the reindeer that they had caught!

Jun Xiaomo thought about this, and rubbed her stomach as she complained, “Ahh~ I haven’t eaten anything this morning, and I’m completely famished. Brother Ye, why not let’s go make something to eat? We can ignore these people who’re making a fuss over nothing.”

Jun Xiaomo’s voice cut through the stifling silence in the atmosphere. But as it dawned on these disciples what Yao Mo was saying right now, they could only stare blankly at this gluttonous young man –

We were all still discussing some pretty serious allegations moments ago; yet how did the topic of discussion changed to something so trivial in the blink of an eye?! 

And besides, what did this young man mean by “making a fuss over nothing”? He’s the one who started throwing baseless allegations the moment he came back, didn’t he?!

This was what most people around were thinking right now. But with Ye Xiuwen protecting him, they could only stare at this young man with their eyes and mock him in their hearts – no one dared to say anything out loud.

On the other hand, Qin Lingyu latched on to an important point that Ye Xiuwen had alluded to when he interjected. Qin Lingyu’s eyes flashed momentarily before he finally decided to clarify certain things –

“Brother Yao, us Dawn Sect disciples had reacted with impropriety earlier, and I apologize on everyone’s behalf.” Qin Lingyu stood in front of Jun Xiaomo as he gave her a fist and palm salute symbolizing their contriteness. Then, he added, “Since we’re going to be travelling together as a group, it would be best to let bygones be bygones and work towards our common goal, wouldn’t it? In fact, I’m rather curious as to what brother Yao and martial brother Ye had experienced last night. I wonder if it would be convenient for us to discuss this matter right now? If the both of you have encountered some form of dangers, it would be good for all of us to take the necessary precautions as well.”

Jun Xiaomo lips hooked into a slight sardonic smile as she remained silent.

Qin Lingyu’s heart constricted slightly. He could tell that this young man named Yao Mo was not someone who could be easily duped. Right now, Yao Mo seemed to be staring at him with such a penetrating gaze that it felt as though all his ploys had been exposed. It was undoubtedly intimidating to be stared at like that.

It was no wonder Ke Xinwen would always stumble at Yao Mo’s allegations. This young man could read people’s minds very accurately and grasp the deepest contemplations of their hearts. Furthermore, Ke Xinwen was also an easily agitated person. Thus, every single one of Yao Mo’s allegations towards Ke Xinwen was like a hammer that struck the nail on the head.

But Qin Lingyu was not Ke Xinwen. Even if Yao Mo attempted to expose him right now, he knew that he could simply change the topic and evade Yao Mo’s verbal traps without batting an eyelid. Therefore, Qin Lingyu maintained that air of confidence about him and a calm look on his face despite Jun Xiaomo’s intimidating gaze.

Jun Xiaomo flicked open her fan and hid her pouting lips behind the fan as she fanned herself and retorted, “Alright, I’ll let you guys know what happened since you’re curious about it. These woods are filled with several spirit beasts, and brother Ye and I have already encountered these spirit beasts on three occasions. Furthermore, each one we encountered was stronger than the previous. The last one that we encountered was even a Green Elder Python that had just matured…”

“Green Elder Python!” A disciple exclaimed in shock. Green Elder Pythons were known for their speed. If a disciple like him at only the eighth level of Qi Mastery encountered one, the outcome would almost certainly be death.

However, he was also very quickly reminded of the fact that Ye Xiuwen was a cultivator at the twelfth level of Qi Mastery who possessed a wind-based spiritual root. Therefore, it was highly likely that Ye Xiuwen might still have a fighting chance against the Green Elder Python.

As this disciple thought about it, he sought to test what Jun Xiaomo had said, “Martial brother Ye is at the twelfth level of Qi Mastery, and he even possesses a wind-based spiritual root, so he wouldn’t have anything to fear of this Green Elder Python, right? Why did you make it sound so serious earlier?” This disciple’s voice was rather soft and timid, and he even cautiously glanced over at Ye Xiuwen as he spoke, worried that his analysis of the matter would attract Ye Xiuwen’s ire.

However, Ye Xiuwen did not grow upset at the disciple’s insinuating analysis of the matter. He only calmly clarified, “It was a Green Elder Python in a frenzied state.”

“Ssss---” Several people gasped immediately. Everyone had heard of spirit beasts in frenzied states before – a spirit beast in a frenzied state would invariably have offensive abilities that were several grades higher than what they should be. No wonder martial brother Ye went missing for the whole night before returning only in the morning. It’s already a wonder that he could stay alive while attending to that burden with him.

Naturally, the “burden” that these disciples referred to was Jun Xiaomo.

Qin Lingyu squinted his eyes as he thoughtfully said, “The fact that martial brother Ye could overcome a Green Elder Python in a frenzied state and not suffer any injuries is truly spectacular. If it were me, I wouldn’t be so sure that I could even come out alive from such an encounter.”

Qin Lingyu wanted to use this opportunity to suss out Ye Xiuwen’s true combat abilities –

If Ye Xiuwen truly possessed the ability to overcome a Green Elder Python in a frenzied state, then perhaps I might need some new plans in order to deal with him!

He Zhang had intended capitalize on these travels to trip up Ye Xiuwen so that Ye Xiuwen would no longer be able to defeat Qin Lingyu in the Sect-Ranking Competition next year.

But as things looked right now, if Ye Xiuwen’s abilities were so great that they far exceeded our initial estimations, then he would almost certainly become a huge obstacle in our plans in future. We have to get rid of this person before he can fully realize his potentials! Qin Lingyu thought silently to himself.

Jun Xiaomo was sensitive enough to pick up the thoughts running through Qin Lingyu’s mind right now. A cold, chilling intent flashed across her eyes, before an idea came to her mind. She decided that she was going to draw Qin Lingyu’s flak against Ye Xiuwen to herself.

“Ai--…Actually, I didn’t really want to brag about it.” Jun Xiaomo fanned herself lazily, “But this time brother Ye was lucky to have me around. With the few formation arrays that I had set up, we managed to dispose of that Green Elder Python relatively easily.”

“Tch! You really know how to brag. If it had been so easy, why did you guys go missing for the entire night?” Another disciple could not stand how Jun Xiaomo had raised her chin proudly as she bragged right now, and he attempted to call out her bluff.

Jun Xiaomo chuckled languidly as she replied, “It’s up to you if you want to believe me or not. But…brother, if you were in my shoes, I wonder if you would be able to receive even one blow from the Green Elder Python? Let’s not even talk about a Green Elder Python in a frenzied state – I don’t think you could’ve lived for more than half an incense worth of time even if it were just a normal Green Elder Python, huh?”

“You!” That disciple’s face immediately turned green and a sickly pale. He had now experienced firsthand what Ke Xinwen had already experienced several times.

Indeed, the most formidable part about this array master was that sharp tongue of his. In fact, it was so sharp that they would not be surprised if he possessed the ability to anger a person to death with just his words!

“Alright, we’ve already given the necessary account of the matters. Little Mo, didn’t you say you were feeling hungry? Let’s go make something to eat.” Ye Xiuwen patted Jun Xiaomo’s head as he changed the topic.

“Mm, mm. Sounds good.” Jun Xiaomo looked at Ye Xiuwen with a warm expression as she nodded, just like how a pet dog would look at its master.

“Martial brother Ye, are you really going to help an outsider like that?” The disciple who had been so infuriated with Jun Xiaomo’s retort looked indignantly at Ye Xiuwen as he accused. He could no longer suppress the anger on his heart.

“You’ve also heard it. Brother Yao had saved my life. Don’t you think it’s reasonable that I’m being nice to him? On the other hand, I don’t understand how all of you, being disciples of a large, reputable sect, can be so narrow minded to others and lack magnanimity.” Ye Xiuwen coldly responded.

“If you truly cannot accept brother Yao travelling together with us, then we can part ways here and now. Yi Hong, Di Yue, since the both of you had followed me here, I can’t leave you behind in the lurch. But seeing how things have developed, I can only give you one of two choices – you either choose to follow me, or you can continue to follow martial brother Qin and the rest. It’s your choice.”

Ye Xiuwen finally gave them the ultimatum. The way everyone had dealt with Yao Mo had thoroughly infuriated him.

As for the Sect Elders, Ye Xiuwen believed that as long as he thoroughly explained the entire situation, there was nothing much that the elders in the Penal Hall would be able to do to him. After all, it was not like he did not give Yi Hong and Di Yue any element of choice. If they chose not to follow him right now, then he would not need to bother about them either.

Yi Hong and Di Yue looked at each other, before lowering their heads in complete silence.

Qin Lingyu furrowed his eyebrows even more. He never expected that things would escalate to such an extent.

Most importantly, he did not want Ye Xiuwen and Yao Mo to leave and travel separately. Quite apart from the schemes and ploys he had planned to execute against Ye Xiuwen in these travels, the treasures in Yao Mo’s Interspatial Ring was already sufficient to move Qin Lingyu’s heart.

Therefore, he had to make sure that Ye Xiuwen and Yao Mo stayed with the group!

Qin Lingyu softened his tone as he tried to mitigate the situation, “Martial brother Ye is right. We’ve truly failed to display the generosity and magnanimity expected of a large and reputable sect. Brother Yao, I’m truly sorry for all of this. Once again, I would like to apologize on everyone’s behalf.”

Despite that, Jun Xiaomo simply pouted her lips and refused to respond.

“All of you, apologize to brother Yao right now. Since he saved martial brother Ye, he could also be considered as our benefactor, understand?” Qin Lingyu sternly chided the other disciples.

How could the other disciples resist the orders of the Sect Leader’s First-Seat Disciple? Thus, one by one, the disciples all took turns apologizing to Jun Xiaomo.

As to what they thought in their hearts right now, only they knew.

Jun Xiaomo couldn’t be bothered to remain angry at these people. Rather, she was more concerned about Ye Xiuwen’s decision at this point in time. Therefore, she looked over to Ye Xiuwen thoughtfully.

Ye Xiuwen patted Jun Xiaomo’s shoulder. And then, with a low, soft voice that could only be heard by the two of them, he whispered, “Have patience.”

Jun Xiaomo nodded her hand, then she waved her hands as she said, “Forget it, forget it. I’m a magnanimous person. I forgive your ignorance!”

Everyone: …This person is truly annoying! I’ve never heard words of forgiveness sound so hateful before!

Even then, a bright glimmer flashed across Qin Lingyu’s eyes, and he smiled furtively to himself.


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