Chapter 8: Mistress Yu Wanrou

Demoness's Art of Vengeance

Yu Wanrou was a lady rescued by Qin Lingyu on one of his missions outside the Sect. When she first arrived back in the Sect, Yu Wanrou was dark and thin like a shriveled beansprout. Naturally, no one paid much attention to her then. Afterwards, an elder from Pill Cauldron Peak discovered that Yu Wanrou’s talent was quite decent and decided to take her in under his wings. From then on, she officially became the martial sister of Qin Lingyu and Jun Xiaomo.

Her quality of life in the Sect was a vast improvement from before. She was no longer constantly exposed to the elements, and she was no longer constantly weary from hard labour. As time passed, Yu Wanrou grew prettier and prettier. She grew taller and sported a svelte look; and her facial features grew sharper and blossomed. Her dark and rough skin seemed to have molted away, leaving her skin gleaming with a perfect luster, smooth and delicate. Her exquisite body line was perfectly topped off with a tender, pitiable look, naturally attracting the gazes of all male cultivators wherever she went.

To be honest, Jun Xiaomo had never understood why in her past life the highly eligible male cultivators surrounding Yu Wanrou would condone her polygamous behavior. Let’s not talk about whether this was true love to begin with. All men are selfish. If they indeed loved Yu Wanrou more than their own life, then how did they manage to repress their selfish desires and resist the urge to tear each other from limb to limb? Not only that, they even managed to live together harmoniously!

Yet, Yu Wanrou had somehow managed to do it. The men surrounding Yu Wanrou all maintained a strange, harmonious relationship with each other. Moreover, there seemed to be a tacit understanding that Yu Wanrou was the matriarch, and they all obeyed her every beck and call.

At the same time, Yu Wanrou could not be said to be the top in strength among her contemporaries either. In a duel, she would certainly have lost to the thenLady Demoness Jun Xiaomo.

Therefore, the fact that Yu Wanrou maintained a harmonious polygamous relationship caught Jun Xiaomo’s attention. Her intuition told her that Yu Wanrou still had some untold secrets about her that no one knew about.

Actually, if not for the fact that Yu Wanrou and her lackeys had harmed Jun Xiaomo’s child in her previous life, Jun Xiaomo would not have developed such resentment for Yu Wanrou – even if Yu Wanrou did become Qin Lingyu’s wife.

This was because her love for Qin Lingyu had dissipated together with her death in her previous life. How could she bring herself to be Yu Wanrou’s “love rival” in this life again?

However, Yu Wanrou had killed Jun Xiaomo’s child, and she had even used the cruel method of poisoning Jun Xiaomo, causing both mother and child to experience immense suffering by slowly dissolving the unborn child into nothing more than a pool of blood. Therefore, in this life, Jun Xiaomo was determined to make life difficult for Yu Wanrou.

The debts owed in her previous life – Jun Xiaomo was determined to claw them back, bit by bit.


When Yu Wanrou realized that it was Jun Xiaomo who had called out her name, she frowned and remained silent. Her heart developed a trace of uneasiness.

The present Yu Wanrou was still a largely insignificant female cultivator in the Sect. Whether it was her talent or her background, she was nothing compared to Jun Xiaomo. Therefore, she was always careful with every step that she took, particularly when it came to Jun Xiaomo.

Even if a conflict arose, she would always ensure that she came out on top, and that other would always find fault to belie Jun Xiaomo, not her. Since young, Jun Xiaomo had always been sheltered and pampered by her parents and martial brothers, and naturally developed a fearless, unruly and headstrong temperament. Therefore, it was not a difficult thing to make others place the blame on Jun Xiaomo in any situation.

After all, people tend to sympathize with the weak. Between a weak female cultivator with a difficult past and nothing to lean on; and an arrogant, strong female cultivator with a sheltered childhood and formidable backing, most people would instinctually root for the former and be biased against the latter.

In her past life, Yu Wanrou had taken advantage of this and caused Jun Xiaomo quite some distress. To make matters worse, the Jun Xiaomo then was naïve and simple-minded. In the end, apart from her family and a few close friends, most people would always look on Jun Xiaomo with hatred, thinking that she was a bully.

“Martial sister Xiaomo, are you upset with me? Why are you looking at me like that?” Yu Wanrou asked softly, her eyes welling up with tears. 

If other people were present, they would surely be given the impression that Jun Xiaomo was bullying Yu Wanrou. In truth, Jun Xiaomo had not even said a single thing.

Jun Xiaomo had seen many people like Yu Wanrou in her past life – the type who would win people over by pretending to be pitiful. Seeing the present Yu Wanrou, Jun Xiaomo’s gaze grew deeper with profundity.

Disregarding the things of the past, Jun Xiaomo hated when people schemed against her! Perhaps Yu Wanrou was young or inexperienced and did not conceal it well, but that glint in her eye told Jun Xiaomo everything she needed to know about Yu Wanrou’s scheming nature.

Jun Xiaomo contemplated for a moment, and then grimly said, “The things that I’m unhappy about – aren’t you well aware of them?” 

“I…I…” Yu Wanrou stuttered. Her eyes quivered evasively – a sign of her guilty conscience.

Could it be that the thing between brother Qin and I have been discovered by Jun Xiaomo? No! It cannot be! Yu Wanrou bit down on her lips in contemplation. Even though she liked Qin Lingyu, and Qin Lingyu had also confessed his fondness for her, there was nevertheless an arranged marriage between Qin Lingyu and Jun Xiaomo. That is why Yu Wanrou and Qin Lingyu could not pursue their relationship publicly and had shrouded it in secrecy.

Yu Wanrou knew that Qin Lingyu was a man with great ambitions. If their relationship were to get in the way of his ambitions, there was no doubt that he would abandon the relationship first. For this reason, Yu Wanrou had always been very careful not to overstep boundaries when interacting with Qin Lingyu, lest she rouses Jun Xiaomo’s suspicions.

Now, faced with Jun Xiaomo’s question, Yu Wanrou could not help but think that the cat was out of the bag!

In truth, Jun Xiaomo did not know that Yu Wanrou and Qin Lingyu had already been having an affair. Her previous question was more probative than accusative. Yet, after seeing Yu Wanrou’s reactions, how could she still be unaware of what had happened?

Very good, Yu Wanrou! Very good, Qin Lingyu!

Jun Xiaomo suddenly took a step forward towards Yu Wanrou. Before she could react, Jun Xiaomo grabbed Yu Wanrou’s chin and forcefully lifted her head. 

Tears welled up in Yu Wanrou’s eyes again. It hurt. She had not expected Jun Xiaomo to use so much force.

“Yu Wanrou, have you heard of these wise words – don’t do it if you don’t want people to know about it?”

“I…I don’t know what you’re talking about…” Yu Wanrou felt as though her chin were about to be crushed by Jun Xiaomo.

“Don’t know? Ah-- When you kissed Qin Lingyu with this little mouth of yours, have you ever thought that for all intents and purposes he’s a married man, hmm?” Jun Xiaomo viciously pressed her thumb against Yu Wanrou’s mouth. Her sharp nails ruthlessly cut into Yu Wanrou’s lips, causing a trace of blood to ooze out, slowly running down the side of her face onto her chin.

Yu Wanrou cut a sorry figure. Jun Xiaomo had gripped her mouth so tightly that she was not even able to say anything to refute Jun Xiaomo. 

As Jun Xiaomo caught a whiff of the scent of blood, the demonic energy within Jun Xiaomo’s body stirred vigorously. The demonic energy within her Dantian immediately roused, growing unstable. Her originally jet-black pupils now glowed with strange traces of red light.

Pupils dilating, Yu Wanrou opened her eyes wide and stared at Jun Xiaomo in horror, “De--…demon…”

Jun Xiaomo eyes flashed with a chilling glow. Instantly, a palm thrusted out towards Yu Wanrou and hit her squarely on her chest. The impact from that blow caused Yu Wanrou to fly back, slamming into a tree. A spurt of blood sprayed from her mouth, and Yu Wanrou went unconscious.

“Damn it!” The demonic energy in Jun Xiaomo’s body roiled even more. She knew that if she did not quickly take up countermeasures, the demonic energy in her body would erupt, and the disaster which resulted in the massacre of Heavenly Peak in her previous life might occur even earlier this time.

Looking at how Yu Wanrou was slumped by the tree, unconscious, Jun Xiaomo grit her teeth, and decided to give up the idea of killing Yu Wanrou.

The present Jun Xiaomo was still not able to kill a person without leaving any traces. If the Sect discovered that she was the culprit guilty of killing her own fellow disciple, then the outcome would be highly undesirable to say the least.

As Jun Xiaomo hurriedly stumbled away, a man dressed in white garbs wearing a veiled conical hat [1] emerged from the woods nearby.

If Jun Xiaomo were still here, she would surely have recognized this man as the one whom she had been chasing after in the first place – Ye Xiuwen.

Ye Xiuwen looked at the figure of Jun Xiaomo quickly departing, then shifted his attention to the heavily-wounded Yu Wanrou lying on the ground.

After pausing for a while, he sighed, made a few seals with his hands and cast the spell onto Yu Wanrou’s body.

[1] Something like this

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