Book 12, Chapter 33 - Grand Emperor Xuanwu

Desolate Era

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Deep within the void of the Three Realms. There was a world here that had been born from chaos, filled with endless, fathomless amounts of seawater.

The fathomless oceans had several islands within it, and Immortal cultivators as well as Immortals were very common.

At the very center of this ocean world, atop an island surrounded by the waters of the sea, there were a series of indescribably beautiful palaces. Immortal maidens, celestial generals, and celestial soldiers were everywhere to be seen. On the top of the highest palace, there was an enormous diagram of a yin-yang taiji symbol that hung high up in the air, constantly emanating boundless amounts of white and black light…

An old black-haired man was seated atop a bed formed from clouds, and the enormous yin-yang taiji diagram was directly above him.

“Mm?” The old black-haired man opened his eyes. “Novice,” he said calmly.

Beneath him were a pair of male and female novices, who were obediently awaiting his orders. The golden-robed male novice immediately responded obediently, “Patriarch.”

“Go and call out your uncle-master, Seatopple,” the black-haired elder instructed.

“Yes.” The golden-robed male novice acknowledged with respect, then took a single step forward through a ripple in the air that had appeared. He teleported away and disappeared.


Deep within the sea of this world, there was an underwater palace. The golden-robed novice teleported straight into the depths of the sea, and where he passed by the waters of the sea parted, allowing him to go straight to the jade-colored underwater palace. There were many soldiers and guards protecting this underwater palace, and upon seeing this person approach, they immediately moved to block him.

“Uncle-master Seatopple,” the golden-robed novice called out. His voice echoed within the sea.

Within the underwater estate. There was a tall, skinny man dressed in deep green armor whose eyes flashed with deep green light and a gaze that caused the hearts of others to quiver. In front of him was a white-robed cultivator. The two were happily drinking and chatting with each other.

“It isn’t that I, your big brother, don’t want to help you. You must understand, I’ve been confined to this place by Master…I want to help, but there’s nothing I can do. But come, come, come, let’s stop talking about these unhappy things. Let’s drink.” The tall, skinny man in the deep green armor lifted up a large bowl of wine, drinking happily. That bowl contained at least a kilogram of wine, but he gulped it all down at once.

“Eh?” The green-armored man’s face suddenly changed. With but a thought…

Whoosh. The golden-robed novice that had been outside the underwater palace was instantly teleported inside.

“Uncle-master Seatopple.” The golden-robed novice bowed respectfully.

“Apprentice-nephew, why have you come to my place?” The green-armored man asked hurriedly. Although this golden-robed novice was merely a Celestial Immortal, he was permanently stationed by the side of Grand Emperor Xuanwu to carry out his orders. Thus, the green-armored man was very courteous to him and didn’t dare show him any discourtesy.

The white-robed cultivator next to him hurriedly rose to his feet as well. “I greet you, Immortal novice.”

The golden-robed novice glanced sideways at the white-robed cultivator, just nodding slightly at him, then said, “Uncle-master Seatopple, I have come per the orders of the Patriarch. The Patriarch wishes to see you.”

“Oh.” Upon seeing this, Seatopple immediately said, “Then I shall go right away.” Seatopple then immediately said to the white-robed cultivator next to him, “Master is ordering me to go to him. I must…”

“Big brother, no worries; go take care of your matters first. I won’t stay here any longer; I’m going to pay the Heaven Realm a visit and see if I can find anyone to help that poor child of mine,” the white-robed cultivator hurriedly said, then left gracefully.


“Master!” The green-armored man called out with respect.

Above him was the black-haired elder, seated atop a cloud. He nodded lightly, then said with a smile, “Seatopple, there is something I am going to have you go do.”

“Master, please instruct me,” Seatopple said respectfully.

“A hundred years ago, I accepted a disciple in the world of the Grand Xia, one of the three thousand major worlds,” the black-haired elder said with a calm laugh. “In other words, a junior apprentice-brother for you.”

“A junior apprentice-brother?” Seatopple was amazed. A hundred years ago? When his master took on a disciple, it was a matter of tremendous importance. And yet, he had no idea of this whatsoever.

“His true name is Zhang Qi. He is learning the Dao in a small school known as the Black-White College within the world of the Grand Xia. He is currently just a Wanxiang Adept, and others refer to him as the Sloppy Daoist.” The black-haired elder said with a laugh, “The Grand Xia world has just held a Conclave of Immortal Destiny. Your junior apprentice-brother attended this Conclave, which has now concluded. Go to the imperial capital of the Grand Xia’s world and bring your junior apprentice-brother before me. Remember…on this trip, you absolutely cannot cause any trouble. All you need to do is bring your junior apprentice-brother back here.”

“Understood,” Seatopple said respectfully.

“Go then,” the black-haired elder nodded.

Seatopple immediately departed respectfully, and then he left this major world to go to the world of the Grand Xia.


The world of the Grand Xia Dynasty. The imperial capital. The main hall of the Skylight Palace.

Ji Ning, Adept Woodpass, and Adept Blackstone were all standing there respectfully, awaiting the order of the Grand Xia Emperor.

“This Ji Ning truly is formidable.”

“He’s only trained for thirty or so years, and yet became number one in this Conclave. It seems he has an extremely good chance of becoming the Daofather’s disciple.”

“It’ll be soon. His Imperial Majesty is about to deliver the scryer recording of the duels to the Daofather.”

The nearly thousand Celestial Immortals were all chatting amongst themselves. The Conclave had come to an end, with Ji Ning number one, Adept Woodpass number two, and Adept Blackstone number three. However, right now what everyone was paying attention to was…who the Daofather would choose as a disciple! The ‘champion’ of the Conclave was nothing but a meaningless title; to become the disciple of the Daofather was what really matter and came with real benefits.

“The three of you.” The Grand Xia Emperor’s voice once more rang out. Ning and the other two immediately listened carefully.

“I have already recorded all three of the previous duels using the water-scrying technique. I am now going to go to my master’s place and offer them to Master for the viewing.” The Grand Xia Emperor’s voice once more rang out, and a second, white-robed Xia Emperor appeared by his side who looked identical to the main body of the Xia Emperor.

Swoosh! The white-robed Xia Emperor took a single step forward, entering the skies above them, then tearing open the void and departing from this major world.

Ning and the other two were incomparably nervous. The white-robed Xia Emperor was clearly the clone or Primaltwin of the Xia Emperor. Clearly, he had gone to visit Daofather Crimsonbright. Now, they were going to wait for the Daofather’s selection.

Who would be chosen?


“My formations are even more formidable than my personal close combat strength. The Daofather will naturally have excellent judgement and will be able to see how special and blessed I am in formations.” Adept Blackstone was ranked number three. He had very complicated feelings in his heart right now. “Given my talent in formations…the Daofather should choose me.”


“I became the champion. I did everything I could. Next, all I can do is wait for the Daofather’s decision,” Ning said to himself silently.


“Let’s see if this destiny is mine,” Adept Woodpass silently mused to himself.


The Grand Xia Emperor, seated up high, once more spoke out. “My Primaltwin has already headed towards Master’s place, but it is hard to say when Master will meet me and when he will choose a disciple.” The Grand Xia Emperor looked down at the three nervous individuals below him. Clearly, it was hard for Ning and the other two to feel at ease for even a second. “Since the three of you are the top three of this Conclave, you can go pick a divine ability of your choosing from the Grand Xia’s treasury.”

“King Qi,” the Grand Xia Emperor spoke out.

“Your Imperial Majesty.” King Qi immediately rose and acknowledged him.

“Lead these three to our Grand Xia treasury. Let them choose a divine ability,” the Grand Xia Emperor said.

How could Ning and the other two be in a mood to choose a divine ability right now? In a normal situation, yes, they would be incomparably excited at this chance to choose a divine ability from the Grand Xia’s treasury. But they were waiting for Daofather Crimsonbright’s decision. Their hearts felt suspended, and they only had one thought in their minds…

Who will the Daofather choose…who will be the one to be chosen…?

Choose me, choose me, choose me…

“Go. After my Primaltwin returns, I will naturally notify you of Master’s final decision,” the Grand Xia Emperor said.

“Yes,” Ji Ning, Woodpass, and Blackstone both responded respectfully. Then they moved to follow King Qi through a side corridor leading away.

The nearly thousand Celestial Immortals in the main hall, as well as the eliminated Wanxiang Adept geniuses, all watched the three leave with envious eyes…

The Grand Xia Emperor had already informed them all that one would be chosen by the Daofather as a disciple, while the other two would be chosen by Pure Yang True Immortals as disciples. In other words, all three of them would see their statuses suddenly and dramatically change. How could the eliminated contestants not feel envious?

“Yu Wei, Sloppy, do you two think Ji Ning will be chosen by the Daofather as a disciple?” Yuchi Xiyue was both excited and nervous. He was her most important family member; naturally, she hoped that Ning could ascend to the heavens with a single step. That way, it would also be much easier for Ning to deal with the Youngflame clan in the future.

“He will. The Daofather definitely will.” Yu Wei was holding Yuchi Xiyue’s hands.

“Sloppy?” Yuchi Xiyue looked towards the Sloppy Daoist, who shook his head. “I don’t know the Daofather’s temperament. It’s hard to say. Still…since junior apprentice-brother Ji Ning has become number one in this Conclave, and has trained for such a short period of time…he is indeed the most dazzling figure of the three. There is a very high chance that the Daofather will choose junior apprentice-brother Ji Ning. However…no one can be absolutely certain regarding this.”

Those who cared deeply about something would often find their thoughts in a jumble because of it. Both Yu Wei and Yuchi Xiyue cared far too deeply about Ning.

“But even if he cannot take on Daofather Crimsonbright as his master, he’ll be apprenticed to a Pure Yang True Immortals. There’s no need to be too nervous,” the Sloppy Daoist said with a sigh. “I wonder if I would have this same good fortune to become the disciple of a Pure Yang True Immortal one day.”

“Eldest apprentice-brother, you were also quite dazzling in this Conclave. You should be accepted by a Pure Yang True Immortal as well,” Yu Wei said.

“It won’t be as simple as that. Pure Yang True Immortals won’t casually accept new disciples.” Although the Sloppy Daoist did feel a hint of hope, he maintained a calm heart.


Suddenly, a heroic but terrifying aura spread out from the main hall. At the same time, a voice rang out: “Xiamang, long time no see.”

Whoosh! Nearly a thousand Celestial Immortals, along with the eliminated Wanxiang Adepts, all turned to stare towards the outside in astonishment. This aura was so powerful and the words were so grandiose that this was clearly an extraordinary person.

“Hahaha…” The Xia Emperor rose to his feet, and the other eight Pure Yang True Immortals rose to their feet as well.

From the outside, a tall, skinny man dressed in deep green armor strode in. He had a heroic aura of vigor that caused all the surrounding Celestial Immortals to feel stunned.

“That’s Great Sage Who Topples the Seas.”

“Empyrean God Seatopple!”

“Demon King Seatopple!” [1. This figure is a figure from Journey to the West. Early in the story, Sun Wukong (aka ‘Monkey King’) swore brotherhood with six other powerful demons. The Handsome Monkey King, Sun Wukong, took on the title of ‘Great Sage Equal to Heaven’, while this demon, the Flood Dragon Demon King, took on the title of ‘Great Sage Who Topples the Seas.]

The nearly thousand Celestial Immortals all cried out in their hearts.

The Xia Emperor was now on his feet. He said with a laugh, “Seatopple, it has indeed been a long time. The Three Realms are currently filled with the stories of your heroics.”

“Seatopple, have you come to receive your junior apprentice-brother?” Lu Dongbin said with a lazy grin.

“Right.” Seatopple had an incomparably dominating aura, and his deep green eyes swept the surrounding figures. He immediately called out, “Who here is known as Zhang Qi? Who here is known as the Sloppy Daoist?”

The sloppy-looking fatty seated behind King Qi trembled with shock. What the hell?

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