Book 13, Chapter 23 - Towering Amounts of Sin

Desolate Era

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The voices of both Ji Ning and the Flamewing King were very loud.

“Are you the Twelve Monster Kings of the Eastern Flows?”

“...hurry up and have your master come out…”

Both voices echoed in the heavens, causing the surviving imperial Qi clansmen to feel shocked. They hurriedly moved to the entrance of the Immortal estate.

Crown Prince Qi Rufeng, Second Princess Qi Ruyu, Ning’s disciple Bluecliff Xiaoyu, and the imperial Qi servants all stared outwards past the gates of the Immortal estate. They saw Ning standing at the side of a cliff, wine-gourd in hand. Far away from him in the skies, there was a massive horde of countless monsters atop a cloud.

“Is that the Flamewing King?” Qi Rufeng’s face changed. He would never be able to forget that figure; that was his eternal nightmare.

But right now, the Flamewing King was just one of the twelve leading figures. “The Goldfur Bearking, the Snowfox King…there’s no doubting it. They are identical to the images of the Twelve Monster Kings of the Eastern Flows which the imperial Qi clan recorded down.” Qi Rufeng’s face was ashen. “All twelve of them have arrived.”

“They all arrived? Even though hundreds of Flamewing Guards were killed, why would all twelve of them come?!” The black-robed princess felt despair as well.

Although the two had Greater Teleportation Dao-seals, once they used them up, they would be gone. In addition, given the power of these monster kings, the monster kings could immediately teleport after them as well.

If the Flamewing King wanted to chase after them, he would definitely be able to. The reason why they had been able to flee and survive for so long was because the Flamewing King didn’t care too much about them; after acquiring the treasure map, the Flamewing King’s full attention was on the treasure trove. He had only sent a few of his Flamewing Guards to deal with the imperial Qi clansmen.

“The Twelve Monster Kings of the Eastern Flows?” Upon hearing these words, Bluecliff Xiaoyu’s face changed as well. “Those twelve are the twelve monster kings?”

Xiaoyu stared at the twelve distant figures that commanded the countless monsters. Even at this great distance, the infinitely powerful aura emanated by the twelve caused her heart to tremble. She grew worried. “Master…I just took you on as my master. Don’t die. Don’t die!”

Now that she had severed all ties with the imperial Qi clan, she no longer had any friends or family in the world. Ning was her master, and thus the closest person she had left. She could tell that Ning viewed her kindly.

“I don’t want Master to die. I don’t want…” Xiaoyu was panicking inside. If her master died…she would be all alone.

Qi Rufeng’s face was ashen. He shook his head in despair. “It’s finished.”

The black-robed princess shook her head as well. “All twelve of the monster kings have arrived. Even during our Qi Empire’s most powerful era, they would have been able to wipe us out immediately. There is no way this senior Darknorth can withstand them. No way at all.”

The Twelve Monster Kings of the Eastern Flows were legends! Legends known throughout the Star continent, the Cloud continent, the Flame continent…

In short, within the Crescent world, these twelve monster kings were extremely famous. Most likely only Celestial Immortals would be able to flee and survive from them when they joined forces!

“Given the abilities these twelve monster kings have…even if senior Darknoth uses a Greater Teleportation Dao-seal, he still probably wouldn’t be able to teleport away before being attacked,” Qi Rufeng said as he trembled with despair.

Using Dao-seals took time. At the Celestial Immortal level, multiple techniques could be used in the blink of an eye.

Behind Ning, the imperial Qi clan was in a state of terrified despair, while Bluecliff Xiaoyu was praying ardently for his survival.

Ning stood there at the cliff. He quickly pondered as to how he should deal with these twelve monster kings while spreading out his divine sense in a wave to test them. And as he did…

“What fine fellows!” Ning was instantly shocked. The region with the twelve monster kings was completely filled with limitless amounts of bloody light. The bloody sin light surged and swelled like the waves of the sea, and the twisting waves of bloody sin light even formed illusions of ghosts who had died wrongful deaths.

“Wait. They aren’t all like that.” Ning took a careful look. “Eleven of these twelve monster kings are surrounded by hundreds of meters of bloody sin light. But…that monster king with the head of a golden-furred grizzly bear actually is only wreathed by a bit of corrosive black light?”

Indeed. The only one of the twelve not wrapped by the bloody aura of sin was actually the most famous of the twelve, the Goldfur Bearking. This caused Ning to feel extremely startled…and also even more wary. For this Goldfur Bearking to set up an alliance of twelve monster kings and be acknowledged as the most powerful amongst them, but possess the lowest amount of sin…one had to be wary of him.

“Twelve Monster Kings of the Eastern Flows,” Ning called out loudly, “Per Master’s orders, I am here protecting the imperial Qi clan. If you are wise, you shall immediately retreat. Otherwise, when Master returns, all of you shall perish!”

“Who is your master, exactly? Give us his name!” The Flamewing King barked from far away.

“He dares be so arrogant? The master of this Primal Daoist must be a powerful figure.”

“With all of us brothers present, we wouldn’t feel fear if even Celestial Immortals came.”

The monster kings silently sent mental messages to each other, trying to guess at who Ning’s master was. They paid no attention to Ning himself; given their power, they could naturally tell that Ning was merely at the Primal Daoist level! A mere Primal Daoist…although they noticed through their divine sense sweep that his soul was fairly powerful, he was still merely a Primal Daoist!

As they saw it, there was no way a Primal Daoist could kill hundreds of Flamewing Guards without letting a single one escape!

“Brothers, watch from the sides for now,” the Flamewing King said.

“Don’t worry, third brother. If a Celestial Immortal Patriarch comes, we will intervene.”

“Third brother, go and capture those imperial Qi clansmen.”

The other monster kings all spoke out in support. A minor matter like capturing the imperial Qi clan wasn’t something which required all twelve of the monster kings to join forces in carrying out.


“Little child, hurry up and beat it,” the Flameking King barked flatly. At the same time, he waved his arm, and with a whoosh, a massive fiery palm suddenly appeared above the mount peak. This massive fiery palm clawed towards the Immortal estate below it, terrifying the imperial Qi clansmen and Xiaoyu into fleeing into the estate.

“Come in.” Ning willed it, and the Immortal estate instantly returned to his side.

“You dare interfere in my matters?” The Flamewing King was instantly enraged, and the massivey fiery palm in the sky slammed towards Ning instead. “Since your master has not arrived, I shall take your life first and calm myself down a bit.”

“You monster!” Ning pretended to be enraged. His body instantly transformed and became three hundred meters in size, and he also executed the [Three Heads, Six Arms]. In his arms were the three Darknorth swords and three Heaven-ranked flying swords.

“I’ll chop you down!” Ning’s swords were like silken light as they chopped down wildly towards the massive fiery palm. The level of swordplay Ning was currently displaying was merely on the level he had displayed back during the Conclave, comparable to a supreme Loose Immortal.

Boom boom boom…with a series of massive exploding sounds, the massive fiery palm was completely destroyed, but part of the mountain peak was torn apart as well. The three-headed, six-armed Ning appeared to be quite angry as he said, “You monster, you actually dare to try to pick on me, your grandpa? If Master was here, you’d already be dead!”


“This human Primal Daoist is quite arrogant in the face of death.”

“This human is pretty powerful. He’s a Fiendgod Body Refiner, and was able to use [Heavenly Transformation] and [Three Heads, Six Arms]; he is indeed able to give Loose Immortals a fight. His swordplay is also at the level of a supreme Loose Immortal…he does indeed have a supreme Loose Immortal’s combat potential.”

“Right. Although he is a Primal Daoist, he does indeed have the power of a supreme Loose Immortal.”

“Third brother, if you want to annihilate a supreme Loose Immortal at such a great distance just by controlling the natural elemental energy of the world…you’d need to do some more training first,” another monster king teased.

Indeed. If the Flamewing King was to use magic treasures, it would naturally be very easy for him to kill a supreme Loose Immortal. But to annihilate a supreme Loose Immortal just by using a fiery palm formed from the natural elemental energy of the world? He was indeed not even close to being at that level yet.

“Hmph.” The Flamewing King’s face sank as he flew forward. Six fiery-red scimitars suddenly appeared before him, each one carrying a powerful presence; clearly, all of them were Immortal-ranked magic treasures.

“Die, brat.” The Flamewing King was using his true power now.

“You monster!” Ning let out a roar, then moved forward like a giant Roc, flying at high speed towards the Flamewing King and seeking to engage him in close combat.

“This human is pretty powerful. His agility technique would be exceptional even amongst Loose Immortal monsters,” the Skysoar King evaluated.

“He does indeed have some potential. When he reaches the late Void level, he’ll probably be comparable to us.”

“Unfortunately, he’s going to die now.”

“Still, we need to be careful. His master might suddenly appear.”

The monster kings chatted amongst themselves lazily as they watched the battle.

The six scimitars of the Flamewing King formed into an enormous fiery serpent in mid-air. The fiery-red serpent was filled with unearthly savagery as it pounced towards the three-headed, six-armed Ning, who also flew forward to meet it.

Swish swish swish. The swords in Ning’s hands suddenly changed!

Previously, he was wielding three Darknorth swords and three Heaven-ranked flying swords. But suddenly, he put away his three Heaven-ranked flying swords and pulled out the Thousandbull Sword and two Immortal-ranked flying swords!

Riiiip! The giant serpent of fire flashed like lightning, pouncing towards Ning. But what welcomed it was a terrifying sword blow!

Ning’s sword-light had transformed into a divine black dragon. The terrifying divine black dragon sword-light chopped through it like rotting wood, instantly breaking it apart and knocking the six scimitars aside.

“What?!” The Flamewing King was instantly shocked.

“Die.” Ning, who had previously appeared ‘enraged’, now let a hint of a killing intent flash through his eyes. With a swoosh, he reached the Flamewing King’s body.

Six streaks of sword-light simultaneously transformed into six divine black dragons, filling the world with their power.

“Quick, go save third brother!” The face of the Goldfur Bearking instantly changed.

“Not good!” The Skysoar King’s face changed as well.

“How can this…”

“His power…”

“This human…”

The monster kings had been watching from far away, ready to ward off a Celestial Immortal. None of them had expected that this clearly puny Primal Daoist would suddenly explode forth with such power! Ning’s aura increased explosively, and the power of his swordplay reached an extremely profound level as well.

Swish swish swish…the black dragon sword-light slashed forth with irresistible power.


Engaged in close quarters, the Flamewing King had no chance to flee at all. In but an instant, Ning’s six streaks of sword-light completely surrounded the Flamewing King and killed him!

The surrounding area turned silent. The entire world seemed to freeze. The many monsters watching from far away were still in a state of amazement…but looks of seriousness appeared on the faces of the monster kings.

Ning stood there in midair. Waving his hand, he collected the magic treasures of the Flamewing King, a smile on his face. “I’m ashamed to say that I played a little trick on you just now. There was nothing I could do; the twelve of you are simply far too famous, and given that you have dominated the Star continent for so many years, I imagine you definitely have a formation which is extremely well-suited to the twelve of you. That’s why I had to kill one of you first.”

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