Book 14, Chapter 15 - Enemy

Desolate Era

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The white-robed woman stood there in the void, staring at the mountain range. She immediately waved her hand, producing a bronze talisman within it. She filled the talisman with her elemental ki.

Rumble…the talisman became scorchingly hot.

This mountain range was, in reality, the headquarters for the Blood God Church; it was known as the Bloodlake Mountains. There were layers of formations protecting this mountain range, causing even the Northmont clan of Stillwater to be unable to do anything to it.

Within the mountains. A towering, large palace.

Above the palace, there was a jade bed that emanated with a hint of azure light. Seated atop the jade bed was a blood-robed man whose eyes glowed with a bloody light. He was the leader of the Blood God Church, the Scion of the Blood God!

“Eh?” The Scion frowned, then immediately waved his hand, producing a bronze talisman of his own. The talisman had become scorchingly hot.

The Scion was startled for a moment…then he immediately disappeared from atop the jade bed. Moments later, he appeared in the air above the mountains. Based on the resonance from the talismans, he turned to look towards the white-robed woman’s direction, then took a single step and arrived before her. He bowed respectfully. “Greetings, Emissary!”

“Yet another Void-level Earth Immortal is undergoing a tribulation within your Stillwater Commandery,” the white-robed woman said calmly. “It is Immortal Diancai of the Black-White College. Here is the detailed intelligence information about him.” As she spoke, she tossed over a leatherbound scroll towards the Scion of the Blood God, who immediately accepted it in a respectful manner.

The white-robed woman gave the Scion a glance, then snorted and departed gracefully, quickly disappearing into the distant horizons.

The Scion stood there in the air, scroll in hand. He watched in a cold, sinister manner as the woman left. “A mere Emissary dares to put on such airs before me? If it wasn’t for the power behind you, I would’ve annihilated you with a wave of my hand.”

Whoosh. The Scion opened the scroll, which had detailed information regarding Immortal Diancai’s tribulation, as well as a map and directions.

“He’s actually in a minor world, with the entrance being in the Darknorth Sea?” The Scion couldn’t help but feel a chill as he read the information. “This mysterious power…they are a bit too all-knowing…how can they even know about such a well-hidden tribulation location?”

He had only interacted with this mysterious power for roughly thirty years…but the more he interacted with them, the more terrifying he found them to be!

They had given him just a slight bit of help, but that had been already enough to make his Blood God Church strong enough to tussel against the Northmont clan of Stillwater. Although their roots weren’t as powerful and as deep as the Northmont clan’s…there was no way for the Northmont clan to wipe out the Blood God Church now.

“They’ve already given me two intelligence reports regarding Earth Immortals undergoing a tribulation. This is the third one.” The Scion frowned. “How on earth did they find out?”

A traitor or a spy?

The Scion of the Blood God didn’t believe it!

Earth Immortals were extremely cautious when undergoing their tribulations; they would only invite protectors that they had absolute faith in! In addition, they would usually personally use a spatial teleport to go to the tribulation location; not even the protectors would know exactly where the tribulation would be attempted. Indeed, Ji Ning and Immortal Fivecraze weren’t told in advance, and they didn’t know exactly where in the Darknorth Sea the island they had been taken to was located!

“How did they find out? This is too incredible. I’ve heard from others that due to the fact that the Three Realms are filled with dangerous undercurrents, fate and destiny have been thrown into a state of chaos, making it virtually impossible for someone to Foretell where a tribulation will occur,” the Scion mused puzzledly. Normally, powerful experts of the Three Realms might be able to Foretell through augury some rather well-hidden mysteries…but fate itself had been thrown into a state of flux. There was no way to do so now!

“No wonder they hold the Grand Xia Dynasty with no regard. No wonder they dare to act against the entire Dynasty,” the Scion mused privately. “Doesn’t matter. I’m not going to make enemies with them; all I need to do is borrow from their strength to strengthen myself. As long as they can strengthen my Blood God Church, that’s all that matters.”

“Right. This Immortal Diancai is of the Black-White College; the Black-White College is one of the strongest supporters of the Northmont clan of Stillwater. They are one of their most loyal dogs! I need to seize this chance to wound them,” the Scion nodded to himself.

Although the white-robed Emissary had delivered the intelligence report, she hadn’t ordered the Scion to do anything.

To kill or not? This was up to the Scion himself. If he chose not to attack, the mysterious power wouldn’t care.


The Scion of the Blood God returned to his palace.

“Have the seven Law Protectors come see me right away,” the Scion instructed from atop his jade bed.

“Yes,” an attendant said respectfully.

Soon, seven black-robed Law Protectors hurried over.

“Greetings, sect leader,” the seven black-robed Law Protectors said respectfully.

“Immortal Diancai of the Black-White College is currently undergoing his tribulation. The Black-White College is one of the most loyal dogs of the Northmont clan; we need to seize this chance to eradicate Immortal Diancai,” the Scion said calmly. “The other Immortals of the Black-White College are all within their College; it is very likely that the only guardians with him right now are his disciple Ji Ning as well as Immortal Fivecraze, the most powerful member of the Black-White College.”

“Make a trip with me. Let us eradicate these three members of the Black-White College,” the Scion of the Blood God said. “With these three gone, the Black-White College will be badly wounded; this is akin to breaking one of the Northmont clan’s legs.”

“Sect leader, just the seven of us and yourself? Will it be enough? I heard that this Ji Ning had gone missing for thirty-plus years; he must have taken on an expert of the Three Realms as his master.”

“The Black-White College isn’t easy to deal with; even if the seven of us go along with you, we will still probably suffer some losses even if we win.”

The seven Law Protectors were all hesitating.

The Scion said calmly, “Don’t worry. I have complete confidence; do you think I would let the seven of you take on any serious danger?”

The seven Law Protectors raised their heads to stare at the Sion of the Blood God.

“Hmph.” The Scion let out a cold snort, then waved his hand. A small black ship had appeared within his palm.

“This is…” The eyes of the seven Law Protectors lit up.

“With this treasure in my hands…I trust you are all convinced now?” The Scion said.

“We shall naturally obey your orders, sect leader.” The seven Law Protectors no longer hesitated.

The Scion immediately sent a further mental order: “Three Elders, the seven Law Protectors and I are going out on a trip. The affairs within the Church shall temporarily be managed by you three.”

“Don’t worry, sect leader. Leave it to us,” the three Elders replied.

“Let’s go!”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

With the Scion in front and the seven Law Protectors behind, the eight flew high into the sky, moving like streaks of light. And then, they quickly used a spatial teleport to disappear.


The distant Darknorth Sea. The air above the island with a volcano.

The blood-robed Scion of the Blood God along with the seven black-robed Law Protectors were all standing in the air above the island.

“The entrance to the minor world is there, within that volcano,” the Scion said calmly. “Based on our intelligence report, Immortal Diancai should have spent two days undergoing the tribulation by now. If he failed in overcoming the fire, wind, or thunder tribulations, then he is most likely either dead or a Loose Immortal by now. Even if he survived…he should currently be undergoing the demonheart tribulation.”

“Later, do as I instructed to you previously.” The Scion swept the seven Law Protectors with his gaze.

“Yes, sect leader,” the seven black-robed Law Protectors said respectfully.

“Go in.”

The Scion of the Blood God gave the order. Swoosh swoosh swoosh!!! Eight streaks of light instantly streaked across the sky, entering the mouth of the volcano.

Soon after they disappeared, there was yet another a ripple in space near the entrance to the volcano. Twelve white-robed figures emerged, the leader a figure with a bloody scar on the arm.

“The forces of the Blood God Church of Stillwater Commandery have entered,” a white-robed youth said with a chortle. “Captain, you truly predicted everything in a godlike manner; you knew that they would definitely go.”

“The Black-White College is located right in Stillwater Commandery; over the course of countless ages, they have always walked in lockstep with the Northmont clan of Stillwater! The Northmont clan, in turn, has always protected the Black-White College. Of the eight great powers, the Black-White College is the most loyal one; naturally, the Blood God Church will seize this chance to annihilate Immortal Diancai during his Celestial Tribulation.” The leader, a white-robed man, continued calmly, “By borrowing from their strength, our own assassination attempt will become easier.”

“Is there a need for us to be so cautious in dealing with Ji Ning?”

“Right. Even our superiors simply instructed us to be careful of the school behind Ji Ning; he himself isn’t worthy of such concern. We’ve killed even Celestial Immortals; how powerful can a young fellow who has trained for less than a century possibly, even if he is a Daofather’s disciple?”

They all spoke out. The leader, the scarred white-robed man, laughed. “Ji Ning naturally isn’t worthy of concern, but I’m afraid that if something unexpected happens, his school might intervene. That’s why this assassination must be a quick one! We need to avoid anything unexpected.”

“Right.” Everyone nodded. They were all mainly worried about Ning’s school, worried that a True Immortal or Empyrean God might to suddenly appear and massacre them!

No one knew where Ning had disappeared to during the past thirty-plus years. However, the intelligence reports which the Bloodcloud Hall had received indicated that his disappearance…was almost assuredly linked to an extraordinary twist of fate!

“Execute our assassination plan,” the scarred, white-robed man said solemnly.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!!!

The twelve figures instantly disappeared as they too entered the mouth of the volcano.


Within the charred minor world that was filled with an aura of death.

Immortal Diancai was seated in the lotus position. Three thousand meters away from him, an enormous restrictive formation had been set up, and the surface of the formation glowed with light.

Within the formation were only two figures; Immortal Diancai and the Whitewater Hound.

Ji Ning and Immortal Fivecraze were both outside this grand sealing formation!

Earlier, during the wind, fire, and thunder tribulations, Ning’s group hadn’t dared to set down any formations…they didn’t wish to disturb the Celestial Tribulation and incur divine punishment. They would’ve been finished! But now that they were at the final tribulation, the demonheart tribulation, setting up a grand restrictive formation no longer made any difference whatsoever. Ning and Immortal Fivecraze were both worried about enemies would sneak close through using some technique to avoid divine sense scans, and so they had set up this grand sealing formation.

With it present, one would have to either break the formation or use a Greater Teleportation technique in order to reach Immortal Diancai!

“This is master’s second day undergoing the demonheart tribulation.” Ning turned to glance at Immortal Diancai, seated calmly in the lotus position at the center of the grand sealing formation. No one knew what Immortal Diancai’s demonheart tribulation was like; generally speaking, wayward thoughts were easily to withstand, but if one had to withstand them for an extremely long period of time…

It must be understood that at least seven days of time in the real world had to pass, but within the world of the demonheart tribulation, ten thousand years or more might pass. Some would even forget what reality was, and they would be completely submerged within the illusory world until finally they perished!

“Eh?” Ning was suddenly startled as a terrifying premonition of danger swept out from within his subconscious.

“Danger!” Ning sent frantically, “Old brother Fivecraze, Uncle White, be careful. I can sense danger drawing near!” Immortal practitioners generally had extremely accurate subconscious premonitions. However, Ning was quite astonished at the fact that he had such a powerful premonition of danger…because he had already trained in the [Eight-Nine Arcane Art]! Logically speaking, there should be very few things in the world capable of threatening him.

“Even if enemies came to attack Master…can it be that the amount of power they prepared is enough to threaten me as well?” Ning could barely believe it. “If that’s the case, then we are in for huge trouble.”

Ning’s eyes suddenly lit up with torch-light.

[Torch Dragon’s Eye]!

He immediately scanned in every direction with both his divine sense as well as the [Torch Dragon’s Eye].

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