Book 16, Chapter 20 - Seven Mighty Empyrean Gods Emerge

Desolate Era

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The black whips snaked out in circles, completely entangling Ji Ning. Ning gritted his teeth and struggled, but was unable to break free. This caused Ning to feel both rage as well as a hint of sorrow.

“I am a practitioner of the [Eight-Nine Arcane Art], and am incomparably close to the Empyrean God level in power. I don’t even hold those violet-caped warriors, each of which is comparable to a supreme Celestial Immortal, in any regard. Who would’ve thought that in just a single exchange, I would be captured?” Ning gave a cold look towards the golden-caped general and the group of violet-caped warriors.

“Haha, look at the alien! He still seems untamed and unruly.”

“He thought that just because he gave us a good fight, that he could overcome our general?”

“The general has completely transcended the Heaven-level long and has truly reached the Saint-level. In addition, as the general of the First Army, he’s one of the most powerful of Saint-level experts; how could this alien possibly overcome him?”

The violet-caped warriors were all chatting amongst themselves.

The Saint-level; this was equivalent to the Empyrean God level of the Three Realms!

They had extremely high statuses within the Snaphorn world, and were qualified to bear the golden cape. The Elders of the Palace of Elders and the generals of the armies were generally all at this level! In addition, a general who commanded the First Army, the border army that often engaged in wars, was definitely a god of war amongst the Snaphorn world, someone venerated by countless kinsmen!

“Imprison him and take him back to the sacred palace,” the general ordered.

“Yes.” The group of violet-caped warriors all assented. They glanced towards the captured Ning with looks of disdain and pity. After countless ages of war, the only thing the warriors of the Snaphorn world felt towards all aliens was enmity.

“Let’s go back.”

“Our entire First Army has been dawdling here for so long. It’s been boring.” The countless horned warriors were all dancing in joy. These past eighteen years truly had been extremely boring for these warriors.


A golden warship flew over from the distance.

The general was holding a whip with but a single hand, and was dragging the entangled, bound human youth, Ji Ning, behind him. He looked back at Ning. “You are fairly strong; your sword-arts, at least, are close to the Saint-level in power. A pity for you that you met me.”

Ning glanced at the general, then ignored him.

He knew himself that with the Fourth Cycle of the [Starseizing Hand], his ruler-level heartforce supporting him, his swordforce, and his seventeenth stage of the [Crimsonbright Diagram of the Nine Heavens], that he should have in theory reached the threshold of Empyrean Gods! However, the mere ‘threshold’ represented a weak Empyrean God…and this golden-caped general was a very strong one!


Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Without any warning, four figures suddenly appeared out of nowhere around Ji Ning. Their explosively powerful auras caused Ning’s face to instantly change. He couldn’t help but turn his to look, and when he did, he saw ten figures with utterly astonishing auras. There was a bald elder with narrowed eyes, an amiable-looking youth, a bewitchingly beautiful woman with snow-white eyebrows, and…

“Senior Redsnow?” Ning was amazed.

The seven figures included a tall, muscular man with red hair and golden armor. It was the red-haired Empyrean God who Ning had met in the past!

These seven figures had equally powerful auras; they were all on the same level.

“What?!” The general, who had been pulling Ning behind him with the whip, turned his head and saw those seven figures as well. His face also changed. “Who are you!”


The general suddenly felt a powerful sense of danger in his heart. At the same time…he couldn’t figure out how these seven powerful figures could’ve suddenly arrived within the space territory controlled by his Snaphorn world.

“Hahaha…” Of the seven figures that had appeared around Ning, one was the child who was wearing a neck-circlet. The child suddenly let out a laugh as his body began to rapidly grow in size. Just before, he had been smaller than even Ning, but now he transformed to become thirty thousand meters tall, becoming even larger and more muscular than the warriors of the Snaphorn world.

The massive child roared with laughter…and suddenly, a pillar of golden light shot out from his eyes.


The child let out a loud shout.

The eye-beams of light swept out in every direction. Whoosh…the pillars of light shot out from his eyes expanded to cover an area of a hundred thousand kilometers. All the horned warriors and black-caped warriors touched by the pillars of light all let out agonized cries. They all began to melt, like snowmen under the sun…with the only difference being that they melted far faster!


“It hurts!”

“What is this?!”

Wherever those eye-beams swept past, the horned warriors and black-caped warriors died, melting into death without being able to resist at all.

In the blink of an eye, more than ten thousand Snaphorn warriors had perished.

“But, but, but…” The general was stunned for a moment, but he then immediately gave an order. “Quick, assemble the formation!”

“Yes!” The 801 violet-caped warriors were shocked awake by this order. If they were going to join into a powerful formation, the 801 of them had to take the lead! A small war-formation needed a single black-caped warrior and ten ordinary Snaphorn warriors, while a medium war-formation needed a violet-caped warrior, a hundred black-caped warriors, and a thousand ordinary warriors.

The largest formations, however…required a general, a hundred commanders, ten thousand black-caped warriors, and a hundred thousand ordinary warriors joining forces! Thus, these violet-caped warriors had to lead the way; otherwise, the unorganized masses would be completely unable to resist that terrifying divine light.


The gaze-attack of the child had stretched out to a hundred thousand kilometers.

“You want to flee?” The beautiful woman with the snow-white eyebrows transformed into a streak of white light…and then in her stead, an enormous, snowy white scorpion appeared within the Void. This snowy white scorpion was like an enormous island, a full ten thousand kilometers in size. Its face, however, was the face of a human woman, and it also had those strange-looking white eyebrows.

This titanic snow-white scorpion almost instantly charged into the group of those 801 violet-caped warriors.

The snowy white eyebrows of the scorpion were even longer than its tail. They fluttered forward, one of them transforming into countless white strands of silk that wrapped around those violet-caped warriors. Luckily enough, they had been fleeing in many different directions, and so when the snowy white scorpion had appeared, they had already begun pulling away from each other, and so part of them were able to escape.

Of the 801 violet-caped warriors, over six hundred were instantly entangled by those eyebrows!


In the same instant that they were entangled by the eyebrows, a layer of frost began to appear on their bodies. And then…like ice cracking, they were completely chopped and broken apart by the white eyebrow-strands. Even their cores were destroyed, causing them all to perish.


This took time to describe…but in reality, as soon as the seven figures had appeared, the child and the black-armored beauty had immediately struck with utterly devasting power. This completely enraged the general.

“Damn you, aliens!”

The general no longer paid Ning any mind. He transformed into a streak of light, charging towards the now-titanic child.

The titanic child looked down at the general, letting out a laugh.


The child held his neck-circlet in his hands, smashing it downwards towards the general.

The long whips in the general’s four arms expanded to become more than thirty thousand meters long, furiously seeking to entangle the neck-circlet.

“Oh, so you have quite a bit of strength.” The child gave it a tug, but wasn’t able to tug it free.


The golden-armored, red-haired Empyrean God watched this all happen. He immediately let out a cold snort, then stabbed forward with the longspear in his hands.


When the spear stabbed out, an enormous whirlpool appeared within the Void, with the center of the whirlpool being the tip of the spear.

“Not good.” The general immediately had a tremendous feeling of danger. He had the feeling that this red-haired fellow…was far more powerful than the child and the scorpion lady. In fact, the red-haired fellow might be strong enough to kill him!

“Flee.” The general no longer thought of fighting back.

That red-haired man alone was enough to make him feel helpless…and the general had six other foes at his level of power to worry about as well!


Space suddenly seemed to have been thrown into chaos.

The general was stunned. He lowered his head, looking at his chest…and there was the tip of an enormous spear sticking out it. His core had been completely shattered.

“I…I just died?” The general couldn’t believe it.

But how could he know that this Fiendgod, Redsnow, had been the number one general under the command of Daoist Threelives? He had been awe-inspiringly famous, even back in Pangu’s Primordial World, and was truly one of the most utterly supreme of Empyrean Gods.

“Red-hair, how could that little alien bastard have been a match for you? You didn’t even give us a chance to act!” The gentle-looking youth complained with resignation.

“I was preparing to have a nice, big fight with him, but you killed him right away!” The child complained helplessly as well.

Ning just stared blankly at all this.

Good heavens…

Just now, he had felt utter despair…but these seven figures had suddenly appeared, and they were ridiculously powerful. Was this the power of a true Empyrean God? It was on a completely different level from the Celestial Immortals; most likely hundreds of Celestial Immortals would have to join together into a formation to be able to resist such power.

“Senior Redsnow,” Ning hurriedly called out.

Redsnow glanced at Ning, then smiled.

Because he had a full head of red hair, his closest friends often simply referred to him as ‘red-hair’, but his name was indeed Redsnow. Thus, the spear-art he developed had also been named [Redsnow].

“Hurry up. This isn’t the time to play around,” Empyrean God Redsnow said. “Wipe them out as soon as you can; we need to come up with a way to escape this Nihilum Zone.”



The leader of these seven was Empyrean God Redsnow.

Redsnow had been very steady and reliable when they had followed Daoist Threelives, and he was also extremely powerful; everyone acknowledged his leadership!


The Snaphorn world. The Palace of Elders.


“Where did those aliens come from?”


The nine mighty Elders who had been lazily watching the mirror were all shocked. The general of the First Army had easily captured that alien…but who would’ve imagined that seven mysterious figures would suddenly arrive? The seven had massacred their warriors with utterly overwhelming power, and even one of the top generals of the Snaphorn world, the general of the First Army, had actually been killed by that red-haired foe in their first exchange of blows.

This caused them to feel enraged…and also horrified!

Although they were Elders and were also at the Saint-level like the general…their responsibilities lay in the governance of the Snaphorn world. By comparison, their combat abilities were inferior. In an actual battle, they probably would be weaker than the general.


Within the infinite darkness of the Void, three minds were conversing.


“The Fiendgods of the Three Realms have arrived as well?”


“That region of space was locked long ago; there’s no way they could’ve gone straight there. There’s only one possibility; those Fiendgods of the Three Realm have been accompanying that human this entire time in some sort of portable dimensional treasure. They hadn’t attacked because they were waiting for us to capture the human; only then could they no longer hold back.”

“These seven Fiendgods should all be at the Empyrean God level…only, that red-haired Empyrean God is a bit too ridiculously strong. Even my child, Habul, was instantly killed. Even in that ancient war, there were very few Empyrean Gods who were so terrifyingly strong.”

“Let us personally intervene to annihilate them.”


All three Queen Mothers began to emit a terrifying, killing intent…

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