Book 18, Chapter 21 - Pulling Out All The Stops

Desolate Era

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Whitepole Commandery. The vast, wild field of battle.

The battle between the Seamless Gate and the Grand Xia had reached a fever point, with both sides comparable in power.

The Grand Xia’s Darknorth Heaven Punisher and the Seamless Gate’s True Immortal Crimsonjoy had tied each other down.

As for the other five Heaven Punishers and five Empyrean God golems of the Grand Xia, they were being assaulted by the two White-Faced Flood Dragons, six Empyrean God golems, and Bloodcloud golems of the Seamless Gate. Those Bloodcloud golems in particular…they moved in unfathomable, mysterious ways, causing the five Heaven Punishers to suffer greatly. Fortunately, the other Empyrean Gods and True Immortals were assisting them.

The Xia Emperor, in particular, was able to lock down more than half of the Bloodcloud golems; otherwise, more Heaven Punishers would have fallen by now.

The most powerful force on the side of the Grand Xia was the three Fiendgod armies.

However, one of the armies had been stalemated and locked down by True Immortal Whitepole, while the other was engaged in battle against the White-Faced Flood Dragon. The final one was being assaulted and completely tied down by eight of the Empyrean God golems of the Seamless Gate. Unlike the Bloodcloud golems, the black Empyrean God golems were a bit slow, but were very tough to destroy, and so they managed to render this Fiendgod army unable to do anything to them.


For the moment, both sides were battling at a furious stalemate. Neither side was able to destroy the other; both sides needed additional reinforcements to disrupt the balance and wipe out their foes!

Of the six Heaven Punishers, Ji Ning was feeling the most miserable, because he had been completely locked down by True Immortal Crimsonjoy.

“Eh?” Ning suddenly sensed a powerful ripple of natural energy. He couldn’t help but look towards the skies. And not just him; everyone present could sense that terrifyingly powerful ripple of energy, and raised their heads to stare at the skies.


A terrifying power was gathering within the air, manifesting in the form of a dark-red cloud. It was like a tribulation cloud, filled with flickering red light and with power great enough to strike fear into the hearts of the viewers.

“The Worldguard Formation!”

“That’s the Worldguard Formation!”

“The Xia Emperor has activated the Worldguard Formation.”

The Seamless Gate’s forces felt their hearts clench, while the Grand Xia’s side felt excitement.

The fame of the Grand Xia’s Worldguard Formation was simply too great. Even Ning had heard of it long ago, back when he had taken part in the Conclave of Immortal Destiny. However, back then he hadn’t been certain as to exactly how strong it was. Afterwards, when his status became higher, he learned some details and particulars of this formation. The Grand Xia’s Worldguard Formation was led through the imperial Skylight Palace and supported by the 3600 commandery cities. The power of the 3600 cities would be gathered in one location, but the energy could be used to attack any location within the Grand Xia!

When the tribulation cloud appeared, space would be locked. There wouldn’t even be a way to escape!

As for its power…

Celestial Immortals would definitely perish. As for Empyrean Gods and True Immortals, Empyrean Gods with powerful bodies and protective divine abilities might be able to survive, but Pure Yang True Immortals were almost guaranteed to perish! The power of this formation vastly outstripped the Xia Emperor’s own power. It was precisely because the Worldguard Formation was created that the various marquises no longer dared to ever rebel again. So long as they were within the world of the Grand Xia, there would be no way for them to avoid the attacks of the Worldguard Formation.

They were unable to forget…that time when they saw the Worldguard Formation release its power. It had immediately slain the leader of the rebels, a Pure Yang True Immortal known as True Immortal Quhai.

“It’s about time.” True Immortal Whitepole raised his head, watching with a cold smile on his face. In his hands, however, a gray fruit suddenly appeared. He crushed the gray fruit with his hand.

Whoooosh! Suddenly, a large amount of gray gas flew out of the gray fruit. Instantly, the vast flood of gray gas began to soar into the heavens, wrapping itself around the dark-red tribulation clouds in the air!

“Eh?” The Xia Emperor frowned, then smiled coldly and barked, “The power of primordial chaos? Whitepole, do you think that a tiny bit of chaos power, diluted into gaseous state, is capable of withstanding my formation?”

The power of primordial chaos…

You had to begin training in the Heavenly Dao of Primordial Chaos before you could slowly begin to learn to master it. This was truly the most supreme form of power that existed within the Three Realms. Generally speaking, after True Gods or Daofathers mastered a single Heavenly Dao, they would then begin to slowly work on understanding the Heavenly Dao of Primordial Chaos. After all, of the ten great Heavenly Daos, the Heavenly Dao of Primordial Chaos reigned absolutely supreme. Anyone capable of mastering it would reach the supreme level which Pangu had been at.

Long ago, Pangu had mastered this Heavenly Dao. Mother Nuwa was even more formidable; of the ten Heavenly Daos, she had mastered nine of them!

There was a saying that there were 108,000 Daos in the universe.

Mother Nuwa had mastered 84,000 Daos.

From this, one could see how incredible she was!

It wasn’t that Mother Nuwa couldn’t master the final Heavenly Dao, it was that the Heavenly Daos themselves were flawed and incomplete. There was no way at all to completely and thoroughly understand all of them at the same time. Mastering nine Heavenly Daos was a limit!

“Haha, I admit that your Worldguard Formation is formidable, and this truly is just a sliver of chaos power.” True Immortal Whitepole laughed loudly, a hint of satire in his eyes. “But even though it is just a sliver…it’s a sliver of primordial chaos! How much power will this formation of yours possess, after it is forced to go through it? In addition, given how powerful this Worldguard Formation is, and given that it covers your entire major world and vastly surpasses the level of power a True Immortal should possess…I imagine that each time you activate it, you have to pay a considerable price.”

The Seamless Gate had received intelligence reports about it.

Every century, the Xia Emperor could at most use the Worldguard Formation twice. True Immortal Whitepole had personally asked his master about this, and the Godking had said, “This formation is so vast, it goes beyond the bounds of normal power for Empyrean Gods and True Immortals. An attack that can encompass and envelope an entire world…this is something on the level of a True God or a Daofather. The main reason why Raindragon forged this formation was to shock and awe.”

“Since even the intelligence reports say that the Xia Emperor can at most use this formation twice every century, then I imagine that he should normally only be able to use it once. If he’s willing to pay an enormous price, he can probably use it twice. I’ll bestow upon you a fruit of primordial chaos which can weaken the strength of his formation.”


“Hmph.” The Xia Emperor stared downwards coldly.

The tribulation cloud of the Worldguard Formation previously held enough power to slaughter any of the True Immortals of the Seamless Gate that were present. The Empyrean Gods might have been able to survive the strike of the tribulation cloud, thanks to their divine bodies and protective divine abilities, but the True Immortals were almost guaranteed to perish. The Xia Emperor had been planning on using this to assault True Immortal Whitepole, but now that the tribulation cloud was covered by the power of primordial chaos…most likely, the strength of the tribulation cloud would be greatly weakened after passing through it!

It was easy to beat back an expert on the level of True Immortal Whitepole, but very hard to kill him.

Empyrean Gods and True Immortals all had very formidable life-preserving techniques.

“I knew that the Seamless Gate had to have prepared something, but I didn’t imagine that the Daofather behind True Immortal Whitepole would actually give him a Dao-fruit of primordial chaos. This Daofather is quite generous.” The Xia Emperor felt tremendous resentment. Fruits of chaos power were also known as Dao-fruits of primordial chaos.

Not all True Gods or Daofathers could easily condense the power of primordial chaos into the form of a fruit. If they really could do that, given that they could easily replenish their own chaos energy, Dao-fruits of primordial chaos would be everywhere.

In reality…to form a Dao-fruit of primordial chaos, the creator had to materialize, then slice off a sliver of his own insights into the Heavenly Dao of Primordial Chaos. Only then could the Dao-fruit survive on its own. Thus, these fruits contained only an extremely tiny amount of chaos power. A tribulation storm was sweeping the Three Realms. Although the major powers of the Seamless Gate might be willing to sever a portion of their insights into primordial chaos for the sake of increasing their side’s karmic luck, they would only be willing to part with a very, very tiny amount of it. If they severed just a little bit, given enough time they would be able to train back to the same level. But if they severed too many of their insights…it would be incredibly hard to regain them in the future.

A tiny sliver of chaos power was already more than enough to weaken the tribulation clouds.

“Go.” A cold light flashed through the Xia Emperor’s eyes.

The tribulation cloud in the skies suddenly transformed into a rainbow of light that shot downwards.


The gray gas crackled as it blocked part of the energy. It was just the manifestation of a tiny amount of chaos power; although it was qualitatively on a superior level, its power was depleted in the blink of an eye. The rainbow of light, originally more than three hundred meters thick, had been whittled down until it was nearly thirty meters thick. It now only possessed a tenth of its former power, but it moved lightning fast.


One of the White-Faced Flood Dragons that was battling against the Heaven Punishers suddenly let out a roar of terror and rage as it raised up its claws to block.


The rainbow of light pierced straight through it, punching a hole in its chest. Quite a few Celestial Immortals and Loose Immortals inside the Terrorbeast were slain, and the Terrorbeast itself was instantly destroyed. The Immortals inside were utterly terrified, and they immediately sought to flee.


The Unity Heaven Punisher that was closest to it naturally moved to massacre the survivors.

The distant True Immortal Whitepole, however, just watched this happen coldly. All of this was within the realm of his expectations. For hundreds of Celestial Immortals to die as a result of the activation of the Grand Xia’s Worldguard Formation was an excellent bargain. If it hadn’t been for the Dao-fruit of primodial chaos, he himself probably would’ve perished from the attack! The power of that formation was simply far too frightening; it contained power that was close to that of a Daofather’s!

“Xiamang, now that you’ve used even the Worldguard Formation, I imagine you only have the Raindragon Guard left.” True Immortal Whitepole sent a mental laugh to the Xia Emperor. “You are guaranteed to lose this fight.”

“You can all come out now!” True Immortal Whitepole suddenly let out a loud roar.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Suddenly, four towering figures appeared out of nowhere. Four additional White-Faced Flood Dragons, their auras soaring into the skies! These four White-Faced Flood Dragons appeared uncontrollably savage and utterly ferocious.


“Four more?”

“Four more White-Faced Flood Dragons?”

The Grand Xia’s forces felt their hearts sink.

Good heavens.

A single White-Faced Flood Dragon represented a thousand Celestial Immortals and a hundred thousand Loose Immortals. This meant the Seamless Gate had just sent out four thousand more Celestial Immortals! And it was hard to say how strong these Terrorbeasts were; perhaps some of them were comparable to Venomsong’s White-Faced Flood Dragon in power!

“Seamless Gate, you honor me with your caution.” The Xia Emperor let out a cold laugh. “Since you wish for the Seamless Gate to come out…then I’ll grant you your wish.”


Instantly, an incomparably massive divine dragon appeared in midair. This divine dragon was rather special. Compared to ordinary divine dragons, it differed in that it had a pair of enormous wings. This was the appearance of the legendary Godbeast, the ‘Raindragon’. Daofather Raindragon was a Godbeast, born with tremendous power. After experiencing that great war of the Primordial Era, he had ended up becoming a True God and Daofather.

“ROAAAAR!” The enormous Raindragon instantly charged downwards.

“Haha, come!” One of the White-Faced Flood Dragons let out a frenzied roar as it moved to engage.


The Raindragon began to battle against that White-Faced Flood Dragon. Although the Raindragon held the slight advantage, the White-Faced Flood Dragon was still more than enough to tie it down.

“What? That White-Faced Flood Dragon is actually that powerful? It has to be that an Empyrean God or True Immortal is commanding it.” Ji Ning and the others felt their hearts turn cold.

Their Raindragon army was only comparable to a single one of those extra-powerful White-Faced Flood Dragons.

As for the other three…would one of them also be that strong? If that was the case, they would be in huge trouble.

The Xia Emperor coldly watched as this all occurred. He knew very well that this battle against the Seamless Gate would be a hard one, because the Seamless Gate’s intelligence network was simply far too powerful. They knew all the forces the Xia Emperor had, but he knew nothing about the Seamless Gate’s forces. He had already revealed all of the power he had available…but from the looks of it, he was still at a disadvantage.

“Xiamang, your defeat is guaranteed. The Grand Xia shall now be the Grand Xia of me, Whitepole. Wait…it won’t even be called the Grand Xia any longer. It’s name should be changed to the Whitepole major world.” True Immortal Whitepole was filled with an imposing aura, and he had an incomparably arrogant demeanor to him.

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