Book 18, Chapter 28 - Daofather Crimsonbright’s Reinforcements

Desolate Era

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A short while later.

Ji Ning and the others returned to the Eight Dragons Cloudcity.

“Back already? Didn’t you just go out to fight a short while ago?” They were back in the military camp, and Yu Wei was looking towards Ning in surprise. The Immortals of the Darknorth Army had been sent back to their respective residences. As they returned, they were all chattering about how ‘the Seamless Gate was so cowardly that it was unwilling to even fight,’ and how ‘it seems as though the Seamless Gate recognizes that it is about to lose’.

Ning walked into his room, sitting down by a desk. He poured himself a glass of wine, then said with a smile, “The Seamless Gate is feeling nervous now. We were shouting for them to come fight for a long time, but they refused to come out.”

“If they are going to just hide there…then what should we do?” Yu Wei was worried.

“If they aren’t willing to fight, that’s a good thing.” Ning laughed. “Ideally, they’d never come out to fight again. So long as they don’t fight, the Grand Xia will remain the Xia Emperor’s, and the karmic luck of the Grand Xia will remain on our side.”

Yu Wei nodded gently.

“The Seamless Gate has two paths ahead of it right now,” Ning said. “The first path sees them abandoning their designs on the Grand Xia. The second path is for them to summon even more of their forces to take it by force. I hope they take the first path.”

Although Ning was filled with a desire to do battle, his wife was pregnant; he wanted to calmly and peacefully accompany her and watch his child be born.

“The Seamless Gate probably won’t just admit defeat like that,” Yu Wei said softly, thinking back to the world of darkness and the Godking within it.

Ning nodded. “Right. I’ve only killed True Immortal Crimsonjoy; the Seamless Gate hasn’t really been hurt yet. For them to admit defeat right away? The chances of that are very low.”

Ning reached out to gently stroke Yu Wei’s protruding belly. He couldn’t help but smile.

No matter what storms and tempests awaited him…there were some things he absolutely had to protect.


Within the Void beyond the Three Realms, on a shattered, destroyed planet that was covered in countless scars.

The scars had been left behind by a battle between two major powers. Atop this shattered planet, twenty nine Empyrean Gods and True Immortals had gathered, with more on the way.

“In this Realmwar, we will be following the three Diremonster Gods.”

“I’ve heard long ago of their power. This time, we’ll have a chance to see it for ourselves.”

The various figures began to chat with some of the more powerful Immortals and Fiendgods, paying the most attention to the ‘Three Diremonster Gods of Mount Dragoneater’. These three Diremonster gods were shockingly powerful, and were considered by their fellow Empyrean Gods and True Immortals as being nearly invincible. Each of the three were more powerful than the Xia Emperor or True Immortal Whitepole!

Their decision to join the Seamless Gate had utterly enraged the Nuwa Alliance upon the Nuwa Alliance finding out. Alas, there was nothing the Nuwa Alliance could do; both sides were doing their absolute best to recruit the powerful Empyrean Gods and True Immortals of the Three Realms to their respective sides.

In the past, the Three Realms had been at peace. Many Empyrean Gods and True Immortals were free and unaffiliated with any organizations. Now, with the storm having come, they had to choose a side. Only the most supreme of powers, such as Old Man Yuan’s faction, were still able to watch and wait.

“Everyone’s here.”

“All of our fellow Daoists have arrived.” Two Immortals who looked very similar to each other laughed. Both had large faces and were fairly chubby. One was dressed in white robes, while the other was dressed in gray robes that were loose enough to reveal his bare chest. These two were the exceptionally famous ‘Twin Jueming Immortals’.

“Fellow Daoists, please enter this gourd first.” The white-robed Immortal took out a gourd, opening its stopper.

This was merely an Immortal-ranked magic treasure; the Empyrean Gods and True Immortals present were more than capable of forcibly breaking their way out of it if needed.


“Let’s go inside.”

“Let’s go.”

Instantly, one streak of light after another flew towards the mouth of the gourd. Afterwards, the white-robed Immortal plugged the gourd again, then slung it over his shoulders. Smiling, he said, “Elder brother, let’s go to Whitepole Commandery of the Grand Xia.”

“Right.” The gray-robed figure nodded, then immediately used a spatial technique to teleport straight to the world of the Grand Xia.

Next, the gray-robed figure took out a black Protocosmic spirit-treasure that looked like a ruler. He sliced it through the air, carving out a spatial corridor. Through the spatial corridor, one could see that the other side was connected to a location where a massive, towering black citadel lay hanging in the air. This was the Seamless City.

“Let’s go.” The two Jueming Immortals immediately flew into the corridor.


Within Whitepole Commandery. The hovering Seamless City. A spatial tear appeared in the air above the levitating city, and two chubby Immortals came out from the spatial tear, flying towards the Seamless City below.

“Our two fellow Daoists have arrived.”

“Fellow Daoist Jue and fellow Daoist Ming.”

Gatemaster Azurefox and True Immortal Whitepole all immediately went forward to greet the two, the other Empyrean Gods and True Immortals right behind them. The likes of the Hallmaster, Empyrean God Beastleave, and Empyrean God Venomsong all called out in a very familiar manner. “So it’s the two Jueming Immortals. Now that you two have arrived, fellow Daoists, our side’s chances of gaining victory have increased greatly.”

“With your spells by our side, we’ll no longer have to fear the Grand Xia.”

Azurefox and Whitepole exchanged a few glances with the Twin Jueming Immortals. They didn’t even send any mental messages. All of them were being extremely cautious, for fear that the Nuwa Alliance would find out. If the Nuwa Alliance found out, they would lose their chance to ambush their foes.


The walls of the Eight Dragons Cloudcity.

The black-robed Xia Emperor was upon the walls, gazing at the vast wilderness outside and the distant Seamless City as he reflected quietly.


Space trembled. The Xia Emperor’s grand formation had taken complete control over the surrounding million kilometers of space. Upon the Twin Jueming Immortals forcibly tearing a path to the Seamless City, the Xia Emperor immediately noticed.

“Eh?” The Xia Emperor frowned as he looked towards the spatial tear. Upon seeing the two chubby Immortals fly out from the spatial rift, the Xia Emperor immediately understood. “The Twin Jueming Immortals? It’s actually the two of them? The Seamless Gate really views me quite highly. Although these two Immortals cannot compare to Ji Ning’s Heaven Punisher, their spells are quite formidable. With their spells supporting an army, the Seamless Gate’s total combat power will have risen by an entire level. If we continue to fight against them…it’s hard to say who would win!”


The seat of enlightenment of Daofather Crimsonbright.

The Daofather was seated upon his throne, with dozens of Empyrean Gods and True Immortals standing before him. They were all staring at the battle-scene that was playing out within the round mirror of light in midair. This was the Realmwar that was occurring within the Winesun Realm.

“Realmwars truly are vicious. This is the third time I’ve seen a Realmwar, but I still shudder at what I am seeing.”

“More than twelve of our Empyrean Gods and True Immortals have died within the Winesun Realm. The Seamless Gate has only lost seven!”

“The golems of the Seamless Gate truly are unequaled within the Three Realms. If they didn’t have so many terrifying golems, the Seamless Gate would’ve lost ago. Now, however…it’s Daofather Winesun’s side which is at a disadvantage.”

The Empyrean Gods and True Immortals were all watching worriedly.

Although this war was going on within the Winesun Realm, Daofather Winesun and Daofather Crimsonbright were in the same alliance, after all. They all hoped that Daofather Winesun’s forces would gain victory; in fact, some of them itched to personally charge into the fray as well. However, they understood that it was up to the Daofathers to decide when they would join a battle.

The Daofathers would at most send a few Empyrean Gods and True Immortals as reinforcements. If Daofather Crimsonbright sent all their forces…then once a Realmwar exploded within the Crimsonbright Realm, what were they to do?

The flames of war had spread across the entire Three Realms, after all; the Winesun Realm was merely one part of it.


“What a miserable sight.”

All of those who were watching the Realmwar take place felt their hearts shudder. Almost none of them had ever experienced such a catastrophic, miserable war.

“Master,” the Xia Emperor’s clone said respectfully.

“Mm?” Daofather Crimsonbright looked towards the Xia Emperor.

“Your disciple just discovered that the Seamless Gate’s branch in the Grand Xia has just received reinforcements. The Twin Jueming Immortals are now with them,” the Xia Emperor said.

The Empyrean Gods and True Immortals who had been watching the Winesun Realm’s Realmwar all immediately turned their heads. No matter how important that war was, they still cared the most about the events within the Crimsonbright Realm.

“The Twin Jueming Immortals?” Daofather Crimsonbright nodded gently. He pondered a moment, glancing downwards. “Who amongst you is willing to go aid the Grand Xia and your fellow disciple, Xiamang, in defeating the Seamless Gate?”

“I am willing!”

Everyone replied in chorus. In the face of this great tribulation, no one could shirk back at all.

Daofather Crimsonbright smiled as he looked carefully at his host of Empyrean Gods and True Immortals. Some had their own major worlds to protect, while others had only sent their clones to this place. Soon, Daofather Crimsonbright’s gaze turned towards two solitary figures. “Snowdance, Evergreen, the two of you shall head to the Grand Xia and assist your senior apprentice-brother Xiamang.”


Sword Immortal Evergreen and Fairy Snowdance naturally wouldn’t dare to disobey, and so they immediately assented to the order.

Both of them were solitary figures who were not attached to any worlds. They could be sent to any place where they were needed.


Space itself began to grow blurry, especially the space around Daofather Crimsonbright, which became opaque and misty. There was no way at all one could see past the blurred space. This caused the Xia Emperor and the others to feel completely amazed; why would their master, Daofather Crimsonbright, suddenly unleash this sort of a formation?


Daofather Crimsonbright stared at his surroundings, puzzled. The space around him had already become completely twisted, and within the twisted, distorted space appeared a bearded old man dressed in Daoist robes. It was Subhuti.

“Subhuti,” Daofather Crimsonbright said in surprise, hurriedly rising to his feet. “Why’ve you come to my place? The last time you sought me out, it was for the sake of your disciple, Ji Ning. This time, you’ve come to speak to me again…is there something you need me to do? However, your disciple is doing well right now. The Heaven Punisher he commands has extraordinary power; he doesn’t need my help.”

“I’m not here to ask for your help; I’m here to help you,” Subhuti said.

“Help me?” Daofather Crimsonbright was puzzled.

Subhuti calmly sat down. Daofather Crimsonbright walked towards him, then waved his hand. A wooden table immediately appeared before them, covered with precious Immortal wines. He personally poured a cup of wine for Subhuti. Subhuti and Crimsonbright were on extremely good terms with each other; they had both been born from the primordial chaos, after all, and both were True Gods of Primordial Chaos. They had supported each other in life-and-death battles for many years, and in truth the relationship between them was no less than the relationship between Subhuti and Threelives had been.

“What is this about, exactly?” Daofather Crimsonbright asked.

“Just now, you were about to send your disciples to the Grand Xia, yes? You were sending them to the deaths.” Subhuti went straight to the heart of the matter: “Not just your two disciples; I imagine that few to none of the Empyrean Gods and True Immortals under Xiamang will survive. But of course, my disciple will definitely survive.”

With the seven Empyrean Gods protecting Ning…although the seven wouldn’t be able to overcome the ambushing army, they’d still be able to ensure that he could escape.

Daofather Crimsonbright was stunned.

“Don’t just sit there like a fool. The Realmwar for your Crimsonbright Realm is about to begin. All of your disciples and students have to fight for their lives, now.” Subhuti let out a sigh, then raised his head and downed a cup of wine.

“Realmwar?!” Daofather Crimsonbright shot to his feet, knocking aside his winecup, splashing wine all over the table.

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