Book 18, Chapter 49 - The Choice

Desolate Era

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Ji Ning had never doubted Yu Wei’s love for him. When the two had been together, he had been able to truly sense her heart. His parents had passed away, but she had let him once more feel warmth in his heart. It was something which surpassed simple love; only when love reached a truly deep level would it bring this sort of warmth.


There were others that Ning could never forget.

If it hadn’t been for Daoist Threelives’ legacy, he probably would’ve died long ago when he was weak!

If it wasn’t for the seven mighty Empyrean Gods, he would’ve perished long ago!

If it wasn’t for his master Subhuti, he would’ve lost his life in the Nihilum Zone!

His master, Immortal Diancai…his fellow disciple, Mu Northson…they were filled with endless hatred towards the Seamless Gate.

His father…his mother…their situation was probably even worse than Yu Wei’s. Their truesouls had already entered the River of Destiny…and with Mother Nuwa having disappeared into the primordial chaos, the fact that their souls had been shattered meant that they were essentially dead and gone.

To bring Mother Nuwa back?

To reach Mother Nuwa’s level?

It would be very hard! Even harder than defeating the Seamless Alliance!


Fog continued to billow around the Godking’s black robes. He stared downwards at Ji Ning, awaiting his response. He knew very well that this was perhaps his best chance of making Ji Ning join the Seamless Gate…because Yu Wei could be described as the most important person in Ji Ning’s life. Their souls were tied together…and as the Godking had said, Yu Wei had chosen to die rather than be a burden to Ji Ning.

As the disciple of a Daofather, Ji Ning himself wouldn’t be blamed or directly affected by a defeat in this Realmwar.

The entire vast world of darkness was deathly still, terrifyingly still.

Ning just stood there quietly, staring at the image of his senior apprentice-sister. It seemed as though he wanted to permanently engrave her appearance in his mind.

“Make your choice,” the Godking said. “Don’t try to deceive me. You won’t be able to.”

Ning trembled.

He was silent for a moment. Then, Ning broke his silence and said in a soft voice, “Let me look at her for a bit longer.”

The Godking was instantly enraged!

Even the fog that was billowing around the black robes and the massive throne began to roil about. Visible crackles of lightning could be seen within the fog, utterly dazzling to behold. The Godking forced down his rage, then growled, “You have decided to remain enemies with my Seamless Gate? Your most beloved Dao-companion is about to be exiled into the Infinity Hells. You have the power to keep her safe and let her be by your side and your child’s side…but you are now choosing to send her into Hell, never to be reborn!”

The Godking’s every word stabbed like knives against Ning’s heart.

“The choice is yours!” The entire vast world of darkness was shaking. Clearly, the Godking was almost unable to repress his anger.

Deep, boundless pain could be seen within Ning’s eyes…but he just stood there and quietly stared at his senior apprentice-sister.


Ning turned, looked at the Godking, then with a thudding sound respectfully fell to his knees.

The Godking was instantly delighted. He even left his vast throne and walked downwards towards Ning. “Hahaha, Ji Ning…this is a wise decision you have just…” But Ning suddenly spoke out, interrupting the Godking’s words.

“Godking, you are an exalted Daofather.” Ning remained on his knees. “I know that my senior apprentice-sister experienced great hardship in her past life, and I imagine you must have been benevolent towards her. In turn, she was completely loyal to you, going so far as to destroy Shennong’s medicine. It can be said that she rendered a major contribution to the Seamless Gate. I’d like to ask you, Godking, not to bicker with a poor little girl like her. I wouldn’t dare beg that you send my senior apprentice-sister back to my side, Godking; all I hope is that she can live a simple, peaceful life. If you can do this, I will be endlessly grateful.”

The kneeling Ji Ning’s voice was filled with supplication.

The Godking had already left his throne and landed on the ground. He was momentarily stunned…and then he grew even further enraged. He roared furiously, “Ji Ning!!!! You will be ‘grateful’? ‘Poor little girl’? This is a WAR!!! You only have two options! If you refuse me, then she will definitely be sent to suffer endless torment.”

“Go! Send Yu Wei to her justly deserved torments for all eternity. Let her never be reborn!” The Godking’s furious roar rang out, reverberating within the Infinity Hells.


Instantly, two black-robed envoys took hold of Yu Wei and sent her to a fiery abyss…

Ning continued to kneel there.

“Godking.” Ning looked towards the Godking.

“You only have two options. Stand by my side…or be my enemy!” The entire world of darkness was filled with wrath and fury.

Ning rose to his feet, quietly staring at the painting and at the images of his senior apprentice-sister suffering fiery torment within it.

And then…

Ning turned around.


He vanished from this dreamworld.

“Damn!” The Godking roared with fury, causing the entire world of darkness to shake. “Damn, damn, DAMN!!!”

“Your lover will suffer torment…and you, you will soon die as well! You will DIE!” The Godking was truly enraged. He truly had wanted to recruit Ji Ning to his side…but he had actually be refused. He was humiliated, enraged, and filled with a desire to kill. But the Nuwa Alliance was very powerful; to kill Ji Ning would be no easy task.


“You are the one who personally consigned her to endless torment within the Infinity Hells! It was you! You personally!!!” The Godking’s furious roars reverberated with Ning’s mind.


Ning’s powerful coresense struck out against that thought-strand, blasting it apart. This undetectable method which the Godking was using…although not even Daofathers could sense it, it didn’t contain much power.

Within the world of the Violetdawn Pearl.

Creaaak. Ning’s true body walked out from his study. Soon, he arrived at the room where his daughter Brightmoon was being punished.

His daughter Brightmoon was still on her knees, her eyes filled with puzzlement and confusion.

“Father.” When Brightmoon saw Ning, she immediately revealed a look of joy. “I was wrong. I really understand that I was wrong. Don’t be angry, Father. I’ll never dare to use fire to play with mortals in the future.”

Ning walked to his daughter’s side, then fell to his knees, quietly taking her into his arms.

Brightmoon couldn’t help but reveal a look of joy as her father took her into his arms. She comfortably snuggled into Ning’s chest. “Father, don’t be angry anymore. Ahaha, Mother came a short while ago to hug me as well…but then she said ‘sorry’. Sorry? I don’t really understand…but then, Mother disappeared. Father, didn’t you say that Mother left her incarnation here? Why did her incarnation suddenly leave?”

Ning trembled.


So she hadn’t just said ‘sorry’ to him. She had said ‘sorry’ to their daughter as well.

“Father?” Brightmoon could sense that something was wrong with Ning.

Ning continued to hold his daughter in his arms. He said in a soft voice, “I’m the one who should be sorry to your mother.” Ning shut his eyes, his tears coming out.

It was true!

He felt so sorry!

Although the Godking had forced him to make a decision…in the end, he had decided to let her be sent to the Infinity Hells. Ning felt as though countless ants were constantly gnawing upon his heart.

He felt utter agony in his heart.



Prior to this, Ning hadn’t shed any tears, not even when he had seen her soul be shattered. He had been delighted to discover that she wasn’t dead, then instantly had to face a choice that brought despair. He had to watch as she began to be tortured within the Infinity Hells…but despite all that, Ning hadn’t shed any tears.

Now, however, as he held his daughter in his arms, Ning could no longer resist. Finally, he began to cry.

Hot tears came cascading down his face, landing on Brightmoon’s body. Brightmoon was stunned. Raising her head, she looked towards Ning. She saw that her father…was actually crying.

“What happened? Where’s Mother?” Brightmoon was very clever. She immediately asked this question.

“She died.” Ning held his daughter in his arms as he responded in a soft voice.

“Died?” Brightmoon was stunned. Although she was precocious and intelligent, she was truly stunned. The only thing she could do was just stupidly stand there and hug her father.

“Brightmoon…in the future, it’ll just be you and me.”

Ning continued to hold his daughter in his arms. She had just been born…but her mother had already left.

“Senior apprentice-sister…I’m sorry. I swear…I’ll take good care of our child. I definitely will.” The only thing and the most important thing Ning could for his senior apprentice-sister, for himself, was to take good care of and protect their daughter.

“And the Seamless Gate…”

His tears continued to fall, but deep within his eyes, a desire to kill that was even deeper than the Abyss could be seen.


The Eight Dragons Cloudcity.

Ji Ning emerged from his room.

“He came out?” The Xia Emperor looked towards Ning.

“Your Imperial Majesty, you’ve been here this entire time?” Ning was stunned.

“If I wasn’t here…do you think you would’ve had such a peaceful time of it? Countless people have come to speak to you. Some came to console you, but some came to curse you and berate you.” The Xia Emperor shook his head. “I can’t blame them. We were on the cusp of winning this Realmwar, after all, but now…alas. Once this Realmwar is lost, the worlds and the foundations that these Empyrean Gods and True Immortals spent countless years cultivating will be taken away by the Seamless Gate. How can they not be enraged? Still, don’t be angry with them. After some time passes, they’ll slowly begin to accept this outcome.”

Ning looked towards the Xia Emperor.

He could sense that these words of the Xia Emperor held a hint of frustration and disappointment within them.

With the war lost, the Xia Emperor would lose his Grand Xia world. That was the foundation of his Xiamang clan, a vast world which he had spent his blood and sweat to build up, ever since he had taken it over during the Fiendgod Era. How could he not be heartbroken? But the Xia Emperor didn’t blame Ji Ning; instead, he had stayed outside and prevented many people from coming in, ensuring that Ji Ning wouldn’t be disturbed. Ning knew very well that the fact that they had snatched defeat from the jaws of victory would be very difficult for many of the Empyrean Gods and True Immortals to accept. They would be utterly enraged and heartbroken.

“Are we really going to lose?” Ning asked.

“We really are.” The Xia Emperor sighed, then nodded his head.

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