Book 19, Chapter 24 - The Seven Mighty Techniques

Desolate Era

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Pure Yang energy was clearly better suited to penetrating these characters on the stone stele. Ji Ning received the complete fifth technique, the sixth technique…the seventh technique…!

Ning’s eyes began to turn bloodshot. He was pouring all of his energy and effort into acquiring these techniques, which had completely stunned him. They were simply far too incredible.

Some of these were comparable to the most supreme of techniques the Three Realms had. As for some of the others…they surpassed any techniques of the Three Realms.

The first technique, [Taowu Eighteen Fiendgods], had already caused Ning to feel extremely excited.

The second technique, [Nine Bug Solutions], contained unlimited potential. However, since the storm had already arrived, Ning didn’t have enough time to meditate on them.

The third technique, [Sin Armaments], was a technique that was very similar to the Fiendgod Rites of Bloodforging. This was a technique that absorbed the hatred and resentment left behind by slain enemies, using them to forge weapons. These weapons were truly terrifying armaments that possessed tremendous power. By comparison, the Rites of Bloodforging was excessively simple and crude in the manner through which it absorbed the negative energy. [Sin Armaments] was thousands of times more profound than the Rites of Bloodforging. It allowed weapons to rise in power far more quickly, and in a more perfect manner. Weapons created through [Sin Armaments] had much greater potential, and could even become Chaos weapons!

The fourth technique, [Jewel Talisman], was a technique to create Dao-talismans. It was extremely complicated. Although Ning had memorized it, he didn’t understand it whatsoever; clearly, it was incredibly profound.

The fifth technique, [Qiankun Reversing Gestalt-Formation], was a formation that worked together perfectly with the [Taowu Eighteen Fiendgods] technique, because this was a technique that required eighteen cultivators whose minds were as one. If one mastered the [Taowu Eighteen Fiendgods] technique then set down this grand formation, an entire Heaven would be created that could be used to trap one’s foes. It would be as though they were trapped someone else’s a major world! This was a technique that was perfectly suited for defense and for trapping, rather than attacking. However, due to how profound and abstruse it was, it would probably take a very long period of time to master.

The sixth technique, [God of Ghosts], was a technique meant for cultivating and raising ghosts. The soul was the foundation of all life, and the ghosts that were left behind after one died held limitless potential within them. The [God of Ghosts] technique allowed one to constantly strengthen ghosts all the way to the True God level. In fact, there was even a chance to raise ghosts to have the power of an Elder God!

The seventh technique, [Indestructible Body], was a technique that was similar to the [Eight-Nine Arcane Art].

However, compared to the [Eight-Nine Arcane Art], this divine ability was even more incredible. The [Indestructible Body] had a total of six stages; Empyrean Gods could only train in the first three, while only True Gods could train in the final three. According to the description of this divine ability, the first three stages alone were comparable to the complete [Eight-Nine Arcane Art], while the final three stages, based on what Ning could tell, would allow the divine body to become comparable to a supreme Protocosmic spirit-treasure.

During the Primordial Era, the various major powers had joined together to develop the [Eight-Nine Arcane Art], with the goal of developing a total of twelve cycles. Alas, in the end they were only able to complete nine of them.

This [Indestructible Body] technique, however, had achieved what those major powers had aspired to. But of course, it required an enormous amount of magic treasures. The Ninth Cycle of the [Eight-Nine Arcane Art] required an astonishing amount of Great Firmament Immortal pills. As for the [Indestructible Body]? There were few even amongst True Immortals and Daofathers who could absorb the necessary cost.

Seven mighty techniques, each of which was astonishing. [Sin Armaments] and [Indestructible Body] were specially prepared for Fiendgod Body Refiners; the sinblades would generally be used in close combat, after all.

[Nine Bug Solutions] and [Jewel Talisman] were meant for Ki Refiners to use.

As for the remaining three techniques, both Ki Refiners and Fiendgod Body Refiners could execute them.

“I’ve finally finished.”

Finally, with great difficult, Ning finished reading the characters of the seventh technique. All seven of them were now memorized in his heart.

“What a tremendous stroke of karmic luck. These definitely are not techniques that were created by the major powers of the Three Realms. Many of the described materials don’t even exist in the Three Realms. For example, the [God of Ghosts] is probably completely unusable. The [Indestructible Body] will also be hard to train to a high level, because the treasures described are not present here.” And yet, Ning understood...“Despite all that, these techniques are still incredible.”

“The alien Outsiders in the primordial chaos…they truly are incredible.” Ning let out a sigh.

The alien Outsiders who had arrived in the Three Realms, such as the terrifying Lord of All Things, were capable of doing things like secretly manipulating the Pangu Chaosworld and the Seamless Chaosworld into a collision course. In addition, the Lord of All Things had been able to create golems and Queen Mother armies that were comparable to the full might of the entire Pangu Chaosworld. From this, one could tell how terrifying the alien Outsiders could be.

“Eh?” Ning’s gaze landed upon the divine runes engraved on the edges of the stone stele. “Just now, I only focused on the characters. I wonder what these divine runes hold within them?”

Ning felt a certain excitement in his heart. He had the feeling that the power and aura of the stone stele primarily came from the divine runes. The characters didn’t hold any power in them, but the divine runes held tremendous auras of might.

“Go.” Ning willed the stone stele to be sent to a side hall within the Starseizing Manor, then sent his Pure Yang energy into it from afar. That way, even if something dangerous happened…given that the Starseizing Manor was a nigh-unbreakable Protocosmic spirit-treasure, he should be able to stay safe.

“It really is hard to fill.” His Pure Yang energy slowly filling the divine runes, Ning instantly began to sense a connection to that exalted aura of supremacy, as well as how hard the runes were to penetrate.

“Keep going. Keep going. Just a little more. Just a liiiiittle more…”

Finally…all of the divine runes on the stone stele were completely filled with Ning’s Pure Yang energy. Although the characters had been rather tiring, by comparison they weren’t that hard. These divine runes had actually caused Ning’s vision to go dim; he had used up almost all of his heartforce before just barely being able to succeed.

In the instant when he successfully finished pouring his energy into the runes…


An inconceivable aura of power exploded forth from the stone stele. The divine runes lit up with dazzling golden light, carrying an aura that was so exalted, it was even superior to that of the Dao of the Heavens. As it exploded outwards, it followed the path of Ning’s unleashed Pure Yang energy to instantly arrive at Ning himself.

Ning had a feeling that this exalted, mighty aura was something which no one in the Three Realms aside from the legendary Mother Nuwa and Pangu were capable of matching. They, too, were supposedly superior to the Heavenly Daos themselves.

The exalted aura completely surrounded Ning. In the face of its might, Ning was like an infant, completely unable to fight bac.k


The aura of power rapidly flew back into the stone stele, and the golden light covering the countless divine runes slowly dimmed and faded to a normal color. It just stood there like an ordinary stone stele…except Ji Ning had already disappeared from the underwater estate.

“Master!” The giant yellow bear appeared, absolutely frantic.

All he knew was that Ji Ning had been analyzing that stone stele. As for what mysteries the stone stele contained? The bear had no idea. However, upon sensing his master disappear, he had naturally panicked.

“I’m fine.” Ning’s voice rang out within the giant yellow bear’s mind. Now that he had completely bound the manor, he had a true master-servant connection to the giant yellow bear.


A blurry region of chaos, merely a few hundred meters in size.

Ning appeared out of nowhere within this region.

“Where am I?” Ning was extremely puzzled. He could, however, still sense the panicking giant yellow bear outside, and so he hurriedly consoled the bear.

“What’s that…?” Ning saw two figures fly towards him from far way, each of whom had auras of tremendous power. They had swarthy black skin and were many meters tall. Ning immediately grew guarded as he saw them approach.

After arriving, the two figures…simultaneously fell to their knees, then prostrated themselves on the ground. “Respectful greetings to you, Overseer!”

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