Book 19, Chapter 46 - [Ninehorn Lightning Serpent]

Desolate Era

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After a period of excitement, Ji Ning began to ponder as to how he should train in this technique.

The [Ninehorn Lightning Serpent] evasion technique was definitely a first-class technique even in the Pangaea chaos-kingdom. It had already reached the utmost apex of speed. An incredible technique like this…the price one would have to pay to get even a basic level of skill in it would be similarly shocking.

The first requirement, for example, was to transform the divine body, making it so that the lightning serpent could swim about within it without harming it at all.

This, however, was incredibly difficult…

The [Golden Sunstreak], for example, consisted of Golden Solarfire that had gained sentience. Golden Solarfire was a type of fire that surpassed the nine mighty types of truefire; not even True Gods or Daofathers would dare to use their bodies to take it head-on. Even if they tried to use spells or artifacts to block it, they might still be roasted to death! The Golden Crow, however, was born within the deepest depths of the Solar Star. Ordinary mortals would drown when they fell into the sea, but fish would swim within it with ease. In a similar manner, Golden Crows would be able to bathe in Golden Solarfire as though they were at home. They were naturally gifted with the ability to be completely unharmed by it, which is why they were able to master the [Golden Sunstreak] technique.

The wild and untamable Ninehorn Lightning Serpents held the same level of power as Golden Solarfire!

Even though Ning had the [Eight-Nine Arcane Art] protecting him, he would still be instantly reduced to dust by the power of the lightning serpent! Thus, he had to first transform his divine body…but the transformation process was the most dangerous part of training in this technique, with a 90% chance of death. If he made just the slightest mistake, his divine body would be reduced by the lightning serpent into ash!

The second requirement…

Once the lightning serpent became able to roam within the divine body without harming it, the cultivator could begin to nourish and create the divine tattoo of a ‘lightning serpent egg’. This would give the lightning serpent a ‘home’, as it would be able to coil up within that ‘egg’. In addition, the divine tattoo of the egg would slowly transform the lightning serpent, making it evolve and change in a qualitative manner. It would be as though the lightning serpent was a blade that had been put in a scabbard, no longer capable of causing any damage.

Otherwise…given how wild and violent these lightning serpents were, there would be no way to control them at all. The lightning serpent had to be tamed and rendered harmless. Only then would it be docile, at which point it could be used to execute the evasion technique!

The same was true of the [Golden Sunstreak] technique which the Golden Crows used. After being tamed by the Golden Crow, the streak of sentient sunlight would no longer have its inherent, terrifying offensive power. It would become very docile and gentle, under the complete control of the Golden Crow. It would allow the Golden Crow to go wherever it wanted to go.

But of course, taming and transforming something like the Ninehorn Lightning Serpent was an incredibly dangerous process. This was because during the taming and transforming process, the lightning serpent would be incredibly violent. An external source of power would be needed to help subdue it, and within the [Ninehorn Lightning Serpent] evasion technique there was a record of methods involving ‘Myriad Thunders Godgems’, ‘Thousandrot Godfruits’, or ‘chaos nectar’.

Thousandrot Godtrees…when they reached the end of their lifespan, they would begin to rot away and decay, but after they completely rotted away a brand new sapling would emerge from within and begin to grow. This new tree would become even taller and greater than the previous one, but eventually it too would begin to rot away…

Each rotting would lead to the next tree growing ever larger and filled with ever more vitality and energy. Finally, after a thousand rottings and rebirths, the godtree would reach the maximum limit of power, at which point in time it would bear fruit. This sort of fruit was known as the ‘Thousandrot Godfruit’. The total time needed for the fruit to be created was a full chaos cycle. After ripening, it would instantly fall down from the tree. However, as soon as it landed and touched anything besides primordial chaos, it would instantly transform into dust. Thus, one had to wait there in advance and prepare to catch the godfruit.

After the fruit ripened and fell, the Thousandrot Godtree would once more decay and rot away, beginning a completely new cycle.

Thousandrot Godfruit possessed incredible, unfathomable, miraculous power. In the chaos-kingdom of Pangaea, it was something which only the three World-level powers were permitted to possess.

Myriad Thunders Godgems, by comparison, were even rarer than Thousandrot Godfruits.

Within the infinite primordial chaos, seas of lightning would appear on occasion. In this regions, large amounts of lightning would come together, resulting in the emergence of lightning sea serpents of tremendous power; these things were on the same level of power as Golden Solarfire. If the lightning sea serpents gained sentience, they would grow nine horns on their heads, at which point they would be known as Ninehorn Lightning Serpents. Only the sentient lightning serpents with nine horns were tamable.

If the sea of lightning was vast enough, and there were enough Ninehorn Lightning Serpents present…sometimes, Myriad Thunders Godgems would be crystallized. Ninehorn Lightning Serpents love to swim around these godgems. Thus if one acquired one such godgem, one would be able to easily tame a lightning serpent.


The primordial chaos was infinitely vast, and seas of lightning would only be encountered every so often. Seas of lightning that contained Myriad Thunders Godgems were even rarer, and whenever they were discovered, the major powers who found out would immediately think up ways to seize them for themselves!

Chaos nectar was also incredibly mysterious. One had to establish a vast world, then use it as the foundation for a grand formation meant to extract essence from the primordial chaos. Each chaos cycle, only six bottles of chaos nectar could be harvested! In addition, since chaos nectar possessed no elemental qualities of its own, it was usable in many different ways. The primordial chaos gave birth to all things, after all! Thus, chaos nectar could also be used to tame a Ninehorn Lightning Serpent.

To tame a Ninehorn Lightning Serpent, one would normally need either nine Thousandrot Godfruits, a single Myriad Thunders Godgem, or six bottles of chaos nectar.

“In the Three Realms, I’ve never even heard of this godfruit or this godgem. I do, however, have chaos nectar.” Ning pondered to himself. “No matter what, I’ll need a Ninehorn Lightning Serpent; first to transform my body, then to tame it for ‘riding’. The Three Realms does, however, have a Ninehorn Lightning Serpent within it.”

“Time to pay a visit to Exalted Celestial Thundergod,” Ning mused to himself.

In the Three Realms, there was a major power who was capable of controlling Ninehorn Lightning Serpents. He was Exalted Celestial Thundergod!

This was an incredibly mighty major power who perpetually kept to himself in seclusion. Even to this day, with the Three Realms gripped by a storm, he rarely intervened. In truth, there were many major powers like him, who kept to themselves in seclusion. They were all preparing quietly, waiting for the Endwar to come before they would erupt with their full power and slay their foes.


Sword Immortal world. The Five Treasured Peaks.

Ning was seated within the thatched cottage. Rising to his feet, he called out, “Ninefangs.”

A streak of light flew towards the cottage from far away, landing in front of it. It was Ninefangs.

“Accompany me to the Thundergod major world,” Ning instructed.

“Yes,” Ninefangs acknowledged.

The two entered the Voidboat, then exited Sword Immortal world via the Void, hastening towards the Thundergod world.

Long ago, in the distant past, before the Primordial Era had even begun, the primordial chaos had given birth to ten mighty Elder Gods and eighty-one True Gods.

The eighty-one True Gods were all born with mastery over a Grand Dao. One of them was Exalted Celestial Thundergod, who was born with control over the Grand Dao of Lightning. He naturally possessed tremendous talent in thunder and lightning. However, although his divine body was capable of withstanding many lightning bolts, it was unable to withstand the power of the lightning sea serpents or the Ninehorn Lightning Serpents of the primordial chaos. He only had a True God’s body, after all.

Elder God of Fire Zhurong, for example, was able to withstand the Golden Solarfire and Golden Sunstreaks. Alas, Elder God Zhurong did not have any methods at his disposal for actually taming any of those streaks of fiery light.

The Golden Crow’s ability to do so was an innate one.



A vast world, filled with countless bolts of lightning that were thundering down from up high. One could see with the naked eye a thousand lightning bolts at any given moment.

The Voidboat was currently in the skies of this world. Although lightning bolts continuously hammered against it, they were unable to damage it at all.

“Let me take a look first.” Ning spread out his heartforce.

“Exalted Celestial Thundergod is over there. Let’s go,” Ning said. Although Thundergod possessed tremendous power and was one of the elite Daofathers, his skill in heartforce was inferior to Ning’s.


The Voidboat flew through the skies, quickly arriving before a levitating mountain. The peak of this levitating mountain was surrounded by a large amount of electricity, and there were armored soldiers guarding the peak as well.

“Who goes there!” A Celestial Immortal soldier barked out.

“I am Ji Ning. I wish to pay my respects to Exalted Celestial Thundergod,” Ning said respectfully.

“Ji Ning?” The group of soldiers was quite surprised. They had all naturally heard of the famous Sword Immortal Darknorth, Ji Ning. The soldier immediately replied, “Sword Immortal Darknorth, please wait a moment. I’ll go make a report right away.” Instantly, the soldier quickly departed to relay the message. As for Ning and Ninefangs, a cloud appeared beneath their feet. They stood atop the cloud and waited patiently. This was the territory of a elite Daofather; they didn’t dare to be the slightest bit discourteous.

A short while later, the Celestial Immortal flew back.

“The Exalted Celestial has instructed for you to go see him, Sword Immortal Darknorth.”

“Ninefangs, waited for me here,” Ning instructed. Ning then flew by himself towards the top of the mountain peak, where the Celestial Immortal was waiting for him. “Sword Immortal Darknorth, please follow me.”

As Ning was led forward, he secretly sighed to himself. Generally speaking, most major powers would beautify their residences. The Dao Palace of the East, Mount Ling of the West, Mount Innerheart, the Celestial Court…these were all beautiful places. Exalted Celestial Thundergod, however, had chosen a place that was nearly pitch-black. This levitating mountain didn’t even have a single speck of vegetation.

“The Exalted Celestial is over there,” the soldier said hurriedly.

Ning took a look. He saw a tall, towering figure seated in the distance. The figure had to be at least thirty thousand meters tall.

True Gods were born with bodies of this size; it could be considered a ‘normal’ height.

“Good.” Ning smiled and nodded, then walked towards the figure. He soon arrived at the dais before the figure, then said respectfully, “Ji Ning pays his respects to you, Exalted Celestial Thundergod.”

The towering, muscular figure, dressed in pitch-black armor, opened his eyes. Sparks of lightning could be seen within them as he gazed down at the miniscule Ning. “Ji Ning. I’ve heard of you before. Suhbuti is indeed talented in teaching his disciples. Go ahead and speak. Why have you come to my place?”

Ning secretly let out a sigh of relief. From the sound of it, this person would most likely be willing to give Ning’s master, Patriarch Subhuti, some face.

“This junior is in desperate need of a Ninehorn Lightning Serpent,” Ning said respectfully. “Of the major powers of the Three Realms, only you, Exalted Celestial Thundergod, are in possession of these lightning serpents. This junior would like to beg you, Exalted Celestial, to bestow one such serpent. I am willing to use Protocosmic spirit-treasures to trade for it.”

The towering Thundergod just closed his eyes. He said in a calm voice, “Leave. Immediately.”

Ning was stunned.

Exalted Celestial Thundergod wasn’t even going to discuss this, and instead had ordered Ning to leave immediately? What was he supposed to do?

“Exalted Celestial, this junior is willing to use treasures to trade for it. Please consi-…” Ning said frantically.

Exalted Celestial Thundergod opened his eyes. His gaze was like ice. “If you don’t leave…don’t blame me for showing no mercy!”

For a moment, Ning didn’t know what to do.

“SCRAM!” Exalted Celestial Thundergod glared coldly towards Ning as he roared at him.

Ning’s face turned ashen. He immediately bowed, turned, and left.

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