Book 19, Chapter 51 - Six Major Powers

Desolate Era

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Ji Ning sent mentally, “Master, will the Seamless Gate notice our conversation?”

“Hard to say.” Subhuti sent back, “In terms of mastery over spacetime, I am the number one expert of the Three Realms. I’ve folded space in multiple layers around Mount Innerheart, making it impossible for any of the other major powers of the Three Realms to find it. The only one who can do it is the Seamless Gate’s Lord of the Demonheart, who has merged himself into the Heavenly Daos. I’m not sure if he would be able to notice our conversations here or not.”

“However, the chances that he would be able to listen on an exchange of mental messages should be comparatively lower,” Subhuti said.

Ning nodded. They really did have no better options.

Ever since he had decided on giving six bottles of chaos nectar and the [Ninehorn Lightning Serpent] technique to his master, Ning had mentally prepared himself for the possibility of the Seamless Gate finding out! The reason why Ning had offered them up wasn’t purely out of selflessness; right now, his main goal was to ensure that his wife and his daughter would be able to stay alive. Although those six bottles of chaos nectar would be able to help him in increasing his power a bit further, the benefits of keeping them were vastly outweighed by the benefits of handing them over.

If he gave them to one of the supreme major powers on their side, that person would grow far more powerful. It might even have a major impact on the final Endwar.

Although rescuing his wife was important…victory in the Endwar was even more important!

Even if he was discovered, the worst-case scenario would be that he would be killed. However, he would be able to rely on the other two bodies he had hidden within the stone stele to bring himself back to full power eventually!

“Have you mastered this technique?” Subhuti suddenly asked.

“Yes.” Ning nodded.

“Good.” Subhuti smiled and nodded. “To all outsiders, I’ll simply say that I bestowed this technique upon you and gave you the treasures needed to train in them. If any major powers on our side ask you, that’s what you will tell them.”

“On our side?” Ning pondered for a moment.

“The major powers of the Seamless Gate wouldn’t dare act against you,” Subhuti sent. “They wouldn’t dare to cause a great battle between the True Gods and the Daofathers. You have my talisman with you, so if you encounter any danger, you can immediately activate it. I’ll know right away and assist. The major powers on our side, by contrast…might be more unpredictable. You have to be careful and vigilant.”

“Understood,” Ning said.

“Do you have any other treasures that can be used to train in this divine ability?” Subhuti couldn’t help but ask this question. “It’s not that I’m trying to be greedy, it’s simply that this divine ability is going to be tremendously helpful to our side. And of course, I guarantee that I won’t let you suffer a loss by handing them over. Three Purities and the others all have fine treasures that were left behind by alien Outsiders and even Mother Nuwa herself.”

“I have three or four bottles left,” Ning sent back. “Master, if you need them, I can give them to you.”

Ning had been planning on keeping the remaining bottles for replenishing his clones as necessary, and he had also been planning to give a bottle to the most powerful Fiendgod under his command, Redsnow. He also wished to leave a bit behind for his daughter…

“Three or four bottles?” Subhuti could tell that Ning wasn’t lying. He sent mentally, “No need. If there’s not enough, it’s not worth it.”

Chaos nectar was only useful when consumed in sufficient quantities. Daofathers and True Gods, for example, would need at least a hundred bottles of chaos nectar in order to master the second stage of the [Taowu Eighteen Fiendgods]. For an extremely powerful True God or Daofather such as Lord Tathagata the Buddha or Daoist Three Purities to suddenly gain eighteen clones would have a shockingly tremendous impact on the course of this war…but alas, they didn’t have enough chaos nectar.

Taming Ninehorn Lightning Serpents also required six bottles.

One or two bottles? That was only enough to help out Empyrean Gods and True Immortals. They wouldn’t be of much use to True Gods or Daofathers.

Even in the chaos-kingdom of Pangaea, the core members who were important enough to be assigned the position of Prisonworld Overseer were only given a single bottle for their service. From this, one could tell that even the King of Pangaea only bestowed chaos nectar in extremely small portions. The vast majority of the chaos nectar remained under the King of Pangaea’s tight personal control, as at his level the amount of chaos nectar needed would be absolutely enormous.


Deep in the primordial chaos there was a field of medicinal herbs. Next to the field was a thatched cottage.

Multiple figures had congregated here in front of the thatched cottage. They included the elderly, robed Subhuti, the farmer-like Shennong, the heavily bearded, wild-haired, fur-clad, barbarian-looking Suiren, the distinguished-looking Fuxi, the calm and upright Daoist Three Purities, the smiling Lord Tathagata the Buddha, and a stooped figure who was dressed in tattered gray robes and who wore a savage mask on his face.

“All of you have reviewed this technique.” Subhuti swept them with his gaze.

The figures before him were the true top-level figures of the entire Nuwa Alliance. They all ruled over mighty domains of their own.

“This technique is quite excellent, but what’s the use when it’s untrainable?” Fuxi laughed as he looked towards Subhuti. “Subhuti, what are you scheming? Spill it.”

Subhuti waved his hand, causing six black bottles to appear before him.

“These are…”

Everyone’s eyes lit up.

None of them were fools. They had all reviewed the [Ninehorn Lightning Serpent] evasion technique, and recorded in the technique was the information that the lightning serpents could be tamed using six bottles of chaos nectar. For Subhuti to suddenly produce six such bottles…they naturally were able to understand what it meant.

“Here are six bottles of chaos nectar,” Subhuti said.


“Where did this chaos nectar come from?”

These supreme figures of the Nuwa Alliance all began to grow rather excited. This was something that would have an impact on the entire war. With their side strengthened, their chances of victory would be greater…but alas, at their current level of power it was extremely difficult to grow even more powerful.

Subhuti explained, “It was my disciple, Ji Ning, who offered them up. Don’t tell anyone about this; if you do, you’ll only invite disaster upon my disciple.”

“Ji Ning?” The stooped figure with the savage-looking mask suddenly spoke out in a hoarse voice. These two words were the only words which the stooped figure had said thus far during this gathering, and he said nothing else afterwards.

Subhuti gave the stooped figure a glance. In his heart, he couldn’t help but let out a sigh.

“He himself has already trained in this divine ability. He then gave me remaining chaos nectar as well as the instructions to the divine ability,” Subhuti said.

Daoist Three Purities sighed softly. “For an Empyrean God and True Immortal to encounter such a tremendous stroke of karmic luck, but still be willing to part with it…rare, quite rare.” None of them were the slightest bit surprised that Ning himself had trained in this technique; after all, any of them would’ve done the same in Ning’s situation. Actually handing over such a priceless treasure, however, wasn’t something that just anybody could do.

“He has gained tremendous virtue.” Lord Tathagata smiled.

“Alright. Let’s decide who should train in it.” Subhuti swept them with his gaze.

“Your disciple was the one to offer it up. Aren’t you going to train in it?” Shennong chuckled.

“In terms of raw speed, I might not be as fast as the Lord of All Fiends or Goldcrow, but in terms of fleeing and staying alive, I’m every bit their equal,” Subhuti said. “No one in the Three Realms is a match for me in my mastery of spacetime. Although this divine ability would also be useful to me, it wouldn’t be of THAT much use. Don’t be shy or modest; hurry up and decide who should be the one to train in it.”

The other six present all fell silent for a moment.

“Let Suiren have it,” Daoist Three Purities said.

“Yes, my elder brother is the most suitable figure.” Shennong nodded as well.

None of the others argued against this decision.

“Very well. I shall train in this divine ability, then.” Suiren noded. This man, the oldest and most powerful member of the human race, didn’t decline at all.

“I owe your disciple.” Suiren looked towards Subhuti.

“You can decide for yourself as to how you wish to pay him back.” Subhuti smiled.

Suiren nodded.

Suiren was tremendously powerful. In fact, there were many within the Seamless Alliance who believed that Suiren was actually the most powerful individual within the Nuwa Alliance! The invisible aura which Suiren gave off in particular…it was extremely, extremely similar to the aura which Pangu had when he established Heaven and Earth. Suiren was extremely powerful in head-on combat, but he was a bit lacking in terms of speed.

If he was to train in the [Ninehorn Lightning Serpent] evasion technique…it truly would be liking putting wings on a tiger. He would instantly grow far more powerful.


The stooped figure in the tattered gray robes suddenly disappeared into thin air, having departed.

“It’s been so many years, but he’s still unable to get over it…” Fuxi shook his head.

“No one has been able to convince him. Not even Mother Nuwa was able to convince him. What can you do?” Subhuti sighed. “That chasm in his heart…only he himself has the power to leap past it.”


Sword Immortal World. Five Treasured Peaks.

Ning was seated within his thatched cottage, quietly meditating.


Ning entered the Starseizer world, leaving an incarnation behind within the thatched cottage.

The Starseizer world.


An awe-inspiring horde of Immortal soldiers all bowed before him. Ning stood there in midair, staring down at the people before him. There were more than a hundred thousand Celestial Immortals and far more Loose Immortals. Most of them came from the army which Daofather Hasbear had given him, with the rest being the Immortals of the Starseizer world itself.

“Rahu Formation!” Ning gave the order.

Swish! Swish! Swish! It was like a horde of locusts taking flight. A dense throng of countless Immortals soared into the skies. As soon as Ning had acquired the [Rahu Formation] and the army, he had moved them all into the Starseizer world and had them begin to train in it. The arrangements had been made long ago.

The 90,000 Celestial Immortals and 8 million Loose Immortals had been waiting for a long period of time. The others were simply there as backup.

With Ning at the center, the 90,000 Celestial Immortals formed into 90,000 veins and arteries, joining together and connecting with all 8 million Loose Immortals.

This was an incredibly complicated formation. Even Daofathers who tried to analyze it would find it headache-inducingly complicated. Fortunately, every single individual only had to be responsible for his or her specific assignment. Ning didn’t need to worry about the other parts of the formation; he was the core, the mind, the commander they needed!


An endless flood of natural energy from Heaven and Earth began to wildly flood towards them.

It was as though the skies themselves were about to collapse.

The multicolored streaks of natural energy quickly solidified and condensed into physical form, and a Fiendgod of absolutely terrifying strength began to be born. First came his legs, his powerful, pitch-black legs. Slowly, the rest of his torso took form as well. His entire body was pitch-black in color, but by the sides of his waist appeared sleek, silver-colored fur.

His arms appeared as well. One arm after another began to take form, until a total of six mighty, muscular arms had appeared.

Finally, his head was created. His eyes brimmed with a murderous aura…but his face appeared to be similar to that of Ji Ning’s.


Ning’s Rahu God let out a furious, Heaven-shaking roar.

“I’m…actually somewhat unable to control my temper now?!” Ning was in control of the Rahu God. The legendary Rahu had four faces and six arms; this wasn’t from a divine ability, it was how he was born. The formation which Fuxi had devised, however, only had a single, normal face, although it did keep all six of Rahu’s arms.

“90,000 Celestial Immortals and 8 million Loose Immortals…the amount of natural energy they have summoned is simply incredible.” Even for Ning, controlling this much power was incredibly taxing. He was actually only able to command a very small part of the total power of this Fiendgod, but despite that his power now vastly, vastly surpassed that of the perfect Heaven Punisher.

Although Ning had other clones, there was no way he could mix them into the formation. This was because the 90,000 Celestial Immortals and 8 million Loose Immortals were mixed together in perfect harmony and balance. If Pure Yang True Immortals were to join into the formation in lieu of Celestial Immortals, it would actually cause an imbalance that would result in the formation becoming even harder to control.

“Let’s go.”

Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!

Ning’s Rahu God drew out six swords, one with each arm. Three of them were the Darknorth swords, while the other three were Ananda World-Swords.

“Seamless Gate.” The Rahu-Ning murmured to himself, his voice filled with wrath and malice. Then, six swords in his hands, he teleported out of the Starseizer world.

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