Book 23, Chapter 17 - A Host of Elder Gods

Desolate Era

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The Nuwa Alliance was not going to show any mercy!

As soon as the formations were established, they immediately began to press the attack.

“Kill!” Daoist Three Purities, in command of a Nuwa Heaven Repairing Formation, pointed from far away, his aura towering to the heavens. Instantly, his four Immortal Slaying Swords joined together to form a single titanic sword that chopped downwards towards the grand army of the Seamless Gate. The tip of the giant sword instantly caused the Void to break apart, and the terrifying aura of power around the sword caused all the major power to feel their hearts grow cold.

“What a killer formation.” The faces of both Godfiend Witherspike and Saber were rather ashen.

Even Ji Ning sighed in shock upon seeing this.

Although his Primaltwin was a first-tier Ancestral Immortal and capable of unleashing tremendous power with the Triult Swords, it wouldn’t be like this. Daoist Three Purities had acquired the Immortal Slaying Swords far too long ago, and he himself had developed the sword-diagram linking the four together! Daoist Three Purities was also at a higher level of insight and understanding than Ning. Thus when he used the Immortal Slaying Swords, the power of his attacks could be described as truly unequalled in all the Three Realms.

“Three Purities!” A loud roar rang out.

A wooden ruler suddenly expanded in size, becoming so gigantic that it seemed to completely block out the skies themselves.

The gigantic sword collided with the massive wooden ruler, the collision completely obliterating the Void around them.

Daoist Three Purities stared at the distant violet-robed figure, then said in a cold voice, “Everwood, I’ve never been able to get a good handle on the Lord of All Fiend’s power. The other one I was unsure about was you. You really did hide your power very well. You’ve actually become an Elder God!”

Keeper Everwood’s face was turning slightly pale. The Immortal Slaying Swords were simply far too strong.

“No need to waste words.” Keeper Everwood immediately attacked once again.

“Kill!” Daoist Three Purities once more sent his Immortal Slaying Sword Formation to strike at Keeper Everwood.

Keeper Everwood was proficient in almost every aspect. Treasure forging, formation setting, attack, defense…he seemed to be skilled in everything. His talent was such that even Lord Demonheart felt great admiration for him. The two most dazzling figures in the Seamless Chaosworld had been the Keeper of the Everwood and the Lord of the Demonheart! Keeper Everwood simply didn’t have any taste for power. Despite that, after the battle that ended the Primordial Era he managed to make a breakthrough to become an Elder God.

He didn’t have any guidance from others, much like how Mother Nuwa wasn’t guided by anyone to become a World God. The same was true for Keeper Everwood. He simply had such a powerful foundation and many profound insights into many different fields. After being ‘baptized’ by the war that ended the Primordial Era, he ended up becoming an Elder God. He simply never revealed it to anyone else…but today, during the Endwar, he finally did.

And yet, Daoist Three Purities’ ‘Immortal Slaying Sword Formation’ was simply too savage. Even though Keeper Everwood was an Elder God, he was only able to just barely withstand the formation’s attack.

“Waterflame Apocalypse – Yin-Yang Birth and Destruction!”

Fuxi was in command of a Nuwa Heaven Repairing Formation as well, and he immediately executed his strongest technique.


An area of a hundred million kilometers around him became instantly transformed into a sea of water and fire. Seemingly endless amounts of Arcane Moonwater and Eternal Kindlefire filled the emptiness of the Void, and the formations and Envoys of the Seamless Gate instantly felt as though their bodies had been trapped in quicksand. Their movements were all affected, and their speed was dramatically lessened.

In addition, the water and fire joined together to form a gigantic Taiji diagram in front of the Lord of All Fiends.

Water was used to represent Yin, while fire was used to represent Yang.

Water represented life, fire represented destruction.

In his previous life, Fuxi was Elder God Fuxi, after all. He was born with mastery over the Heavenly Dao of Destruction. In this life, he had worked hard to understand the Heavenly Dao of Life, so as to be able to recover his memories from his past life. Thus, he was quite talented in both of these Heavenly Daos, and he had of course long ago mastered the Heavenly Daos of Yin and Yang.

This was why the true killer technique of his ‘Waterflame Apocalypse Formation’ was this technique, the ‘Yin-Yang Birth and Destruction’ technique. If he was to master the Heavenly Daos of Life and Destruction, the power of this attack would increase dramatically. Even now, thanks to the power of the Nuwa Heaven Repairing Formation, this technique possessed extraordinary power.

“Eh?” The robes of the Lord of All Fiends fluttered, causing a series of concentric ripples to spread out around him and defend against the attacking Taiji diagram.

“Kill!” Shennong, in control of a Pangu Genesis Formation and protected by a Pangu God, also flew forward and attacked the Seamless Gate. He had mastered the Five Elements of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth, and was exceedingly powerful in close combat as well.

“Kill.” Suiren no longer held back his overwhelming powerful aura either. He completely unleashed his Elder God aura as he charged towards the Seamless Gate.

“He’s an Elder God! Suiren is an Elder God!”

“He’s actually an Elder God?”

The Seamless Gate was stunned. The only ‘natural’ Elder God on their side was the Lord of All Fiends. The other one was Keeper Everwood, a genius who spent countless years cultivating before also reaching that level. As the Seamless Gate saw it, advancing from True God to Elder God was incredibly difficult. There were no techniques that could teach someone to make this breakthrough, after all. The only reason why Keeper Everwood had been able to do so was because he had such a deep, well-rounded foundation in every single aspect of the Dao. They felt that the Nuwa Alliance wouldn’t be able to accomplish the same…but they were wrong.

“Kill.” The stooped, gray-robed figure suddenly straightened his body, lifting his head up and revealing a heavily bearded face. His eyes were filled with boundless killing intent.

His aura towered to the heavens as he charged towards the Seamless Gate.

“That’s Gonggong.”

“Elder God Gonggong. He actually didn’t die?!” The Seamless Gate instantly recognized him. Elder God Gonggong had displayed his might during the war that ended the Primordial Era, after all. But everyone in the Three Realms had believed Gonggong to be dead. It was said that he had been slain by an alien Outsider, and he hadn’t shown himself in countless years. In the end, the Seamless Gate came to truly believe that Elder God Gonggong had perished.

No one imagined that he was still alive!

“First Suiren, now Gonggong. The Nuwa Alliance actually has two Elder Gods.”


Hatchet in hand, Houyi no longer held back. His aura completely burst forward, sweeping through Heaven and Earth with as much power as the auras of Gonggong and Suiren.

He was the most dazzlingly, peerlessly talented figure of the Primordial Era. After he gained Mother Nuwa’s [Unbound Elder God Visualization], he had trained to become an Elder God as well. In the entire Nuwa Alliance, only two figures had been able to train in the [Unbound Elder God Visualization] to become Elder Gods. The first was Suiren, while the second was Houyi.

“Die, Godking.”

Thirty-six icy lotuses had appeared in the air around Ning, and they were freezing all the opponents around him. Fuxi’s ‘Waterflame Apocalypse Formation’ focused on large-scale attacks, which was why it wasn’t that powerful in terms of constricting any specific individual. Ji Ning, however, was a first-tier Ancestral Immortal, and his Frozen Lotuses of the Thirty-Six Heavens covered a much smaller region, allowing for much more concentrated power than Fuxi’s formation.

Wherever the icy lotuses flew past, snow fluttered about. Ning wielded Violetjewel in his hand, sending his sword-ki flying everywhere and bringing terror to the Seamless Gate.

“Ancestral Immortal? A first-tier Ancestral Immortal?” As Godfiend Witherspike watched from afar, his face instantly changed.

“He’s actually a first-tier Ancestral Immortal.” Saber was shocked as well.

“The Nuwa Alliance’s foundation is far too deep. Weren’t they supposed to have no Elder Gods at all? How the hell did they gain three Elder Gods and an Ancestral Immortal on top of those guardian formations!?” Godfiend Witherspike felt true pressure now. The three guardian formations had only made him feel that any assault would be unlikely to succeed, but now he felt as though he was staring at a steel plate that was waiting for him to kick.

“Wait.” Godfiend Witherspike growled, “Let’s keep waiting. We probably aren’t strong enough to fight back against either side. The only thing we can do is wait and hope that the Seamless Gate is strong enough to fight back. If both sides are badly injured…perhaps the Seamless Gate will deal the Nuwa Alliance a heavy-enough blow that I’ll have a chance.”

Saber nodded slowly.

In the primordial chaos, taking advantage of a chaotic scene to gain benefits for one’s self was an extremely common tactic. It was far too difficult to crush someone with overwhelming power! Before this, Godfiend Witherspike had thought that there would be no way the Three Realms could resist his ultimate attack, but now he saw that he had been far too arrogant.

The Nuwa Alliance’s morale was skyrocketing. Their formations were incredible, and they had multiple Elder Gods who had just shown themselves.

“Jueming, why haven’t you entered a formation yet?”

The major powers of the Nuwa Alliance had all entered into their respective formations, taking command over their Empyrean Gods and True Immortals. The weaker Daofathers would join together in groups of four to five and jointly lead a formation. Daoist Three Purities was able to easily command a Nuwa Heaven Repairing Formation by himself, but ordinary Daofathers wouldn’t be able to unleash the formation in its perfect state. If two or three other Daofathers were to join in, they would be able to work together to unleash the full power of the formation.

“Amitabha.” Buddha Jueming folded his hands together in prayer.


A terrifying aura that was every bit as powerful as the auras given off by Ji Ning, Suiren, Gonggong, and Houyi instantly blasted through the Void. Buddha Jueming slowly walked through the Void, each step causing space to twist and distort as he walked towards the Seamless Gate. “Vile Seamless creatures, you should be sent into the endless hells.” His eyes no longer held any mercy in them at all, only adamantine rage.

“Jueming is also an Elder God?” The major powers, Empyrean Gods, and True Immortals of the Nuwa Alliance were all shocked as well.

“Good!” Daoist Three Purities, Tathagata, Fuxi, and Suiren all revealed looks of joy as well.

“As I thought.” Ning smiled upon seeing this.

The grand army of the Nuwa Alliance charged straight towards the Seamless Gate. They were led by Gonggong, Houyi, Ji Ning, Jueming, and Suiren - four Elder Gods, one Ancestral Immortal. In addition to them, there was also the formation-commanding Daoist Three Purities, Fuxi, Shennong, and Tathagata. All of these terrifying figures came surging forward, bringing utter terror to the hearts of the Seamless Gate.

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