Book 23, Chapter 22 - Surrounded and Attacked

Desolate Era

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“Let’s go.”

Godfiend Witherspike and Saber were standing at the margins of the battlefield. The Nuwa Alliance had yet to actually begin to fight against the Seamless Gate once more, but the two exchanged a glance and instantly hid themselves within their dark-gold castle. With a swoosh, they flew far away.

Protected within the castle, Godfiend Witherspike, Saber, and the retainers were now quite relaxed.

“I didn’t expect a local chaosworld to produce a truly supreme Elder God.” Godfiend Witherspike let out a chortling sigh. “This supreme Elder God would be considered an expert, even in the endless primordial chaos.”

Ordinary Elder Gods were the weakest type of Elder Gods.

Elite Elder Gods were talented, powerful Elder Gods who had fairly powerful divine abilities and fairly deep insights into the Dao.

Supreme Elder Gods, however, were very close to World Gods in power. They were considered true experts, and they were generally able to do quite well for themselves within the endless primordial chaos.

Clearly, the Three Realms didn’t have Elder Gods of this caliber. An Elder God of this caliber would only appear when there was a confluence of monstrous talent, incredible luck, superb divine abilities and techniques, exceptional treasures, and many other factors. Only then would such a supreme Elder God emerge.

Godfiend Witherspike and Saber had retreated. Both armies were like arrows nocked to bowstrings, ready to shoot forward at a moment’s notice.


“Ji Ning, Jueming, let’s do it.”

Suiren, Buddha Jueming, and Ji Ning simultaneously charged forward towards Lord Demonheart.

“Let me be the one to accompany the two of you.” The Lord of All Fiends’ body blurred, once more splitting into two as he went to block the black-robed Ning and Lord Tathagata.

Because he hadn’t been able to stop the black-robed Ning, Ning had already slaughtered many people earlier.

Lord Tathagata had reformed a new Pangu Genesis Formation. For now, there was no else one available to stop him.



The two Lord Allfiends began to battle against the black-robed Ning and Lord Buddha. The Lord of All Fiends was simply too fast, even faster than Ning’s Triult Sword Formation. This allowed him to completely tie down both Ning and Lord Buddha for now.

“Everwood, I have all the Immortal pills I need. Let’s see how long your divine power can hold out for.” Daoist Three Purities and his formation began to battle against Keeper Everwood once more.

Daoist Three Purities was using up Immortal energy, while Keeper Everwood was using up divine power. There was no real way to replenish divine power. Strictly speaking, there were a few unique treasures that could replenish it, such as chaos nectar, but these treasures were incredibly rare. An entire bottle of chaos nectar would only be enough to repair the bodies of ten or twenty Celestial Immortals; it wouldn’t even be enough to heal the body of a True Immortal!

To heal the body of an Elder God, not even a hundred bottles of chaos nectar would be enough. Obviously, no one in the Three Realms had that much chaos nectar. Even in the endless primordial chaos, there was no one who would waste that much chaos nectar just to replenish their divine power.

“Don’t worry about me, my divine power can sustain me for quite a long period of time. Demonheart is now much more powerful than before. Your side will collapse long before I do,” Keeper Everwood said coldly.

These two former friends were now fighting for their lives against each other.

They all knew that this had been caused by Lord Demonheart, but it was as though they were riding on the back of a tiger; there was no way off the ride. The hatred between the Seamless Gate and the Nuwa Alliance was now bone-deep.

“Daoist Yuan!” Gonggong roared furiously, but the only response that came were those countless strings from Old Man Yuan’s horsetail whisk which completely blocked him.

Old Man Yuan’s defensive skills were simply too formidable. Gonggong was completely stymied for now.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Shennong commanded his Pangu Genesis Formation to do battle against Daofather Ink Bamboo.

Daofather Bloodswan’s true body and Primaltwin both flew towards the Seamless Gate’s army, assisting them in battling against the Nuwa Alliance’s army.

Right now, there was only a single overlord on the battlefield who was free…Houyi!

Houyi had been battling against the alien Outsider, Godfiend Witherspike. However, now that Witherspike and Saber had retreated, Houyi was free to make one of two choices. He could either assist his army to battle against the Seamless Gate army, or he could get involved in the battle between the elites.

Houyi knew that right now, the critical part of this battle lay in defeating the Lord of the Demonheart. By contrast, the battle between the two great armies wasn’t as important. Although the Seamless Gate’s army had the assistance of Daofather Bloodswan, their own side had the help of Fuxi, whose Waterflame Apocalypse Formation had taken complete control over the battlefield. Even with Bloodswan’s assistance, the Seamless Gate’s army was still at a disadvantage.

“Demonheart.” Houyi focused his attention on the Lord of the Demonheart.

“Demonheart, prepare to die.” Ning was in his three-headed, six-armed form as he struck out with his six swords in close combat, his sword-arts absolutely shocking to behold.

“Amitabha.” Buddha Jueming stood far off in the distance, sending one giant golden palm after another towards Lord Demonheart.

As for Suiren, he swept out with his wooden staff, transforming it into a river of flames as he struck.

“Ahaha…is that all you have? And you want to try to stop me?!” The newly unleashed Lord Demonheart was itching for a fight. As Ji Ning, Jueming, and Suiren assaulted him, his own body blurred as he also manifested three heads and six arms. However, his six arms then quickly transformed into six raging rivers of water.

BOOM! As the raging rivers crashed into him, Ning was still knocked flying away despite doing his best to resist it. This was an overwhelming disparity in power.

BOOM! Buddha Jueming was also knocked flying.

BOOM! Suiren was sent stumbling backwards.

All three of them had powerful protective divine abilities and thus were uninjured. However, Lord Demonheart had manifested a total of six arms, but only used three of them against them just now! He was able to completely crush them with three arms…which was to say that he had the power to suppress six elite overlords like Ji Ning, who only had a chance because he had a strong enough divine body to just barely resist those attacks. The Lord of the Demonheart clearly was a supreme Elder God, but the Nuwa Alliance didn’t have anyone on that same level of power.

As those three raging rivers continued to crash down upon them, Lord Demonheart suddenly sent the other three rivers to all surge towards Suiren.

“Die, Suiren.” Lord Demonheart’s cold voice rang out.

Ji Ning and Jueming both had bodies comparable to top-grade Protocosmic spirit-treasures; killing them would be difficult.

Suiren had a body that could transform into flames. Although he would also be hard to kill, it would be a bit easier to kill him than Ji Ning or Jueming.

But right at this moment…

“Eh?” Lord Demonheart suddenly felt an inexplicable tendril of fear. He hurriedly turned his head to look, and as he did he immediately saw Houyi standing far off in the distance.

Houyi was staring at him coldly. He was holding an ancient divine bow in one hand and gripping a black arrow in the other.

“Houyi?” Lord Demonheart actually smirked, his laughter once more thundering through the Void. “Houyi. Ahahaha! I fear archery the least of all. Come, come.”

Houyi was calm and silent as he slowly nocked his arrow and drew back the bowstring.


Houyi drew the bow to full draw, the tip of his arrow pointed directly towards the Lord of the Demonheart.

The entire battlefield suddenly was thrown into a strange, hushed silence. All of the Immortals and Fiendgods present could sense an invisible form of pressure that weighed down upon their very souls.

“Is that…?” The faces of the distant Godfiend Witherspike and Saber changed slightly.

“What a terrifying type of archery.” Godfiend Witherspike muttered to himself, “This Houyi…he truly is formidable. This local chaosworld is far too powerful.”

“He really is impressive.” Saber felt the pressure as well.

Even Gonggong and Old Man Yuan paused mid-battle, turning their heads to look towards Houyi. The two of them had also reached the fifth stage of heartforce, and they could sense that Houyi was only at the fifth stage as well. However, in the instant that Houyi drew his bow, the invisible pressure that manifested caused even them to feel their spirits being crushed. This was an absolutely terrifying archery skill that involved completely and perfectly joining heartforce, divine power, and the soul together.

“This arrow will be far more terrifying than the one he used to kill that Golden Crow ‘Emperor of Monsters’ all those years ago.” Fuxi was also watching this battle, and he couldn’t help but sigh in amazement to himself by what he saw.

“This arrow…” Ning felt his own heart quiver as well. Although the arrow wasn’t targeting him, he felt a white rabbit who had suddenly run into a sleeping tiger. The tiger was slumbering, but the rabbit would still feel its heart shudder in fear.

“This arrow…” Even Lord Allfiend’s face changed. During the war that ended the Primordial Era, he hadn’t held Houyi in any regard. Houyi’s arrows weren’t able to catch up to him, after all. But now…faced with this arrow…the Lord of All Fiends could sense that even he wouldn’t be able to escape it. He would have to block the arrow first, then flee.

Everyone present could sense the terrifying threat which Houyi’s arrow posed. Even the most powerful figure present, Lord Demonheart, felt his heart quiver slightly. However, he still felt absolute confidence in himself.

“Die.” Lord Demonheart continued to strike towards Suiren with four of his arms, each of which had been transformed into a raging river.


A light twang of the bowstring.

An arrow instantly pierced through the Void. It originally was completely silent, but as it pierced through the Void it immediately began to ravenously devour all energy around it. Elemental energy, natural energy, chaos energy…it ravenously devoured everything, and as it did it howled as it tore through the emptiness of the Void. Quickly, the aura of light around the arrow became thirty thousand meters long…three million meters long…three million kilometers long…

It was like an enormous rainbow that was streaking through the Void. All the major powers pressure felt a sense of tremendous pressure.

“Ahahaha…” Lord Demonheart just laughed wildly, continuing his assaults against Suiren. Bombarded by those four rivers, Suiren’s flames were being rapidly depleted and consumed. When all his flames were used up, he would perish.


The gigantic arrow-rainbow finally reached Lord Demonheart. This arrow was far too fast for Lord Demonheart to dodge, and he felt dodging to be beneath himself anyways. His gaze finally turned towards that arrow-rainbow. As far as he was concerned, the unearthly power of the rainbow light surrounding the arrow was all meaningless; the only real threat was the seemingly ordinary black arrow itself.

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