Book 25, Chapter 24 - Formation Spirit

Desolate Era

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Ji Ning looked at the globe of light hovering above the coffin. He couldn’t help but feel slightly excited; this was a treasury left behind by Daolord Allgod, after all! He really was quite lucky to have encountered a treasury so soon after entering the Allgod Estate.

Whoosh. Ning reached out with his hand, touching the light globe with his fingers.

“Eh?” Ning’s face changed. He sent his fingers through the light globe two more times, completely confused. “Nothing? There’s nothing inside?”

When his fingers touched the light globe, they went straight through the globe as though the globe didn’t even exist. There really was nothing inside.


Suddenly, a beam of light descended out of nowhere, materializing next to the stone coffin into the shape a white-robed old man.

Although Ning was quite surprised, he was able to keep calm. This was because he knew exactly how powerful the restrictive spells Daolord Allgod had left behind. It was capable of easily slaying most Daolords; if the formation wanted him dead, he had no chance of fighting back at all! However, countless cultivators throughout countless chaos cycles had ventured through these treasuries. There was no danger here whatsoever! No one had ever lost their lives while trying to gain a treasure from within a treasury.

“An Elder God?” The white-robed elder glanced at Ning. The old man emanated an aura of natural majesty and prestige, but he chuckled softly as he looked at Ning. “Can you tell me your name?”

“Darknorth.” Ning looked at the elder. “Who are you, senior?”

“The formation-spirit of the Ten Thousand Mountains. My master once gave me a name, ‘Myriad Mountains’,” the old man said.

“Formation-spirit?” Ning was surprised.

It was quite normal for treasures to give birth to treasure-spirits. However, it was incredibly rare for powerful formations to gain sentience as well. For example, the ancient spacetime transfer arrays that were spread throughout the various territories of the primordial chaos had existed for countless chaos cycles, but Ning had never heard of any of them gaining sentience. Similarly, although some incredibly powerful formations would appear during various treasure auctions, Ning had never heard of any of them possessing sentience.

“Is it really that surprising? Master lay down three formations in total: the Ten Thousand Mountains Formation, the Fog Sea Formation, and the Castrum Divinitus Formation. He infused all three with his most profound insights into formations, and all three of us gained sentience.” The old man looked at Ning. “Someone on your level cannot possibly even imagine how truly powerful Master was. You might’ve met some Samsara Daolords in the past, but don’t even try to judge Master by their yardstick. They aren’t worthy! Only a Samsara Daolord who has pursued an Eternal Emperor after sending them fleeing can be discussed in the same breath as my master.”

Although countless years had passed, the spirit of this formation was still filled with the utmost of pride in his master.

“Understood.” Ning nodded.

If you boasted while having nothing to back it up, others would mock you. However, Daolord Allgod was so powerful that even Daolord Solesky was in awe of him and admitted inferiority before his prowess. Even Daolord Badlands would sigh in awe when discussing Daolord Allgod with his subordinates and juniors. Clearly, Daolord Allgod had been so awe-inspiring a figure in life that even now, after having died countless ages ago, his fame continued to resonate with later generations of cultivators.

“There’s no need for me to wax on any longer regarding how almighty Master was. Once you become a Daolord, you’ll understand,” the white-robed elder said.

“Me? A Daolord?” Ning laughed. “Why do you have such confidence in me, senior?”

“You clearly are just an Elder God, but you are capable of unleashing the power of a master-class World God.” The formation-spirit sighed. “It would be very easy for you to kill weak World Gods. An Elder God capable of easily killing most World Gods! There are very, very few monsters such as you. Many people will have a chance to encounter a Samsara Daolord in their lifetimes, but meeting a monster like you is incredibly rare.”

“Monsters like you generally are blessed with tremendous luck. Based on what I know, roughly 80% of people like you end up becoming Samsara Daolords,” the formation-spirit said.

“Oh? Eighty percent?” Ning nodded slowly.

In the Three Realms, there was a belief in ‘karmic luck’. Luck was an ephemeral, fleeting thing. No cultivator had ‘fixed’ luck, as luck could often change. For example, you might be born into an incredibly good family with your parents both being powerful Immortals or Fiendgods. Someone born into a situation like this could be said to be born into a tremendously lucky situation. However, if this person ended up becoming a silkpants wastrel who didn’t work hard in cultivation, his karmic luck would begin to decline.

Ji Ning, for example. He was reincarnated into a decent family and with the Nuwa Painting, and so it could be said that he was born with fairly decent luck. After he gained the legacy of Daoist Threelives, his karmic luck became even better.

Every single person had to fight for their own karmic luck.

However, the karmic luck of the Three Realms was quite weak compared to the overwhelming power of the primordial chaos. Ning was now fighting to gain the karmic luck of the Endless Territories! There were some World-level cultivators who would massacre the living creatures of many chaosworlds, causing great sin to accrue upon them. Daolord Allgod had once chased after and slaughtered countless great sinners, resulting in more and more karmic luck and karmic blessings being bestowed upon him. Karmic virtue and karmic sin existed in the Endless Territories…and so too did karmic luck!

In the Three Realms, three people gained the Nine Chaos Seals – Nuwa, Ji Ning, and Daoist Three Purities. All of them gained tremendous karmic luck as a result. If it wasn’t for the Nine Chaos Seals, Ning wouldn’t be able to easily slay weak World Gods as a mere Elder God!

“However, on the path of cultivation, either you advance forward or you slowly fall behind.” The formation-spirit looked at Ning. “My master was even more monstrously talented than you are. Alas, he still failed in his Daomerge. He died and his Dao faded away. Remember to treasure every single scrap of karmic luck you come across.”

“Thank you for your words of wisdom.” Ning nodded.

“Actually, all of the treasuries here in the Ten Thousand Mountains are empty.” The elderly formation-spirit looked at Ning. “I decide what treasures are to be awarded to those who pass the trials. Master left me with many treasures and decreed that I can teleport any of them into the globe of light. He certainly didn’t want to be bothered with such minor matters.”

Ning finally understood.

“In this treasury, I had originally intended the light globe to be filled with an idol of fire that was filled with the mysteries of the Dao of Fire.” As the elderly formation-spirit spoke, he waved his hand and produced a palm-sized fiery idol. This idol had eight faces, some beautiful, some ugly, some stern. The idol was covered with countless mysterious runes.


“Every single Elder God who wishes to try and break the treasury formations here in the Ten Thousand Islands has to have at least the power of a master-class World God. If they do, then they can succeed.” The elderly formation-spirit looked at Ning. “Every single monstrously talented figure such as yourself is qualified to receive a treasure…but of course, you have to find a treasury first.”

Ning nodded.

“However, each person will only have one such opportunity.”

“On your very first trip here, you defeated a barrier spell through raw power. As a result, the seeds of good karma have been sown between us! However, you’ll find that you will no longer be able to break through any of the other barrier spells using raw power,” the elderly formation-spirit said.

“Understood.” Ning said in surprise, “But senior, you spoke of ‘sowing the seeds of good karma’. Although I feel confident in my powers, you are the formation-spirit of the Ten Thousand Mountains. Can it be that there is something you wish Darknorth to do, senior?”

The elderly formation-spirit said, “There is indeed one thing. However, I won’t force you to do it; I merely hope that you can help.”

“Please let me know what you wish me to do, senior.” Ning was puzzled.

“My master had a hated foe.” A savage light flickered through the elderly formation-spirit’s eyes, and a murderous aura permeated his voice. “Master pursued his foe for many years, spending enormous amounts of effort in his attempt to kill him. Alas, in the end he wasn’t able to do so. His foe ended up fleeing.”

Ning was stunned. “Senior, are you speaking of that Eternal Emperor he pursued?”

“Yes. The Eternal Emperor.” The formation-spirit explained, “His name was Emperor Melobo.”

“Emperor Melobo?” Ning tasted the name. The name felt foreign, alien.

“According to what Badlands told me, Emperor Melobo has already returned.” The elderly formation-spirit laughed coldly. “My master chased him all the way into the endless darkness, where he hid himself from my master’s sight. He must have returned only after learning that my master died.”

Although Ning was surprised that Daolord Badlands was apparently acquainted with the formation-spirit, he couldn’t help but instead first ask, “Senior, are you asking me to deal with this Eternal Emperor in the future?”

“I am.” The elderly formation-spirit nodded.

Ning was speechless. “Senior, you think too highly of me.”

Eternal Emperors were eternal figures who had succeeded in their Daomerge! Daolord Allgod had died countless years ago but Emperor Melobo was still alive and well.

Daolord Allgod had chased after Emperor Melobo for countless years but had been unable to slay him. In other words, there wasn’t an enormous difference in power between the two. Given how much time had passed, Emperor Melobo had to have grown more powerful.

“Haha, I’m just planting seeds to sprout in the future. I don’t expect all of them to blossom.” The elderly formation-spirit explained, “In addition, Emperor Melobo is an enemy of the entire Dao Alliance! You came here with World God Dragonbinder of the Badlands Court. Given that he trusts you, I imagine you should be a member of the Dao Alliance as well. There’s no way a monstrously talented genius like you would betray them for our enemies.”

“What is a ‘Dao Alliance’?” Ning was rather dazed now.

“An alliance which encompasses virtually all of the cultivators of the Endless Territories.” The elderly formation-spirit looked at Ning. “Daolord Badlands is a member as well, and long ago the seeds of good karma were sown between the two of us as well. Haha…of the many seeds that I have sown, his has been the most illustrious one to date. I know all the disciples of the Badlands Court. Given that you came alongside World God Dragonbinder, you should also be a member of the Dao Alliance. Are you a member of the Badlands Court or…?”

“Vastheaven Palace,” Ning said.

Daolord Solesky was on very good terms with Daolord Badlands, and they were willing to meet each other in public. This meant they were probably on the same side.

However, this ‘Dao Alliance’ sounded quite powerful. An alliance comprising almost all the cultivators of the Endless Territories? What an extravagant claim.

“Ah.” The elderly formation-spirit nodded. “I’ve heard Badlands speak of Vastheaven Palace before. Yes, it is indeed part of the Dao Alliance as well. I’m not surprised you haven’t heard of the Dao Alliance, as you are still too young and weak. Even amongst World Gods, 99% of them will have never heard of the Dao Alliance! Only the truly illustrious World-level experts will be accepted into the Dao Alliance, as the alliance is primarily composed of Samsara Daolords. I expect World God Dragonbinder has perhaps heard of the Dao Alliance.”

“The mysteries of the Endless Territories are not for someone like you to comprehend. However, there are some dangers that are aimed at all cultivators…and Emperor Melobo is one of them.” The elderly formation-spirit looked at Ning.

“But enough of that. Once you become a World-level expert, your clan or sect will inform you of some of our mysteries. In addition, my information is a bit outdated.” The elderly formation-spirit nodded. “Well, then. What treasure do you want?”

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