Book 25, Chapter 29 - Slaying World-Level Experts

Desolate Era

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An island within Ji Ning’s estate world.

“Wild Dog. Blacksun.” A booming voice echoed across the great island. Elder God Wilddog and Elder God Blacksun had been seated amongst their fellow Elder Gods and Ancestral Immortals, eating and chatting, but now the two immediately rose to their feet. They called out in unison, “Master.”

“Take control of your golems and await my signal.”

“Yes, Master.”

Elder God Wilddog and Elder God Blacksun simultaneously transformed into two tall, muscular black golems. Previously, the golems had been fiery red in color, but they had been cosmetically altered and recolored to black in order to conceal their true power. Once you bound a golem, you could completely withdraw and suppress its aura of power. In fact, golems with spirits controlling them such as Rocky were almost like living creatures. Rocky was able to completely suppress his own aura and transform into a boulder that not even Ning would be able to detect.

The two black golems stood there at the edges of the island, awaiting Ning’s summons.

“We’re about to enter combat.”

“Yes. We’ve been waiting forever for a real battle like this. All we were doing prior to this was nothing more than sparring.”

Both were filled with an eagerness to do battle. The golems they commanded filled them with tremendous self-confidence. It must be understood that Ning had to spend more than six hundred cubes of chaos nectar to purchase these three golems…and that was at the discounted treasure auction price. Normally, each of these three golems would go for significantly more than two hundred cubes of chaos nectar. Each of the three were individually more powerful than Rocky, and they were able to join together in a formation as well.

The outside world. The Fog Sea region of the Allgod Estate.

World God Foxblaze and Chaos Immortal Foxbold both glanced disdainfully at Ning, ignoring him after mocking him. In their eyes, he truly was nothing more than an ant-like presence. They were on a completely different level of power; why would they pay him any heed?

Their gazes turned once more to Flamefairy Su Youji. World God Foxblaze spoke out: “Su Youji, if you wish to live a long life, you have to learn when to compromise. We won’t make your lifeblood oath too harsh.”

“All you have to do is serve us in dual cultivation. It’ll be fun.” Chaos Immortal Foxbold truly looked forward to enjoying the pleasing company of this truly ravishing female Chaos Immortal. He never thought that a chance like this would come so quickly.

The two alternated between threatening her and persuading her. They wouldn’t be able to overpower her and force her to serve them; even if they did manage to capture her, she would be able to effortlessly self-detonate herself. It must be understood that even slaves could easily choose to self-detonate themselves. Thus, while an owner could oppress and coerce their slaves, they still had ensure that their slaves weren’t driven to utter despair. Otherwise, their slaves could choose to be disobedient. When Daolord Windsource had commanded his slaves to accompany him into death, many of them had cursed and railed at him for his actions. Alas, all they could do was curse, nothing else.

“Come here.”

“Come, Su Youji.” The two stared hungrily at the Flamefairy.

Su Youji’s face was so cold, it looked as though it was covered by a layer of frost. She sent to the nearby Ning, “Master, what should we do?”

“Since they insist on dying…then let’s just go ahead and spend a little bit of time to get rid of them.” Ning glanced at the two World-level figures. “Kill them!”

To be honest, Ning truly didn’t wish to get into this fight. Killing World-level experts wasn’t a simple task. World God Foxblaze was an elite World God while Chaos Immortal Foxbold was merely an ordinary one. Ning was completely capable of slaying the two of them, but it would still take him quite a bit of time. This was why he had been hoping he could talk the two of them into getting out of his way.

“We can hunt down the bugbeast later. Given that I can sense its location, I’m sure it’ll hide somewhere it feels is very safe.” The more Ning thought about it, the angrier he became.

“Fine.” Su Youji suddenly clenched her teeth and said aloud, “Show me your lifeblood oath.”

“Ahahaha, that’s more like it!”

“Good, good, good! What a fine beauty you are. Don’t worry. We couldn’t bear to mistreat you.”

World God Foxblaze and Chaos Immortal Foxbold were delighted upon hearing her words. Just like that, a lovely female Chaos Immortal had fallen into their clutches. What a stroke of great luck! World God Foxblaze waved his hand, causing a golden pearl to fly out. “This is my oathstone. Take a good luck, my pretty. If there’s anything you don’t like, we can change it.”

“Ehehe.” Chaos Immortal Foxbold felt more and more excited. This was better than finding an entire stash of valuable treasures. They never would’ve even imagined in their wildest dreams that such a female slave would fall into their clutches.

“I simply can’t believe how lucky we are. As soon as Su Youji broke through to become a Chaos Immortal, she ran into the two of us.” Both of them were filled with eagerness. They could already visualize the fantastic scenes of the two of them cavorting with her, causing their hearts to blaze with lust.

Ning was standing next to Su Youji. His eyes suddenly turned cold.


His voice echoed within his estate-world as a black gourd suddenly appeared in front of him. The black gourd vomited out countless streaks of lightning, completely filling the region with five types of chaos lightning that surrounded and attacked Chaos Immortal Foxbold and World God Foxblaze.

“Shit!” The two blanched as they saw this happen. Chaos Immortal Foxbold’s robes instantly glowed with light, forming a protective barrier around him. Alast, the five types of chaos lightning were simply too powerful, causing the barrier to completely shatter as they crashed straight through it and against Foxbold.

A series of flying daggers had also appeared around Chaos Immortal Foxbold, but they were only able to deflect part of the lightning. The rest of the lightning crashed directly against his body.

Boom! An ugly look was on Chaos Immortal Foxbold’s face as he vomited out a mouthful of blood. He sent frantically, “Save me, big brother!”

“Shit. That’s one powerful lightning treasure.” World God Foxblaze instantly was both enraged and unnerved. “Hold on for a short while. I’ll capture Su Youji and take that gourd of hers.”

The gourd was hovering in front of Ning, who was standing right next to Su Youji. Thus, both of the enemies believed the gourd to belong to Su Youji.

The five types of lightning continued to furiously attack the two World-level experts. However, World God Foxblaze was quite a powerful figure, and he was dressed in a suit of low-grade Dao armor. His divine body was completely capable of withstanding the attacks from these five types of divine lightning.


World God Foxblaze transformed into a streak of light, flying towards Su Youji with a furious look in his eyes.

Right at this moment…

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Three golems suddenly appeared out of nowhere. One was Rocky the stone titan, while the other two were pitch-black golems. These three golems simultaneously charged towards Chaos Immortal Foxbold from three separate directions! World God Foxblaze was sprinting straight towards Ji Ning and Su Youji and so wasn’t able to turn in time, allowing all three golems to charge straight past him and towards Chaos Immortal Foxbold.

“They are fast!” World God Foxblaze’s face changed.

“Save me, big brother!” Chaos Immortal Foxbold was shocked as well. When he saw those three golems speeding towards him, he immediately understood that they were definitely World-level golems. He was utterly terrified and quickly sent out a distress call. It must be understood that he merely had the power of an ordinary World-level expert and was merely a Chaos Immortal. He had already been driven to distraction and unnerved by the five types of divine lightning that filled every inch of this area.

And now three golems were charging towards him as well? What was he supposed to do?

“Die.” The black golem controlled by Elder God Blacksun struck out with a massive fist, sending an enormously powerful punch towards Chaos Immortal Foxbold.

“Kill.” Elder God Wilddog delivered a vicious kick towards him.

“GRWAAAR!” Rocky sent two furious palm-blows towards him as well.

The five types of lightning in the surrounding area continued to furiously assault Chaos Immortal Foxbold as well. As for World God Foxblaze, he had charged towards Ji Ning and Su Youji at maximum speed and was completely unable to make it back in time to save Foxbold.


Boom! Boom! Boom!

Golems had an innate advantage in raw strength to begin with, with less than one in a thousand World Gods being comparable to World-level golems in strength. The only way you could beat a golem was by suppressing them with your superior insights into the Dao, but Chaos Immortal Foxbold had already been completely shut down by Ning’s Pentabolt Gourd attack. All he could do was scream repeatedly as he tried to use his blade barrier to block the attacks. “NOOOOO!”


Chaos Immortal Foxbold was reduced to dust.

“What?!” World God Foxblaze had been charging towards Ning and Su Youji, but upon seeing this he blanched. “Those golems are way too powerful. Those are no ordinary golems! Each of them has to be worth at least a hundred cubes of chaos nectar.”

Whoosh! Right at this moment, Su Youji transformed into a black golem as well. World God Foxblaze was now quite close to her and she didn’t dare fight him in close combat.

“What?!” Upon seeing Su Youji transform into a black golem, World God Foxblaze felt as though his heart had been gripped by icy fingers. Four golems? He could tell that every single one of those golems was probably comparable to him in strength. If the four joined forces, they would completely dominated him.

“Time to leave.” World God Foxblaze no longer had any interest in tangling with Su Youji. He transformed into a streak of light, beginning to flee.

Whoosh. A pair of lightning wings suddenly appeared on Ning’s back. The wings fluttered slightly, sending Ning flying out at tremendous speed. Although World God Foxblaze also flew fairly quickly, the five types of lightning slowed him down somewhat.

“Eh?” World God Foxblaze stared at the figure who had suddenly appeared before him.

The white-robed youth stood there, his Thunderlight Wings spread wide and a blood-red sword in his hands. The youth stared at Foxblaze coldly. “You won’t be able to escape!”

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