Book 25, Chapter 33 - The Samsara Grinders

Desolate Era

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Ji Ning, Flamefairy Su Youji, World God Dragonbinder, and the rest of the cultivators who had been teleported here glanced cautiously at their new surroundings. They heard the words of both the blood-robed youth and the gold-robed youth, and it led them to come to a certain conclusion. This conclusion was simply so inconceivable that it caused all of them to feel shock and awe in their hearts!

“Are we standing before the Castrum Divinitus?” Ning raised his head to stare at the infinitely vast castle before him. “According to the information I purchased, one has to experience countless dangers in order to make it to the doorstep of the Castrum Divinitus, the coremost region of the entire Allgod Estate. It is said that death is virtually assured for anyone who tries to make this journey! Can it be that these seven World Gods have all successfully made it here?”

Seven had survived the journey through the Allgod Estate to this place. How many had originally been in those two squads? According to the accepted odds of only one in ten surviving, could it be that dozens of them had made the attempt? Were there really this many suicidal World Gods in the world?

“Welcome, our three newcomers.” The three-eyed man’s voice rang out as he glanced at the three new World-level experts. Everyone on the plaza fell silent.

“I forcibly teleported all of you here, and I imagine you are rather confused,” the three-eyed man said. “Although being teleported here can be described as a devastating disaster, it can also be described as a tremendous opportunity.”

Ning and the others all looked at the bald three-eyed man. The three-eyed man, simply standing there, radiated a faint aura of absolute transcendent power. Although he was clearly suppressing his aura, Ning and the others could all tell that this man could probably wipe them all out with a single gentle breath! And indeed, their senses were accurate. This three-eyed man, the Goldeye Golem, was the First Guardian of the Castrum Divinitus. He was every bit as powerful as Daolord Solesky was.

“The three of you, and the seven of you!” The three-eyed man pointed towards the cultivators on both sides, and all of them listened obediently.

“You must take part in the trial of the Twin Samsara Heavens,” the three-eyed man said.

“Senior.” World God Dragonbinder couldn’t help but speak out. “Why must we experience this trial? Must we take part in it? Also… you spoke of a ‘tremendous opportunity’. What are you speaking of?”

“You must take part,” the three-eyed man replied calmly.

Dragonbinder couldn’t help but sigh to himself.

He wasn’t a fool. He could tell that this Twin Samsara Heavens trial had to be an incredibly dangerous one. Even though he was a disciple of the Badlands Court, he had never even heard of the Castrum Divinitus forcibly teleporting World-level experts to this location to take part in any trials. In addition, the other group of seven World Gods gave him a sense of enormous danger!

Clearly, either of the two squads in that group could effortlessly kill him.

He didn’t want this ‘tremendous opportunity’. All he wanted to do was get out of here! But alas, there was no way out.

“The seven of them experienced countless dangers on their journey, and many of their comrades died on the way to this place.” The three-eyed man pointed towards the two squads as he explained to Ning and the others. “They were allowed to make certain requests of me, and if they requested bugbeasts, golems, high-level techniques, or other similar items they would’ve been given fairly simple trials.”

“However, they only desired one thing… the divine blood of the Eternal.”

“The divine blood of Eternal Emperor Melobo.” A dangerous tone could be heard in the three-eyed man’s voice.

Ning’s heart clenched when he heard this. Emperor Melobo?

Wasn’t that the Eternal Emperor which Daolord Allgod had wished to kill for so many years?

“The divine blood of the Eternal is of inestimable value.” The three-eyed man swept Ning and the others with his gaze. “Its value vastly surpasses the value of any items you are familiar with such as Pseudo Samsara Pills or Eternal weapons! It is one of the ten most valuable items in the entire Castrum Divinitus. As for its purposes… if one of you is able to obtain it, I’ll tell you then.”

The blood-robed youth had a look in his eyes that could only be described as ‘berserk’.

Although the gold-robed youth was more sedate, one could also see the flames of excitement burning deep within his icy cold gaze.

“Blood of the Eternal? What’s that?” World God Dragonbinder and the pink-robed man were both quite puzzled. They had never even heard of such a thing.

“Hmph. You fools.”

“You know nothing.”

The blood-robed youth and the gold-robed youth exchanged a glance, completely disdainful of the newcomers who had just appeared.

The three-eyed man waved his hand. Suddenly, an enormous black and white millstone and grindstone appeared the air above the great plaza. The two giant stones were a hundred kilometers in size, and they slowly descended downwards before alighting on the plaza.

“This is the Samsara Grinders.” The three-eyed man pointed at the enormous grinder. “I will split the ten of you into five pairs! Each pair will take turns battling atop the Samsara Grinders, and your opponents shall be the many warriors who will appear and attack you.”

“In short, you will only achieve victory when your opponent and any forces he controls all perish!”

“If both you and your opponent perish at the same time, you can only blame your own poor luck.” The three-eyed man continued, “As for the surviving cultivators, they will each blessed with a small bit of fortune. The cultivator whose performance was the best will have a chance of acquiring the divine blood of the Eternal.”

“A chance?” The blood-robed youth and the gold-robed youth both spoke out at the same time.

“If you wish to acquire the Eternal blood, then do your best to kill. Kill the warriors on the Samsara Grinders and kill your foe! The more you kill, the more power you reveal, the greater the chances that you will acquire the Eternal blood.” The three-eyed man said calmly, “You have to at least meet my minimum expectations. Otherwise, none of you should even think about acquiring the Eternal blood.”

The breaths of the two youths turned ragged. They had paid an enormous price to get here! But alas, they had no other options.

“The first pair.”

The bald three-eyed man swept his gaze across the ten World-level experts. He first pointed towards the World God standing behind the blood-robed youth. This World God actually had bone armor growing out of his upper back and protecting his chest. Spikes grew out from his elbows and knees, and his face was covered with a mask of bone which covered everything but his eyes and his mouth.

The three-eyed man pointed at the World God and said, “You!”

“And… you!” The three-eyed man then pointed towards the pink-robed man.

“Master.” World God Boneplate looked at the blood-robed youth respectfully.

“Just kill him as fast as you can,” the blood-robed youth instructed.

“Yes,” World God Boneplate said respectfully.

The pink-robed man frowned as he carefully scrutinized his opponent in the Samsara Grinders. “Not good. I’ve never even seen this man before. He probably isn’t a World God of the Badlands Territory. I sense tremendous danger from this man! Still, since he’s willing to be the blood-robed youth’s servant, he probably shouldn’t be too powerful.”

The pink-robed man murmured softly to himself, “Looks like I’ll have to go all out.”

“The two of you, listen up! Each of you will only be permitted to use nine Elder Gods or Ancestral Immortals at most! You can at most use a total of nine bugbeasts! You are also limited to no more than nine golems! Furthermore, none of your World-level servants are permitted to take part!” The three-eyed man finished his instructions, then gave the final commands. “Now, go up onto the Samsara Grinders. Once I give the order, you can begin your attacks.”

“Yes,” World God Boneplate said.

“Shit. I can’t use my thousand-man Elder God Formation!” The pink-robed man’s face turned pale. That formation was one of his killer trump cards.

Whoosh. Whoosh.

World God Boneplate and the pink-robed man both flew atop the enormous black-white bedstone, rapidly shrinking to become ant-sized as they landed.

“The Samsara Grinders contains a dimension of its own,” World God Dragonbinder sent mentally.

“Agreed.” Ning nodded.

The black-white bedstone and millstone were both covered with countless marvelous runes and patterns.

World God Boneplate stood there, staring at his distant foe. He said aloud, “Chaos Immortal Flygrace. I recognize you. You have the power of an elite World-level expert.” His voice boomed with power and strength.

“But I’ve never heard of you before,” the pink-robed Chaos Immortal Flygrace replied.


The enormous Samsara Grinders began to tremble as the countless runes covering its surface began to emit light. The light quickly began to swirl together and condense into human-shaped warriors dressed in golden armor. There had to be thousands of those golden warriors, and every single one of them had the aura of a World-level expert.

“What?! How can there be this many golden warriors?” Everyone watching this was shocked, including the two combatants on the Samsara Grinders as well as everyone watching from below. Their faces all turned pale!

The auras generated by these golden warriors indicated that all of them had reached the World level of power. Even if they were merely at the threshold, there were thousands of them! This was utterly terrifying.

“Begin, then.” The three-eyed man gave the order.



The thousands of golden warriors transformed into streaks of light, moving at the speed of light as they charged towards the pink-robed man and World God Boneplate.

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