Book 25, Chapter 37 - Yes, Master

Desolate Era

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“Maybe he really does want to die.” The golden-robed youth, Fukai, was watching from afar as well.

Atop the Samsara Grinders.

The three black golems continued to circle around Ji Ning and Su Youji, blocking all of the offending golden warriors. World God Darkfall had drawn very close to them, and his cold eyes were staring directly at the four golems and Ning himself. “This ant-like Elder God actually dares to draw his sword, as though he’s preparing to enter the fray? Mm. He should be Su Youji’s retainer. Logically speaking, a single Elder God shouldn’t make any difference at all in a battle like this, and yet Su Youji permitted him to take part. There has to be a trap.”

“This puny Elder God probably has some sort of self-sacrificial suicide attack,” World God Darkfall mused to himself.

The endless primordial chaos was filled with untold mysteries. As Darkfall saw it, given that the Flamefairy was capable of producing those four black golems and that lightning gourd, she must have encountered a stroke of tremendous karmic fortune. Perhaps she had some other dangerous toys hidden up her sleeve as well.

“Unfortunately, Su Youji, you are a new Chaos Immortal and have no idea how great the power disparity is between an Elder God and a master-class World God. No matter what type of treasure you gave him, he still won’t pose a threat to me.” Many thoughts flitted through Darkfall’s mind, but he didn’t slow down in the slightest as he charged straight towards one of the black golems.

This black golem’s claw-techniques were clearly based off the mysteries of the Dao of Fire. World God Darkfall was instantly able to identify this particular golem as being the one which Su Youji was commanding.

“Once Su Youji dies, all of this will be over.” Right now, Darkfall had just one target: Su Youji!


A thunderous shot.

Ji Ning had been standing within the protective encirclement of the three black golems, the blood-colored Violetjewel in his hands. The pair of Thunderlight Wings suddenly appeared on his back as he instantly shot out in a streak of light, charging out of the protective encirclement and towards World God Darkfall.

“Eh?” World God Darkfall laughed when he saw this. Still, since he was worried that Ning might try to pull some sort of suicide attack or trap against him, he remained slightly on his guard. One of his six blades howled through the air in an illusory fashion as he released hundreds of streaks of saber-light towards Ning.

Because they were fighting atop the Samsara Grinders, World God Darkfall didn’t dare to transform his warblades and make them thousands of meters long. This was because if he did so, he would instantly have to deal with a hundred times more golden warriors than he was dealing with before. Even though he was a master-class World God, he would still be utterly demolished and killed by them.

Thus, everyone present including Ji Ning, World God Darkfall, and the golems all kept their weapons to a maximum size of just a few meters long. That way, only a comparatively low number of golden warriors would be able to assault them at any given moment.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Hundreds of streaks of saber-light flew towards Ning, but most of them actually landed upon the golden warriors who were charging towards Darkfall. Still, a portion of them ended up flying towards Ning.

“Hmph. He’s nothing more than an Elder God, while I’m a master-class World God. Any casual blow from my saber would be more than enough to wipe him out. You might have some powerful techniques up your sleeve, but if I don’t let you get close to me there’s nothing you can do.” World God Darkfall felt quite confident in his abilities, but he continued to keep a close eye on Ning’s actions. He wanted to watch as Ning died.


The Thunderlight Wings trembled as Ning charged straight towards Darkfall in an utterly ferocious manner.

“You think you can bar my path with those puny little blades of light?” Ning wasn’t worried in the slightest. Sword-light flashed in his hands and effortlessly chopped apart the incoming streaks of saber-light.


“How can this be?”

“This Elder God…”

World God Darkfall wasn’t the only one who was shocked. Even the blood-robed Arroyo and the gold-robed Fukai, along with their World God servants, were stunned. Although Darkfall had sent out those chops of saber-light in a rather casual manner, he was still a master-class World God who walked the path of the Dao of the Saber! Not even elite World Gods should be able to deflect his blows in such a casual manner.

“Ji Ning was… was this powerful?” World God Dragonbinder was stunned by what he saw as well. When Ning dueled against the World-level experts of the Badlands Court, he had only competed in sword-arts. He had never gone all-out and so the disciples of the Badlands Court had no idea as to exactly how powerful Ning was.

“How can an Elder God be this powerful?” The blood-robed Arroyo was absolutely stunned.

“What a monster. I simply must enslave him and take him for my own.” The golden-robed youth, Fukai, stared at Ning with a gleaming look in his eyes. He didn’t give a damn about whether Darkfall would die or not, as Darkfall was his foe’s subordinate. He actually hoped Darkfall would die faster!

“Not good.” Darkfall was completely stunned by this. Only now did he realize that there was no so-called ‘suicide attack’. This Elder God was just an absolute monster, a freak with incredible power who was capable of battling against him in close combat.

“How could a monster like him have chosen to become Su Youji’s retainer…”


“I was wrong!” The three-eyed man himself had told them that Su Youji had made her breakthrough to become a Chaos Immortal just a few months ago. In other words, a year ago she was nothing more than an Ancestral Immortal. Given how ridiculously, monstrously powerful this Elder God was…

“There was no way he had been Su Youji’s retainer. Su Youji had to be his retainer!”

World God Darkfall was no fool. As soon as Ning revealed a hint of his true power, Darkfall immediately came to the correct conclusion.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Ning showed absolute valor and courage as he charged forward, sending golden warriors flying in every direction from his wake. Some were actually blasted into smithereens by his very charge itself. Ning’s sword-arts had become even more perfected than before. World God Darkfall was able to move past the golden warriors thanks to his tremendous speed and agility, but Ning was able to do the same by relying on his absolutely flawless sword-arts and the Soleheart stance.

“No matter how much of a monster you are, you are still just an Elder God. Die for me!” Darkfall let out a cold snarl as he pounced towards Ning.

To be beaten into a retreat by an Elder God would be a true humiliation!

“You aren’t good enough.” Ning instantly met him mid-blow.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Sword-light and saber-light clashed numerous times in the air, generating powerful booms with each collision. The saber-light was rather fluid and unpredictable while the sword-light thrummed with awesome power.

World God Darkfall’s agility and speed were both utterly astonishing, far superior to that of most master-class World Gods. However, his saber-arts were a bit lacking in comparison. In fact, they were considerably weaker than Ning’s sword-arts. Thankfully for Darkfall, his advantage in speed and agility allowed him to cover up his flaws and seek out Ning’s.

Ning used just a single sword, but by relying on the [Heartsword Realm] he was able to deliver awe-inspiring attacks that gave World God Darkfall no chance to defeat him at all.

“Impossible. How can he possibly withstand my attacks?” World God Darkfall began to panic.

“The Dao of the Sword?”

“He’s actually every bit the match of Darkfall in a head-on collision.” The watchers, Arroyo and Fukai included, felt their hearts quiver. These two in particular were the favored sons of heaven and were every bit as talented as the Starlord of Fogstone had been. In fact, they had greater strokes of karmic fortune and were more powerful than the Starlord was. This naturally meant that they had far broader visions than most people… and yet, even they felt utterly speechless when they saw this Elder God fight a master-class World God to a standstill.

“He’s an utter monster.”

“What a complete freak…”

“Hurry over here! Assist me in surrounding and killing this World God Darkfall,” Ning roared loudly.

“Yes, Master.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Yes, Master.”

The four golems all assented in unison. The three black golems began to advance while spinning together like a whirlpool, grinding apart and blasting away all the golden warriors who assailed them. As for the stone titan named Rocky, he helped deal with any of the stragglers who made it through the initial defensive perimeter.

“He really is the true master.”

“This Elder God is the real person in charge.”

Everyone present felt stunned at the thought that they actually had the chance to witness such a peerless monster in action. Individuals like Ji Ning only existed in legends, and it was almost impossible to actually encounter one of them in the flesh. Encountering someone like Ji Ning was far more difficult than encountering a Samsara Daolord!

When the spirit of the Ten Thousand Mountains Formation saw Ning break through all nine barriers through raw force, it came to understand how much of a monster Ning was and thus it gifted him with a powerful legacy. The technique he had given was one of the nine mighty secret arts possessed by Daolord Allgod, the Novessence Thunder technique. This was a secret art which even Samsara Daolords would go mad over. The reason the spirit had given Ning the technique was because he had seen a faint sliver of a chance that Ning would one day reach the same level as Daolord Allgod. Although the chance was quite small, at least there was a chance.

Daolord Allgod was a Samsara Daolord but was able to hunt down Eternal Emperors.

When he was an Elder God, he was naturally just as much of a monster, if not more so! If you started far behind everyone else, you’d have even less of a chance of surpassing them in the future. Still, as far as the spirit of the Ten Thousand Mountains Formation was concerned, Ji Ning had just a tiny chance of actually reaching Daolord Allgod’s level. Over the course of these countless years, he had seen more then ten such peerless geniuses and had handed them quite a few legacies, but the most dazzling performer to date was just Daolord Badlands.

Yes, Ji Ning might appear to have a strong start, but who knew how outstanding a figure he would be upon becoming a World God or becoming a Samsara Daolord? Each step taken by a Samsara Daolord involved treading on the boundary between life and death. To even reach the Verge of the Daomerge was extremely difficult. Not even Daolord Badlands had reached the Verge yet.

“Not good!” World God Darkfall was shocked.

“If those four golems join forces with this monster in front of me, I’m going to be in big trouble.” Darkfall began to panic.

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