Book 26, Chapter 57 - Daolord Batdragon

Desolate Era

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World God Mystdragon, the branch leader of the Eastsmoke branch, continued to hide in the main palace of the Eastsmoke branch. He watched as all of this happened, and he felt no sympathy for them at all. Instead, he was celebrating. “Thank goodness the barriers protecting my main palace are much stronger. Although this white-robed kid is strong, he still can’t do a damn thing to me. Hmph! Soon, my big brother will arrive. By then… hpmh!”

World God Mystdragon felt tremendous confidence in his big brother.

Whoosh. Ning suddenly transformed into a streak of light, flying away from the mountain and once more charging towards the main palace.

“He’s coming back?” The Eastsmoke leader was badly frightened. “Why is he coming back? Does he have some even more powerful tricks up his sleeve?”

The Eastsmoke leader’s heart was filled with alarm. He knew that if he didn’t have these barriers and had to face Ning by himself, he probably wouldn’t be able to withstand even a single blow!

The Bluegrace Sect’s area of influence was quite large, as was its territory. Its nine branches were all located in nine different corners of its territory, and even someone like Daolord Batdragon who flew roughly twice as fast as the speed of light would need to fly for roughly an entire day before arriving.

World God Mystdragon had to hold on for at least a day. By then, his big brother the Daolord would arrive and he would be safe.

“Come out.”

Ning landed in front of the main palace as a crimson-black gourd appeared behind him. This was the Elementum Waterflame Gourd. The gourd immediately belched out the Watersmoke Lightning and the Firecloud Lightning, and the two mighty streaks of Dao lightning immediately began to hammer down upon the barrier spells, shattering through the two outermost layers.

“I hope this breaks it.” Ning manifested three heads and six arms, once more wielding six Violetjewels as he began to furiously assault the main palace.

Boom! Boom! Boom! The main palace echoed with the sound of explosions.

Even though Ning now had the Dao lightning helping him, he was still only able to breach seven of the barriers. The eighth and final barrier remained unbroken, and it was the strongest barrier of all.

“You can’t break it.” The Eastsmoke leader laughed coldly as he saw this. “And you can forget about escaping.”

Ning, however, continued to rain down furious blows with his Eternal weapons. As for his Dao lightning, it was constantly replenished by the natural energy of Heaven and Earth and thus was also able to attack unabated.

“Let’s see how long he can keep attacking for. He has to be using up an enormous amount of divine power, but I’m using up very little Immortal energy in maintaining these protective barriers.” The Eastsmoke leader smiled coldly.

Two hours later. Ning was still furiously attacking, not having taken any break at all.

“What the hell is going on.” The Eastsmoke leader had an ugly look on his face. “He has to be using an insanely powerful divine ability to launch such powerful attacks. It has to be consuming a thousand times as much divine power as a normal strike would. How can he keep going for so long?”

It must be understood that the barriers themselves used up an incredible amount of energy after having been breached and repaired so many times. Although most of this energy came from chaos jewels and the extracted natural energy of the world, a small part of it did have to come from the controller of the formation. His Immortal energy was instrumental in keeping the barriers and the formations active.

After two hours, more than half of his Immortal energy had been used up!

“Let’s keep fighting then. I’ll be able to hold.” The Eastsmoke leader gritted his teeth. “I have plenty of chaos jewels. I’ll be able to fight for a long period of time if I use my chaos jewels to replenish my energy.”

He was the fraternal brother of a Daolord and a branch leader. He naturally had quite a few chaos jewels, and the main palace itself also had an emergency cache of chaos jewels to ensure that the formations would remain active.

In truth, Ning really was using up quite a bit of energy. Although the azureflower mist energy was being consumed fairly slowly, it was still being used up far faster than he could replenish it. If he continued launching maximum-power attacks like this, he would probably run dry on energy after six hours. However… the one thing which Ning absolutely did not lack for was treasures and chaos jewels. For the sake of being able to end this sooner, using up a few chaos jewels was more than worth it.

Four hours.

Six hours.

Eight hours.

Ning continued his furious attacks. Every so often, Ning would draw some of the chaos jewels into his Jindan chaos region and absorb the pure, distilled chaos energy from the chaos jewels. As for the Eastsmoke leader, he had naturally started to use chaos jewels well before Ning had.

“Mystdragon, I urge you to just withdraw the formation and let him leave.” Fairy Qingfan had already flown over to the main palace. In truth, she was feeling quite stunned at the fact that Ji Ning was able to maintain such a high intensity over such a long period of time. It must be understood that World Gods used up divine power at an alarming rate when they launched full-power attacks. Even if they tried to use chaos jewels to replenish their energy, it wouldn’t be enough.

There was a limit to how fast chaos jewels could be used to replenish energy. Ning used up energy at a very slow rate, which was why he was able to easily use chaos jewels to keep himself topped off.

For those who truly did rely on powerful divine abilities to fight, they’d usually run out of energy after a short battle. There was simply no way for chaos jewels to keep up with their energy expenditures.

“You traitor.” The Eastsmoke leader laughed coldly.

“This was all caused by your attempts at robbery. If you let him go, then this matter will be at an end,” Fairy Qingfan urged.

“At an end? Ahaha, he’s completely unable to breach the main palace. I’m using up almost no Immortal energy in keeping the barrier spells active. I’ll be able to keep going for an extremely long period of time thanks to my chaos jewels. Soon, my big brother will arrive and he’ll be in for a world of trouble.” How could the Eastsmoke leader be willing to give up at a time like this?

So what if the white-robed kid belonged to the Twelve Palaces? His big brother was a member of the Twelve Palaces as well, and a retainer to Daolord Bluegrace. The Eastsmoke leader didn’t feel any fear at all.

And if this kid wasn’t a member of the Twelve Palaces, his big brother could simply kill him!

“Big brother?” The furiously attacking Ning cast him a glance. By now, Ning had a belly full of fire. Anyone who had been forced to continuously launch full-force attacks for so long would have a belly full of fire.

“It wouldn’t mater even if his big brother is Daolord Bluegrace himself.” Ning was truly furious now.


“Mystdragon.” The black-robed Daolord Batdragon was flying through the clouds at high speed. His nervousness had caused a layer of bloody light to appear within his eyes. “You have to hang on, Mystdragon. Hang on until I arrive.” He couldn’t even imagine what sort of threat had caused his little brother to shatter the message-talisman and beg for rescue.

He needed a full day to fly from the main headquarters to the Eastsmoke branch. All sorts of things could happen within a day.

“I don’t care who it is, if someone kills my little brother… I, Batdragon, swear that I will pay any price, up to and including my very life itself, to take revenge.” The bloody light in Daolord Batdragon’s eyes grew even more ominous. The two of them had grown up together as children, then had together embarked upon the path of cultivation. They had even braved many life-and-death dangers together. The relationship between the two simply couldn’t be describe by the word ‘deep’ alone. Mystdragon had been the most important person in his life for countless eons. For the sake of his little brother, he truly was prepared and willing to give up life itself.

“Hold on. Wait for me.” Daolord Batdragon continued to fly forwards at high speed.

A full day and a full night later, Daolord Batdragon finally reached the Eastsmoke branch. Thus far the life-tablet of his little brother, which he carried with him at all times, was still intact. That meant that his little brother was still alive.

Whoosh. When Daolord Batdragon arrived at the grand restrictive formation, he immediately charged in while shouting loudly, “Let me in!”

“Big brother?” The Eastsmoke leader was instantly overjoyed. As controller of the formation, he was able to immediately create a small opening for the black-robed Daolord Batdragon to enter through.

The atmosphere in the branch instantly turned quite odd and eery.

Ning, Fairy Qingfan, and many other World Gods could all sense that something had just happened to the formation. They saw that black-robed figure fly in, and they could sense from the overwhelming aura radiating from him. This was indeed the aura of a Daolord.

“A Daolord arrived.”

“That’s Daolord Batdragon.”

“Our branch leader’s big brother has arrived. That invader will be in trouble now.”

The various World-level cultivators were all secretly chatting amongst themselves. As for Ning, he halted his wild attacks and turned to stare at the black-robed figuring making a beeline in his direction. This black-robed figure had quite a cold and sinister face which was very similar to the Eastsmoke leader’s appearance.

“Eh?” When the black-robed Daolord Batdragon saw Ning, he could immediately sense the ripples from a identity medallion of the Twelve Palaces.”

Daolord Batdragon flew into the main palace, and the barriers surrounding the palace all vanished. Clearly, the Eastsmoke leader held complete faith in his big brother.

“Hm.” When Daolord Batdragon saw his little brother, a quck and careful scan showed that he wasn’t injured at all.

“Big brother, this World-level cultivator barged into my Eastsmoke branch.” The Eastsmoke branch leader, World God Mystdragon, pointed at Ning as he howled furiously, “Not only did he kill a group of dozens of my World-level cultivators, he forcibly abducted and enslaved a second group. He wanted to kill me, big brother!”

All of the resentment he had felt was bubbling out now. With his big brother by his side, who did he have to fear?


Daolord Batdragon suddenly struck out with his palm, delivering a vicious blow to the face of the Eastsmoke leader. The Eastsmoke leader’s face immediately twisted and distorted as he was sent flying into the walls of the main palace. BOOM! He collided so hard that the entire palace shook. The palace walls were now covered with blood as the Eastsmoke leader lay on the blood-soaked ground, his body twisted brutally.

The Eastsmoke leader raised his head to stare at his elder brother in disbelief.

“Why haven’t you apologized to this fellow Daoist yet!” Daolord Batdragon stared at him as he furiously roared out these words.

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