Book 32, Chapter 18 - Omega Sword Dao Level Three

Desolate Era

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Ji Ning only had a total of two Dao-seals from the Sword Hegemon. The first had been used up against Kongsan and Shaka, while he had used up the second one here in the Waveshift Realm. He really was out of treasures on this level now.

“Damn.” Hidden within his vine treasure, Daolord Shaka felt a sense of pain in his heart. He had paid an extremely high price for this seed, precisely because he had felt himself to be in life-threatening danger during his last encounter with Ning.

“Daolord Darknorth actually focused all of his power against Timedream and Kingfreak, and I just suffered a few collateral shockwaves? That means I just completely wasted this seed for nothing.” Daolord Shaka felt endless regret. This vine globe’s protective powers were immense, but it was a single-use item. Now, it had been used up without actually making much of a difference.

“Let’s wait a while longer. Darknorth might have a third seal!” Daolord Shaka mused to himself.

“Brother Shaka, why aren’t we going out yet?” The nearby Daolord Snowjoy said anxiously. “The Kingfreak is already attacking. Once he kills Daolord Darknorth, the Voidsea Jadeseal will end up in his hands.”

“Don’t be anxious. Let’s watch for a while longer,” Daolord Shaka said immediately. “Darknorth might have another one.”

“Another one? Could he really have another such treasure?” Daolord Snowjoy didn’t believe it.

“Don’t worry, I’m much faster than Timedream and Kingfreak. I’ll definitely intervene at the critical moment,” Daolord Shaka said.


Daolord Shaka and Daolord Snowjoy continued to watch from behind the protective vine globe as the Kingfreak charged straight towards Ning.

“Die, kid.” The Kingfreak’s eyes were filled with fury and murder. “I won’t give you any chance this time.”

“No, Kingfreak. You’ll be the one to die.” Ning manifested three heads and six arms, wielding all six of his Northbow swords.

BOOM! The Kingfreak’s enormous scimitar glittered with cold light as it chopped straight towards Ning. Although Ning was skilled in defense, the disparity in power was too great and he was still sent flying backwards! The Kingfreak quickly charged forwards once again in pursuit of Ning.

Boom! Boom! Boom! The two battled fiercely, with Ning just barely able to defend. Thanks to his defensive sword-arts and his Hegemon armor, he was able to just barely hold on, even though he was fighting against a higher-tier Daolord.

“He doesn’t have any more Dao-seals with that level of power.” The distant Sectlord Timedream revealed a delighted look as he charged forwards as well. “Freak, this kid is taking you pretty long. Let me help you out.”

“He’s weaker than me, but he has a very powerful protective divine ability,” the Kingfreak sent mentally. “Sectlord, if we work together we’ll be able to defeat and capture him with ease.”



Daolord Shaka and Daolord Snowjoy charged out of the vine globe they had been watching from as well. Based on how badly Ning was being beaten, they felt certain that Ning didn’t have any more terrifying Dao-seals left. They naturally chose to immediately come out and fight over the Voidsea Jadeseal as well.


Ning was in dire straits! The Kingfreak, Sectlord Timedream, Daolord Shaka, and Daolord Snowjoy were all attacking him. They wanted to kill him.

“AHHHHHHH!!!!” Ning suddenly let out an enraged howl as his aura expanded dramatically!

Ninedust had been helping out strictly out of a sense of loyalty to Ning, but he was now suffering unspeakable torment and was in such pain that he begged for death. When Ninedust silently mouthed the words ‘kill me’ towards Ning, Ning felt as though his heart was being stabbed by knives. He was filled with pain, regret, and guilt!

He wanted to hand over the Voidsea Jadeseal to end this battle, only to discover that his big brother Solesky had gone into secluded meditation. He truly had been driven to his wits end!

When he used the Sword Hegemon’s Dao-seal…

When that overwhelmingly awesome phantom of a giant greatsword had appeared and emanated that terrifying aura of sword-intent, Ning’s soul had suddenly trembled. The bottleneck that had trapped him for so many years had suddenly loosened, with many new insights slowly beginning to enter his mind.

Many years ago, when he had used the Stone Censer of Reunion in the Thundersouth Palace, he had managed to reach the third stage in all five of his sword-intents – the Blood Drop sword-intent, the Shadowless sword-intent, the Soleheart sword-intent, the Heavenbreaker sword-intent, and the Yin-Yang sword-intent. However, he had been unable to fuse them together into the third-level Omega Sword Dao. Right at this moment, however, his mind, heart, and truesoul were all in a completely berserk, frenzied state.

When the illusory greatsword manifested, these many emotions mixed together with the insights he gained from that terrifying sword-intent. And so… although the Hegemon’s Dao-seal hadn’t slain anyone, when the Kingfreak attacked Ning, Ning didn’t move to flee despite having no more seals available to him. Instead, he ‘foolishly’ chose to engage the Kingfreak in close combat… and as he fought, a new surge of sword-intent slowly took form in his mind.

When the sword-intent was completely and fully formed, the third stage of his Omega Sword Dao finally took shape!

The rage, regret, and guilt Ning had suppressed inside his heart fully exploded.

“AHHHHHHHHH!!!!” Ning reared his head to let out a frenzied roar, his primal cry echoing in heaven and earth.

“Prepare to die!” Ning turned his gaze towards the attacking Kingfreak, Sectlord Timedream, Daolord Shaka, and Daolord Snowjoy.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! One energy dragon after another flew out of Ning’s body as his nine novessence arts burst forth, transforming into an utterly terrifying Yin-Yang Chaosworld. His Omega Sword Dao – Yin Yang was already on par with the formations which Daolord Allgod had used at his peak, and when used via his Omega Sword Dao they exploded with terrifying levels of power.

Sectlord Timedream’s heartworld projection was actually forcibly held at bay!

“Expand, my heartworld!

“Grow, my Dao-tree!

“Evolve, my divine body!”

Ning didn’t hesitate at all, pouring all of his chaos spirit-pills into his body. Chaos spirit-pills were pills that could be used in combat to quickly replenish divine power and Immortal energy. Chaos jewels were far slower in comparison. While chaos nectar was fairly fast, it was quite marvelous and using it in such a way was far too wasteful. For example, if you wished to merely replenish your divine power, a thousand cubes of chaos jewels would have the same effect as roughly a hundred million cubes of chaos nectar! This difference was a shocking one!

Ten spirit-pills that were worth roughly ten thousand cubes of chaos nectar would be enough to achieve the same effect. Although this was more ‘expensive’ than using chaos jewels, they didn’t bring any burden to the divine body, which could rapidly and fully absorb all of their energy.

Ning was currently using the high level spirit-pill known as the chaos spirit-pill, with every single pill being worth ten thousand cubes of chaos nectar!

But of course, replenishing divine power was different from fueling the body with the energy it needed to evolve. The amount of energy Ning needed right now was staggeringly vast, which was why most Daolords would prefer to absorb chaos energy from the outside world instead. If they wanted to be a bit extravagant, they might use chaos jewels! Using spirit-pills would be an even more extravagant method. As for using chaos nectar? That was virtually impossible.


Whoooooosh. The towering Dao-tree within his body began to grow. It had originally been 252,000 meters tall, and it now began to grow taller and thicker. Even its branches began to thicken as the entire Dao-tree expanded in size, stopping only when it reached a height of 297,000 meters!

297,000 meters was the absolute limit for Daolords of the Third Step. But of course, although Ning was ‘merely’ a Daolord of the Third Step, his path was that of the Omega Sword Dao. As a result, his Dao-tree was unfathomably thicker than that of other Daolords, which meant that his roots were far deeper and more stable.


Boom! His heartworld began to furiously expand. A hundred chaos spirit-pills instantly appeared in the center of the heartworld, and the heartworld began to ravenously devour their power and expand at high speeds.



When Ning had broken through to become a Daolord of the Second Step, he had relied on chaos jewels and had succeeded after just a few brief moments. This time, he was using the energy of the chaos spirit-pills to make his breakthrough. Thus, his divine body was completely transformed in almost the blink of an eye! Every single cell in his body was evolving simultaneously as there was enough energy to support this, making the process incredibly fast.


His divine power and his Immortal energy broke through at the same time as well. His heartworld absorbed the most energy; Ning had prepared a hundred chaos spirit-pills for it, and it took a fairly long period of time to absorb the energy.

The azureflower mist energy began to slowly transform, but it too would take some time. He had a total of 1111 drops of the azureflower mist energy, after all, and every single drop was condensed from all of his divine power and Immortal energy combined. If he was to use chaos spirit-pills to completely replenish his azureflower mist energy… even Ning wouldn’t be able to afford that much.


With Ning at the center, nine energy dragons flew out to form the Yin-Yang Chaosworld. This smashed straight into Timedream’s heartworld projection and came crashing towards all four Daolords.

At the same time, streaks of sword-light began to appear in the skies. Some of the streaks looked like towering, dominating mountains. Some looked incredibly, terrifyingly sharp. Still others looked inscrutable and unpredictable, moving about at high speeds.

Thousands of streaks of sword-light appeared. This was the manifestation of Ning’s third-stage Omega Sword Dao! The stronger a Dao, the more powerful an aura it would manifest. The power of the aura of Ning’s Dao alone was already on par with roughly 20% - 30% of his true close combat ability.

Boom! Boom! Boom! The tightly clustered streaks of sword light flew straight into the Yin-Yang Chaosworld, then attacked the four Daolords.

Whoosh. Ning’s aura began to stabilize as it ascended to a higher level. Just a few heartbeats later, his divine power and his Immortal energy had both completed their breakthroughs. Ning’s body blurred as he once more manifested [Three Heads, Six Arms]. Six Northbow swords at the ready, he glared at his foes.

“Kill!” Ning rode the countless streaks of sword-light and commanded his Yin-Yang Chaosworld in a direct attack.


“How can this be?!”

The Kingfreak, Timedream, Shaka, and Snowjoy were all supreme Daolords. None of them had viewed Ning as an opponent, and they had only thought to kill him as soon as possible so as to take the Voidsea Jadeseal. They were all wary of each other, as they viewed each other as competitors. As for Ning? He was nothing more than a dead man to them.

However… the aura Ning had just exploded with, along with the terrifying power of his Yin-Yang Chaosworld, was a sign that this Daolord Darknorth had just reached a shocking level of might.

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