Book 32, Chapter 20 - The Terrifying Darknorth

Desolate Era

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“Timedream!” Ji Ning turned his murderous gaze towards Sectlord Timedream. The more guilt he felt towards Ninedust, the more badly he wanted to kill the Kingfreak and Timedream. “Die!” He howled through the air as he shot towards Timedream.

Sectlord Timedream’s face instantly turned ashen. His forte lay in heartforce; in close combat, he was slightly weaker than even the Kingfreak. How could he be a match for Ning? He frantically retreated while sending mentally to Daolord Shaka and Daolord Snowjoy, “Brother Shaka, brother Snowjoy, come and help me! If I die, the next ones to fall shall be the two of you. Given the power of his heartworld projection and the suppressive force of his secret arts, neither of you will be able to fly faster than a hundred times the speed of light. There’s no way he won’t be able to chase you down!”

Daolord Snowjoy charged straight towards Ning, laughing loudly. “Daolord Darknorth, you were actually able to force me to retreat just now, but that was only because you caught me offguard. Let’s try again!”

“Brother Shaka!” Sectlord Timedream continued to urge Shaka onwards.

“Timedream, Ji Ning’s heartforce illusions are extremely terrifying,” Daolord Shaka sent mentally. “I’m afraid to go too close to him.”

“What’s there to be afraid of? Freak had a flawed Dao-heart, which was why he fell so easily. Look at Daolord Snowjoy; does he look the slightest bit worried?” Sectlord Timedream sent back.

The Kingfreak was the only one of the twenty supreme Daolords who was the servant of another. He was willing to serve Sectlord Timedream and was completely loyal to him, viewing the Sectlord’s life as being more important than his own life. This was precisely because Sectlord Timedream had spent countless years slowly guiding him and molding him, resulting in the Kingfreak’s unswerving loyalty. As a result, the Kingfreak’s Dao-heart did indeed have certain flaws… and it was Sectlord Timedream himself who had laid the seeds for that flaw.

“Timedream, don’t try to take me for a fool.” Daolord Shaka sent disdainfully, “I’m not a match for Darknorth. There’s no way I’m going to engage him in close combat… but don’t worry. I’ll help you from afar with my magic treasures.”

A total of six golden plumes appeared, one after the other, then transformed into six streaks of light that shot towards Ning.


Ning and Daolord Snowjoy once more began to battle against each other. Rumble… Ning once more cast the [Dreamstar] art.

“It’s useless against me. I’ve tempered myself countless times in life-and-death situations. Your illusory arts aren’t even close to being able to shake me.” Daolord Snowjoy was filled with the urge to do battle, as he truly did love combat. He knew that Sectlord Timedream was making use of him, but he still charged forwards unwaveringly.

“Yes, my illusions still aren’t strong enough.” Ning did understand this. If he wanted to be able to sweep through all supreme Daolords with his illusions, he would have to reach the same level as Daolord Featherdress. Perhaps the strength of Ning’s heartforce was on par with Daolord Featherdress’, but his [Dreamstar] art was a far cry from being on par with the completed [Featherdress Soulthrall Song].

“Even if I don’t use illusions, you still aren’t a match for me.” Ning was incomparably savage in battle, and his six Northbow swords were filled with incredible might as he blew through Daolord Snowjoy’s attacks like they were rotted wood. Although Ning’s Omega Sword Dao – Heavenbreaker was a brute-force attack, it was also ephemeral and unpredictable, making it impossible for Daolord Snowjoy to dodge and forcing him to take the attacks head-on each time.

Bang! Bang! Bang! After receiving several blows in a row, Daolord Snowjoy and his two Stargod clones were all knocked flying backwards.

“Timedream, hurry over here and help me out!” Daolord Snowjoy roared mentally. “I can’t stop him by myself!”

“Brother Snowjoy, at least he won’t be able to kill you. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to temper yourself!” Sectlord Timedream sent mentally.

“If you refuse to come help, I’m going to leave. The person Darknorth really wants to kill right now is you!” Daolord Snowjoy said coldly.

“Damn.” Seeing this, Sectlord Timedream had no choice but to grit his teeth and swallow his rage. “Haha, since you’ve asked for my help, brother Snowjoy… although I’m rather weak in close combat, I’ll still come help out!”

Moments later, both Daolord Snowjoy and Sectlord Timedream attacked Ning together, with Daolord Shaka’s six golden plumes striking towards Ning as well.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Ning’s heartworld projection and his nine novessence arts continued to apply pressure to the two of them, but Sectlord Timedream’s heartworld projection was able to alleviate some of the pressure as Timedream sent it crashing against Ning’s projection.

Six Northbow swords in hand, Ning faced off against all his foes: Daolord Snowjoy, his two Stargod clones, Sectlord Timedream, and the six incredibly fast golden plumes that moved more than a hundred times the speed of light.

“I refuse to believe that you can hold on forever against the attacks of three supreme Daolords!” The distant Daolord Shaka truly didn’t wish to accept such an outcome. These six golden plumes he was controlling from afar were amongst the most valuable treasures this Aberrant form of his was in control of, and he had already bound them into lifeblood treasures. Generally speaking, when he encountered tough foes he would use them to attack from afar. The plumes were unpredictable and incredibly sharp, allowing him to chop through his foes with howling strikes.

“Damn.” Sectlord Timedream manifested six arms as well, with each arm holding onto a pitch-black claw-weapon. This was a very special type of weapon, and the tips of the claws were covered with spots of white light. When he brandished his claws, they danced out in a dreamlike manner that made Ning feel as though he was daydreaming; in fact, Ning even felt as though he was growing drowsy. However, as one of the most supreme Heartforce Cultivator Daolords, Ning was able to easily endure this special attack.

This fight laid bare the differences between Ning and Sectlord Timedream! Ning simply hadn’t been training long enough; the only heartforce abilities he had were his [Heartforce Eradicator] and his [Dreamstar] art. These were indeed killer techniques, but Ning hadn’t yet spent any time in coming up with ordinary heartforce-infused combat techniques or techniques which could infect the foe with heartforce. He just hadn’t had the time.

“Die, die, die!” Sectlord Timedream’s lips continuously mumbled this word, sending them echoing within Ning’s mind like a demonic chant as he repeatedly used his claws to lash out towards Ning.

“Timedream, my heartworld is even faster than yours! For you to use such puny tricks against me is an absolute joke.” Ning was filled with the desire to kill this man. He used just a portion of his sword-light to defend against Daolord Shaka’s treasures and Sectlord Timedream’s attacks; the only one bringing Ning some real pressure was Daolord Snowjoy.

Daolord Snowjoy, in defenses alone, was ranked amongst the top three Daolords. Even though Ning had the advantage of his nine novessence arts and his heartworld projection, he was only able to knock Daolord Snowjoy back rather than truly defeat him. As for right now, when Ning was surrounded by three opponents? He wasn’t even able to knock Daolord Snowjoy back.

“Wonderful, wonderful!” Daolord Snowjoy and his two Stargod clones continued to furiously assault Ning.

“Daolord Snowjoy, hurry up and depart!” Ning was growing impatient as well. His six Northbow swords flowed outwards in dominating strikes, allowing him to hold a slight advantage even though it was a three-on-one fight! However, if this continued he would have no chance of actually winning this fight. And in truth, Ning didn’t even really want to fight Daolord Snowjoy. Daolord Snowjoy was a worthy foe, but what Ning really wanted to do was to kill Timedream.

Ninedust was still suffering terrifying pain within Ning’s estate-world. He was a supreme Daolord, but he had begged for Ning to kill him! How horrifying was the pain he was in? Ning swore to himself that he would kill Sectlord Timedream, but Daolord Snowjoy was barring his path. “Why won’t you fuck off?”

“Haha, Daolord Darknorth, I’m impressed at your strength. You are able to fight us, one against three! However, with brother Snowjoy here, you won’t be able to harm us at all,” Sectlord Timedream laughed coldly.

“The first one I’m going to kill is you.” Ning didn’t even try to disguise his murderous intent.

“If this continues, even more supreme Daolords will arrive here. In the end, you’ll be the one to die!” Sectlord Timedream didn’t attempt to hide his murderous feelings either. If you raised a dog long enough, you’d eventually grow attached to it. The Kingfreak had been his most devoted retainer and had followed him for countless years. Whenever Timedream found a second copy of a good treasure he already possessed, he was willing to give it to the Kingfreak. This was a testament to how deep their relationship was.

Ning had killed the Kingfreak. Sectlord Timedream was filled with the desire to kill Ning as well!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Ning repeatedly clashed against Snowjoy and Timedream in midair. Whoosh! Ning suddenly retreated, flying backwards at a hundred times the speed of light.

“Why is he fleeing?” Sectlord Timedream immediately shouted, “Chase him down! Don’t let him escape! Slow him down as much as we can. Once the other Daolords arrive, he won’t be able to hold us off.”

“Chase him down.” Daolord Snowjoy and Timedream all chased after Ning, but they were much slower than him and were quickly shaken off.

Whoosh. The distant, escaping Ning suddenly vanished into thin air.

“How did he suddenly vanish?” Sectlord Timedream’s face turned pale. He couldn’t help but begin to slow down, due to his habitual caution.

“Eh?” Daolord Snowjoy continued the pursuit, studying the area carefully with his godsense.

“Why did he suddenly vanish?” The distant Daolord Shaka was puzzled as well.


Sectlord Timedream vigilantly scanned the area. “Eh?” He suddenly sensed a premonition of incredible, life-threatening danger approaching him. His face instantly turned pale.

Slash! An incredibly soft blade struck out, wrapping itself around his waist like a rope and tying him up almost instantly. A heartbeat later, someone appeared in front of Sectlord Timedream.

It was a white-robed youth with three heads, six arms, and murderous eyes.

“Ji Ning!” Sectlord Timedream revealed a look of shock and terror. “How is this possible? Y-you… your evasion arts can avoid even godsense?”

Omega Sword Dao, Shadowless sword-intent!

After becoming a Daolord of the Third Step, Ning’s Blood Drop stance was able to surpass both space and time! As for the Shadowless stance, it had also reached incredible heights and was now able to perfectly avoid even godsense, allowing Ning to catch his enemies completely offguard and then capture them! This was a terrifying killer move. Over the course of countless chaos cycles, every so often one of the elite Daolords would be able to come up with this type of killer move, and in each case they would instantly be ranked amongst the top three Daolords of that era.

This killer move was even more terrifying than the three killer moves of the Radiant King!

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