Book 32, Chapter 25 - A Duel of Supremes

Desolate Era

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Winesage continued to stand there. His face remained placid, but his eyes narrowed slightly. He didn’t move to dodge the Omega Sword Dao – Heavenbreaker. Instead, he manifested a total of six arms and slowly raised them up high. All six of his hands seemed to contain a strange, marvelous amount of power within them. If mere World-level cultivators were present, their souls and truesouls could well be wiped out just via watching this attack.

Ji Ning, being a major power on the same level as Winesage, naturally didn’t have to worry about this.

“Exterminate!” Winesage’s six hands simultaneously flipped open and struck outwards.

Bang! Ning’s six Northbow swords furiously struck down as well. It was a head-on collision of frontal attacks.

Boom! Ning and Winesage were both knocked backwards. A terrifying shockwave of power swept out in every direction, causing even distant spectators like Palace Lord Dawnstar to be affected by it. Dawnstar revealed a look of surprise: “Winesage’s [Extermination Palms] are incredibly dominating, but Darknorth was actually able to block it head-on. The two actually fought to a standstill?”

“Not bad at all. Take another attack from me!” Winesage found his footing atop the water, then charged forwards once more as his six arms spread out in a slow, gentle manner like the wings of a roc.

Whoosh. Winesage moved closer and closer to Ning, carrying a surge of ghostly power with him. His body gave birth to a myriad of shadowy after-images, and his six arms seemed to transform into countless blurs, almost as though he had thousands of arms. Every single hand used different stances, such as claws, palms, or gentle pushes…

Winesage glided towards Ning like a ghost or a dream, his countless hands all reaching out towards him. If the [Extermination Palms] represented the utmost in hard, aggressive, Yang-style destruction, then this technique represented the utmost in soft, gentle, Yin-style attacks.

“Bring it!” Ning was overjoyed upon seeing this. He charged straight towards Winesage, his six Northbow swords transforming to become unpredictable, ephemeral, and translucent, vanishing and reappearing without rhyme or reason.

Slash! Slash! Slash! Slash! Slash! Slash!

Each time Ning’s swords and Winesage’s palms collided, the collision was very gentle and soft. Both were using very soft, Yin-style attacks… but each strike was filled with murderous intent.

Ning’s Shadowless evasion art was born from his Shadowless stance. By now, his Omega Sword Dao – Shadowless was able to make use of all types of energy. It was skilled in energy redirection and completely unpredictable, making it the most soft and Yin-style of attacks.


The two were like a pair of dancers. Each clash was whisper-soft and the movements were gentle beyond compare, but both moved like incredibly fast blurs. Winesage gave birth to countless fluctuating shadows while Ning would occasionally disappear and then be forced to reappear due to the Asura Domain.

“Interesting.” The distant Palace Lord Dawnstar laughed. “Winesage has three killer attacks; the [Extermination Palms], the [Asura Dance], and the [Awakening Dream], with each attack being more deadly than the last. Although the [Extermination Palms] are very dominating, they don’t contain enough variability and flexibility. The [Asura Dance] and the [Dreamwaker Finger] are more unpredictable… but Darknorth is an extremely powerful Heartforce Cultivator. The Asura Domain is virtually useless against him, making it so that the [Asura Dance] isn’t able to reach its full potential as well.”

The [Asura Dance] was one of Winesage’s most powerful attacks. When he fought against Dawnstar and the others, he would generally first unleash his heartworld projection and his Asura Domain! When the Asura Domain was used in combination with his [Asura Dance], his foes found it extremely difficult to do anything to him.

“It seems he’ll have to rely on the [Dreamwaker Finger].” Palace Lord Dawnstar nodded. “Winesage relied on this stance to become acknowledged as the number one Daolord of the Endless Territories.”

Much like how Daolord Featherdress’ most powerful killer attack was the [Featherdress Soulthrall Melody], Winesage’s most deadly attack was his [Dreamwaker Finger]. Supposedly, it was a killer attack he suddenly came up with after getting drunk and waking up the next morning. In the face of this strike, even the likes of Palace Lord Dawnstar and the Radiant King were defeated… and so, Winesage became the undisputed number one Daolord of the Endless Territories.

But of course, Palace Lord Dawnstar and the Radiant King both had terrifying killer attacks of their own. The reason why Winesage was still able to beat them was principally because they would be affected by his heartworld projection and Asura Domain when they fought him! Even before the battle had begun, they would already be reduced to 60% - 70% of their true power. It was understandable for the two of them to lose to him.

This was why, from a historical standpoint, the vast majority of number one Daolords were Heartforce Cultivators! Even though foes might be able to endure their heartforce illusions and other heartforce attacks, the foes would still be weakened by the heartworld projection, which put the two on uneven playing fields.


Whoosh. Circular waves rippled out from the surface of the water. Ning and Winesage had just separated after another clash. Winesage stood there on the surface of the water, a smile on his face. “Dawnstar and the Radiant King also managed to just barely withstand my first two killer attacks. My final attack is known as the [Dreamwaker Finger]. If you can withstand it and remain undefeated, that means you are even stronger than Dawnstar and the Radiant King. In that case, I’ll use my Universe treasure to defeat you… but of course, if you fall to the [Dreamwaker Finger], you won’t be worthy of seeing my Universe treasure.”

“The [Dreamwaker Finger]?” Ning said calmly, “I also have a killer attack that I have yet to display. Let’s see whose is stronger.”

Technically speaking, Ning’s three attacking stances (the Shadowless stance, the Heavenbreaker stance, and the Blood Drop stance) were all on the same level. However, his Northbow swords had evolved after absorbing the golden sand from the cracked planetary core, causing the power of the Blood Drop stance to increase fivefold.

Fivefold. What did that mean? As a Daolord of the Second Step, Ning was able to transcend space with ease. As a Daolord of the Third Step, he was similarly able to break past the limit of a hundred times the speed of light with ease. Even Daolord Shaka had been defeated in a single blow by this attack.

Because of the special properties of the Northbow swords, the Blood Drop stance was Ning’s most powerful attacking stance.

“Oh?” Winesage began to move. “Then take my blow.”

Winesage was like a giant roc who flew towards Ning at lightning speeds. His six hands reached out like talons, each hand coming from a different direction! This seemed like a very casual and gentle attack, but spacetime in the local area began to tremble and shake. It must be remembered that the Grand Waveshift Formation caused spacetime within the Waveshift Realm to be extremely stable, preventing even spacetime techniques from tearing the local spacetime apart. For Winesage’s supreme attack to be able to affect spacetime locally was testament to its tremendous power.

Although the attack was very light and soft, it seemed to summon all the might of the local spacetime. Each of the six attacks contained an inconceivable amount of power.

The [Extermination Palms] and the [Asura Dance] both contained certain profound elements of the Dao of Destruction, but the [Dreamwaker Finger] contained the true essence and power of destruction within it. In the instant that it touched the opponent, its full power would be instantaneously unleashed.

“Omega Sword Dao – Blood Drop!” Ning didn’t hesitate at all, immediately unleashing his most powerful attack. His six Northbow swords all executed this move, flying out like dazzling streaks of light! Every single streak of light seemed to be capable of tearing through space and time, causing spacetime in the area to tremble and shake. In the final instant before contact, the tips of the six Northbow swords began to spiral slightly. Boom! They instantly increased in speed, tearing past a hundred times the speed of light.

“Eh?” Winesage’s face changed. “He broke through the limit and struck faster than a hundred times the speed of light. But Darknorth trains in the Dao of the Sword! Since when was the Dao of the Sword capable of breaching the limits on speed?”

Generally speaking, those who were able to breach that limit and move or strike faster than a hundred times the speed of light actually trained in the Dao of Light, such as the Radiant King or Daolord Shaka! This Dao was a Dao of speed to begin with.

Someone who trained in the Dao of the Sword was able to breach this limit as well? This forced Winesage to feel slightly anxious, but it was too late now. There was no backing out of this attack!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Ning’s six sword-tips drilled straight towards the tips of Winesage’s six fingers. They collided head-on! BOOM!

A terrifying amount of force was released on both ends, resulting in an unbelievable explosion!

“WHAT?!” The distant Palace Lord Dawnstar was so stunned his eyes bulged out. “This is impossible!” He watched as Winesage was actually knocked flying backwards, smashing into the surface of the river and causing the surrounding water to disappear. As for Ning, he continued to pursue Winesage with six Northbow swords in hand!

“The [Dreamwaker Finger] was actually defeated?” Palace Lord Dawnstar could hardly believe it. “He lost in a frontal exchange?!”


“If Winesage didn’t have that Universe treasure, Daolord Darknorth should be ranked as the number one Daolord in the Endless Territories. Impressive, truly impressive.” The two elders within the Dao Alliance’s Palace of Immortals both sighed in amazement.


“I’ve wandered through many places and have seen many Daolords who have dazzled me. Today, I’ve seen two more. The one named Darknorth… for him to reach such a level despite merely having trained for less than a hundred million years is simply incredible.” Both Hegemon Welkin and the Brightshore Hegemon were watching this fight as well.


Winesage slammed into the waters of the river, a look of disbelief on his face. “My [Dreamwaker Finger] was actually defeated?” In the past, prior to him acquiring the Universe treasure, he had reigned undefeated… but today, his supreme technique had actually been defeated? And in a head-on clash, no less. He truly was rendered speechless!

“His swords are not only incredibly fast, they also contain incredible power.” Winesage had a mixed look on his face. “When my life comes to an end, the most powerful Daolord of this era shall be Darknorth.”

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