Book 32, Chapter 28 - Crimsonwave Temple

Desolate Era

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Despite the relative indifference of the Hegemons, Ji Ning and the other Daolords were paying rapt attention to the fact that Daolord Solesky had succeeded in his Daomerge and become an Eternal Emperor.

“True eternity.” Ning looked at Emperor Solesky, a complicated feeling in his heart. If it hadn’t been for happened to Ninedust, Ning would be celebrating… but instead he was trying to keep a tight lid on his temper and prevent it from exploding. His big brother Solesky really had used up the Voidsea Jadeseal and let him and Ninedust protect him like idiots! For Ning to do this was one thing, but Ninedust didn’t have much of a relationship with Solesky; wouldn't Solesky be ashamed if he allowed Ninedust to die on his behalf in the outside world? They had already agreed to hand over the Voidsea Jadeseal if they were unable to continue the fight. So what the hell happened?

Ning had wanted to ask this question for quite some time now, but for the sake of the Daomerge Solesky had completely entered a state of secluded meditation. Even his avatar had gone into seclusion, completely absorbed with the Daomerge. There had been no chance to speak to him at all.

“Darknorth.” Emperor Solesky wanted to explain.

Winesage barked, “Emperor Solesky, when you claim you used up the Voidsea Jadeseal, are you perhaps trying to help Darknorth and Ninedust out?” He did indeed find this rather suspicious. As he saw it, both Ning and Ninedust were much stronger than Daolord Solesky had been. How could Solesky be the one to end up using it, while Ning and Ninedust risked their lives to defend him? What would be the point? Was it possible that Emperor Solesky was lying in an attempt to deceive them?

“I really did use it up,” Emperor Solesky said hurriedly. “I’m not helping them out. They were helping me out! I swear on my very life itself that I’ve already used up the Voidsea Jadeseal and in the process completed the Daomerge. If anything I just said was false, let my soul be shattered and my truesoul forever dissipate!” Emperor Solesky said in a loud voice.

Winesage shook his head. Given that Solesky had just sworn a lifeblood oath, there was no way he was lying. “Alas… all that for nothing.”

“At least there are three more remaining,” Palace Lord Dawnstar said.

Suddenly, a series of figures began to appear in midair. All of the Daolord squads throughout the Waveshift Realm were able to see a version of this white-robed man appear before them! It was Realmsoul Polo once more.

Realmsoul Polo stared downwards, his gaze focusing on Emperor Solesky. “Emperor Solesky, my master has decreed that Eternal Emperors are forbidden from breaching the Grand Waveshift Formation and entering this realm! However, since you were originally just a Daolord when you entered, your presence here will not be ruled a violation of the rules. Still, you must immediately depart from the Waveshift Realm. I’ll open up a corridor for you to leave through.”

“Realmsoul Polo, please give me half a day first.” Emperor Solesky lifted his head and said in a clear voice, “I definitely will not damage any of the formations within the Waveshift Realm.” He knew that he had to give Ning a satisfactory explanation. Otherwise… although they wouldn’t go from being brothers to being mortal enemies, the relationship between the two of them would be dramatically impacted by today’s events.

“Fine, but only half a day.” Polo agreed to his request.

There were many Daolords in the Waveshift Realm, and virtually all of them were Verge-level Daolords. For them to attempt the Daomerge here was reasonable. If an Eternal Emperor from the outside world dared to enter by force, Realmsoul Polo definitely would’ve launched a counterstrike! His master, Emperor Waveshift, had left quite a few tricks and traps behind. However, if a Daolord within the realm actually made a breakthrough, Polo would simply congratulate them.


“Daolord Solesky used up the Voidsea Jadeseal?”

“Not Daolord Solesky; he’s now Emperor Solesky!”

“Ninedust and Darknorth fought all that time just for his sake?”

The many Daolords in the realm were all rather speechless. Both Darknorth and Ninedust were supreme Daolords who had beaten back one squad after another of Daolords. Even Sectlord Timedream and the Kingfreak had died! The many Daolords in the Waveshift Realm would’ve accepted either of them acquiring the Voidsea Jadeseal, but who would’ve thought that it would be Daolord Solesky who would end up with it?

“Daolord Solesky really is a lucky man, for him to have become lifelong friends with Daolord Darknorth early on. This time, it was Daolord Darknorth who helped him acquire the Voidsea Jadeseal.”

“His luck truly was incredible.”

The Daolords all sighed in amazement and envy. Given how strong Daolord Solesky had been, as an Eternal Emperor he would no doubt be able to live an extremely long life. There were no Daolords, at least, capable of posing a threat to him.


After the airborne Realmsoul Polo finished speaking with Emperor Solesky, the realmsoul continued, “The competition over the first two Voidsea Jadeseals has come to an end. Now, it is time for the final three seals.”

The countless Daolords within the Waveshift Realm all listened intently.

“The final three seals are all located within the tenth layer of the Waveshift Realm.” Realmsoul Polo stared downwards at the Daolords. “I believe that thus far, none of you have managed to reach the tenth layer.”

“Right.” The Daolords all nodded. The Waveshift Realm had a total of ten layers, something which Emperor Waveshift had made known back when he was still around here. However, thus far no one had been able to enter the tenth layer.

“The tenth layer is over there.” Realmsoul Polo pointed towards a certain direction off in the distance.


A distant mountain range began to shake and rumble, then split apart as an enormous edifice began to emerge from deep within it. A terrifying, awesome aura of power emanated from this enormous building, with the aura being so strong that every single Daolord within the Waveshift Realm was able to sense it clearly. Even those who were very far away from it and were unable to see it clearly due to many different formations blocking their vision were able to sense it. It was like a terrifying, slumbering beast that was slowly waking up and making its presence felt.

“How terrifying.” For now, Ning didn’t pay his big brother Solesky any heed as he focused on attuning to that distant, incredible, terrifying aura of power.

The airborne Realmsoul Polo also stared off into the distance, watching as the enormous thing slowly rose. Finally, it made itself fully visible. It was an ancient temple that was a mixture of black and gold, and anyone who looked at it would sense its incredible age.

“The tenth layer is actually that ancient temple over there!” Realmsoul Polo said. “This temple is known as the Crimsonwave Temple!”

“The tenth layer is the Crimsonwave Temple, and all three of the Voidsea Jadeseals are located within it,” Realmsoul Polo said.


Hegemon Brightshore and Hegemon Welkin had been seated, but they now both shot to their feet in astonishment, staring at the enormous image in front of them and the scene of the ancient temple’s emergence. The temple had three ancient characters written directly above it. The characters were extremely complicated, much like the Dreamdust language and the azureflower seals.

As for the three characters, they stood for: ‘Crimson’ ‘Wave’ and ‘Temple’.

“Crimsonwave Temple?” Hegemon Brightshore and Hegemon Welkin shared a glance, stunned looks in both of their eyes.

“The legendary Crimsonwave Temple?” Hegemon Welkin murmured softly, “The legendary Crimsonwave Temple has actually appeared within your realmverse… how did Emperor Waveshift manage to move the Crimsonwave Temple into his Waveshift realm?”

“Is it really the Crimsonwave Temple?” Hegemon Brightshore was stunned as well.


“It’s the Crimsonwave Temple!” Hegemon Netherlily shot to her feet from her throne, two blurry streams of light emanating from her eyes.

“Crimsonwave Temple?” The ancient Eternal Emperors all had puzzled looks on their faces.

“What’s a Crimsonwave Temple?”

“Hegemon, what is this Crimsonwave Temple of which you speak?”

All of them were puzzled. Hegemon Netherlily, however, just stared at the ancient temple as she murmured softly, “Myself, Brightshore, Windrain… all of our treasures combined are not worth as much as Crimsonwave Temple. Emperor Waveshift… you truly are incredible.”


“The legendary Crimsonwave Temple?” The enormous face within the vast forest of countless trees revealed a stunned look as well. “The Crimsonwave Temple was actually relocated into our realmverse, the Endless Territories?”


“Impressive abilities. Simply impressive!” The gold-furred alien and the black-robed, black-haired elder within the Dao Alliance were shocked as well. They stared at the levitating mirror in front of them and at the image of that ancient temple within the mirror.

“When did that brat Waveshift manage to relocate the Crimsonwave Temple into his little world, and without anyone noticing to boot?”

“If it wasn’t because he voluntarily exposed it, none of us would know a thing.”

“It must’ve cost him a fortune.”


In the Waveshift Realm itself, Ning and the other countless Daolords simply stared expectantly as the tenth layer, the ‘Crimsonwave Temple’, made its appearance. They were eagerly focused on the three final Voidsea Jadeseals, and they didn’t really know what the name ‘Crimsonwave Temple’ represented.

“My master has wandered the endless Great Dark. Crimsonwave Temple was the greatest treasure my master has ever gained, after experiencing countless dangers and travails.” Realmsoul Polo stared downwards, his voice echoing throughout the Waveshift Realm. “The Endless Territories is my master’s homeland and thus he sent Crimsonwave Temple here as an offering to it.”

Realmsoul Polo was extremely proud. These words were meant to be heard by the highest-level members of the six powers. Indeed, Emperor Waveshift had offered his greatest treasure, ‘Crimsonwave Temple’, to the Endless Territories.

“The final three Voidsea Jadeseals are located within the Crimsonwave Temple. Only supreme Daolords will stand a chance at surviving it.” Realmsoul Polo looked downwards at the countless Daolords, a hint of a smile on his face.

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