Book 32, Chapter 3 - Frenzied Battle

Desolate Era

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Fiendqueen Dustrain was flabbergasted by this. She never would’ve imagined that the two Daolords before her would actually dare to assault her. Enraged to the point of laughter, she said, “Suicidal fools!”

BOOM! A dense black fog suddenly swept out from her and surged towards Ji Ning and Ninedust.

“Is that all you have?” Ninedust’s body became protected by rippling curtains of water that surged forward like waves. They clashed straight against the surging black mist, with both actually being stalemated for a time.

“Descend.” The white-robed youth with the golden sword on his back, Ji Ning, let out a low growl. Instantly, the area around him became filled with a partial illusion of an absolutely enormous world. At the center of this world was an enormous sword-shaped mountain that came crashing down with ferocity! The heartworld projection came down. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! The black mist, already stalemated by the rippling curtains of water, actually started to be crushed apart by the force of Ning’s heartworld projection.

“Nine novessence arts!” Nine energy dragons flew out of Ning’s body, howling with rage as they attacked.

The Ripplewater art, the nine novessence arts, and the heartworld projection, all at the same time. The Fiendqueen’s black mist was completely overwhelmed and destroyed, and both her and her two Daolord allies were suppressed and weakened by the effects of the three enemy domains.

“They actually have such powerful secret arts?” The Fiendqueen felt her body grow sluggish, almost as though entire worlds were pressing down against her. She felt as though she was an ordinary person trapped in quicksand, with every single movement and motion being incredibly taxing. She could hardly believe this. “Right now, I’m only able to use perhaps 60% of my full power at most! How could they have developed such powerful secret arts?”

“Ahh! Fiendqueen!” Daolord Feiting let out a horrified cry from next to her. He was suffering the same thing she was, but the repercussions for him were far greater. “Fiendqueen, I’m able to unleash at most a tenth of my full strength. What should we do?”

A look of crazed rage appeared in the Fiendqueen’s crimson eyes. The two sides had yet to actually engage in battle, but these two had already seized the upper hand!

Secret arts were extremely important types of support skills, but in the end they relied on outside sources of power, making it extremely difficult to truly upgrade them! Ninedust only reached his current level of power in his Ripplewater art due to countless years of accumulating resources, as well as him being lucky enough to acquire the Dragonfish ki within the core of the planet he had been in. As for Ning, he had insights into many different Daos and the guidance of the [Seven Leafpill Chapters], which was why he had been able to master those nine novessence arts.

The Ripplewater art, the nine novessence arts, and a heartworld projection! When the three were applied in succession, their power was comparable to Daolord Allgod at his peak when he personally used the nine novessence arts.

Daolord Allgod had once been ranked as one of the top three cultivators of the Endless Territories, and his nine novessence arts were an important part of the reason for this. He was able to use these arts to suppress the likes of Emperor Melobo, causing Melobo to be dramatically weakened in combat.

“Feiting is just barely on par with ordinary Eternal Emperors in power, but he’s actually been suppressed to the point where he can barely fight. However… even though I’m only able to unleash 60% of my power, that’ll still be more than enough.” The Fiendqueen’s face became even more savage as she growled, “Die!”

BOOM! She shot straight towards the Ninedust Sectlord, who was also charging straight towards her. The Fiendqueen growled furiously as she struck out with her crystalline hands, a layer of black light covering them as she reached towards the Ninedust Sectlord.

“Hmph.” The Ninedust Sectlord struck out with his longstaff, sending it arcing through the skies in a beautiful line that culminated in a lashing strike against the Fiendqueen’s hands.

Both felt absolute confidence in themselves. Both chose to fight head-on!

BOOM! An enormous explosion could be heard. Both the Fiendqueen and the Ninedust Sectlord were knocked flying backwards.

“What?! Impossible!” The Fiendqueen could hardly believe it. At her level of power, she should’ve been able to trample over second-tier Daolords even with just 60% of her full strength. How was it that she hadn’t been able to gain any advantages at all just now?

“She’s actually on par with me, even when two secret arts and a heartworld projection are suppressing her?” The Ninedust Sectlord was enraged by this. “Again!” Whoosh! This time, his aura skyrocketed in power as he raised his longstaff high in the air, then delivered a furious frontal strike with it. The Fiendqueen’s face tightened, but she still elected to use her hands to block this blow.


This time, the sound of the collision was a very low and deep one. However, Ning could feel his own heart tremble from it. The Ninedust Sectlord’s body trembled as his momentum was halted, while Fiendqueen Dustrain was knocked flying backwards, a few flecks of blood visible on the corner of her lips. She said angrily, “I didn’t expect you to actually be an Ancient cultivator!”

“Yes.” The Ninedust Sectlord was quite proud and confident. “You aren’t bad at all.”

“If you didn’t have these secret arts and the heartworld projection, do you think you would be able to kill me?” A cold light flashed through the Fiendqueen’s eyes.

“What I think is that you should fuck off. You aren’t able to beat the two of us,” Ninedust said.

“Scram,” Ning agreed coldly.

In truth, both of them realized that Ninedust had only been able to seize a slight advantage thanks to his usage of that forbidden divine ability. If they really were to continue this fight, they wouldn’t be able to do anything to Fiendqueen Dustrain.

“Fuck off? Did you actually just tell me to fuck off?” The Fiendqueen’s emerald-colored face was filled with rage. Gritting her teeth, she produced a strange fiery-red globe in her hands. The globe was covered with many twisting, protruding lines. She tossed it high in the air, and the protruding lines on its surface instantly flared with light.

Moments later, it was like a fiery star had appeared in the skies and was emanating streams of blurry red light. The streams of hazy red light covered the entire area. When the nine novessence arts and the Ripplewater art touched the red light, the two instantly could sense their secret arts were dramatically weakened. Ning could even sense that the influence of his heartworld projection was being similarly weakened by the countless streams of red light.

“What type of treasure is this?” Ning and Ninedust exchanged a glance.

“Fiendqueen, I’m doing much better now. I’m now able to unleash eighty to ninety percent of my full power.” Daolord Feiting revealed a smile, his body now protected by that blurry red light. Although the heartworld projection still continued to have an impact on him, he was clearly doing much better than before.

“Fiendqueen.” Daolord Incense Dragon, who had been analyzing the formations from far, walked out of his wooden house. Earlier, the power of the secret arts and heartworld projection had been so great that he had no choice but to remain in hiding. “Let Feiting and I work together to fight Darknorth.”

“Fine. The two of you should work together to get rid of him as soon as possible. As for the Ancient cultivator… hmph. He’s going to die as well.” The Fiendqueen once more charged forwards.

“Haha, let’s have a fun fight!” The Ninedust Sectlord once more charged forwards.

Ning stretched out his arms, a Northbow sword in each hand as he slowly strolled towards Daolord Feiting, a smile on his face. “Ninedust, there aren’t as many people as famous as Fiendqueen Dustrain. If you can beat her, you’ll definitely become famous.” As he spoke, he suddenly charged straight towards Daolord Feiting, who was wielding a set of six azure swords as well.

“Kill!” The distant Daolord Incense Dragon waved a finger from afar, causing a thousand golden globes to shoot towards Ning like a storm of meteors. As they flew outwards, they actually came together to form a strange formation-diagram that came crashing towards Ning.

“How laughable.” Just as Ning began to battle against Daolord Feiting, Ning suddenly unleashed a heartforce attack. Two surges of heartforce struck out, smashing against the souls and truesouls of both of them. Both of the Daolords managed to endure the hit, but next came the even more bizarre [Dreamstar] art.

“Ah!” Daolord Incense Dragon stumbled backwards, the formation-diagram formed by the thousand golden beads scattering and breaking apart.

“Not good.” Daolord Feiting saw a series of illusions appear in front of him as well, and he let out a furious growl as he worked to break it.

Slash! A streak of sword-light chopped straight across Daolord Feiting’s body. Although he was protected by a suit of Eternal armor, the terrifying collisive power within Ning’s strike was still enough to cause him to spit out a mouthful of blood as he was knocked flying backwards.

Whooooosh! While flying backwards, Daolord Feiting still managed to strike out with his six azure swords, sending them howling through the air towards Ning.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Ning used his two swords to clash twelve times against the enemy’s swords, then stabbed past them to strike straight at Daolord Feiting once more.

This time, his strike was delivered using the Omega Sword Dao – Blood Drop. This was the most powerful stance Ning could use with his Northbow swords, especially after they absorbed the golden sand from the shattered world-core. This strike scraped past the six swords and struck Daolord Feiting right on his lower jaw.

Spurt! Blood flew out of Daolord Feiting’s mouth as he was sent flying backwards. For a second, he was completely dazed by the force of this attack.

“Get in here.” Ning’s other longsword struck out, moving to wrap itself around Daolord Feiting and bind him.

“Run, quick!” A formation-diagram descended, blocking Ning’s Northbow sword as Daolord Incense Dragon let out a frantic mental shout from afar.

BOOM! Ning’s sword collided head-on with Daolord Incense Dragon’s formation-diagram. This bought time for Daolord Feiting to come back to his senses, and his face was completely ashen. He knew just how close he had come to dying. He immediately transformed into a gust of wind, moving at fifty times the speed of light as he fled straight towards Daolord Incense Dragon’s direction.

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