Book 32, Chapter 5 - The Palace of Immortals, Rankings Redone

Desolate Era

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Solesky and Badlands began to work on unlocking this formation while using a temporal acceleration treasure. To enter the formation, they simply needed to find a small opening for them to bore in through! Actually defeating the entire formation was thousands of times more difficult.

In the blink of an eye, more than 120 years went past.

“How is that possible?” Daolord Badlands suddenly let out a startled cry.

“What is it?” The nearby Solesky turned to look at him in confusion, as did Ji Ning and Ninedust from outside the formation.

“I just received word that a short while ago, the Radiant King got into a huge fight with an ordinary and little-known Daolord named Daolord Dreamlore.” A look of disbelief was on Daolord Badlands’ face. “The Radiant King… lost!”

“The Radiant King lost?” Ning, Ninedust, and Solesky were all stunned by this.

There were three figures in the Endless Territories who were acknowledged by all as being absolutely terrifying to face.

The top-ranked figure, Winesage, was a Heartforce Cultivator. He went without saying.

The second-ranked figure, Palace Lord Dawnstar, had reached incredible heights in the Dao of the Saber.

The third-ranked figure, the Radiant King, was the fastest Daolord alive! In addition, everyone knew how deadly his three killer attacks were.

“I knew long ago that there had to be many low-key Daolords of incredible power who hastened here to the Waveshift Realm.” The Ninedust Sectlord said in a disbelieving manner, “But for this ‘Daolord Dreamlore’ to actually be able to defeat the Radiant King is simply inconceivable. The Radiant King is definitely one of the most terrifying Daolords in all of existence, and he moves so fast as to render the vast majority of Daolords helpless before him.”

“What does Daolord Dreamlore’s area of expertise lie in? How was he able to defeat the Radiant King?” Ning asked.

“He used a bloodblade,” Daolord Badlands said quickly. “When his bloodblade left his sheath, it was so incredibly fast that not even the Radiant King could handle it!”

“But the Radiant King is the fastest of all Daolords!” The Ninedust Sectlord truly couldn’t believe this.

“He’s the fastest of all Daolords in terms of movement speed, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that his attack speed is also the fastest,” Ning said. Weapon speed and movement speed… these were two different concepts. Ning sighed in amazement, “I really can’t imagine how the Radiant King, the fastest of all Daolords, was actually defeated by this ‘Daolord Dreamlore’ and his even-faster weapon. How fast was Daolord Dreamlore’s bloodblade?”

“It seems the Palace of Immortals needs to release a new ranking soon.” Solesky let out a sigh. “It has been a long, long time since the top three Daolord rankings have changed.”

“Yes. It really is time for a new list.” Badlands was quite eager to see the new list as well.

“Countless Verge-level Daolords have made their way to the Waveshift Realm. The Voidsea Jadeseals haven’t made their appearances yet, but an earth-shaking battle has already occurred.” Ning shook his head. “Once the jade seals do appear, countless Daolords will fight over them and the entire rankings list will be changed.”

“There will probably be more changes in the lower rankings than in the higher rankings. The top three probably won’t change that much.” Badlands chuckled. “In the past, we always viewed Winesage, Dawnstar, and the Radiant King as being unshakable figures. The Radiant King was defeated, but my feeling is that it is very unlikely that Winesage or Dawnstar will lose their positions.”

“Winesage goes without saying. Not only is he also a Heartforce Cultivator, he even has a Universe treasure. He’s vastly outstripped all other Daolords in power. As for Palace Lord Dawnstar, he’s terrifying in close combat. He’s not all that fast, but his saber… his saber is an absolute nightmare to face! Even Winesage had been forced to rely on his heartforce abilities to just barely eke out a win over Palace Lord Dawnstar.”

Ning, Solesky, and Ninedust all agreed with this assessment. The top three had all reached the apex in certain areas. The Radiant King had reached the apex of speed… but alas, he had been defeated. Palace Lord Dawnstar had reached the apex of close combat, and was thus even more powerful than the Radiant King.


The most mysterious place in all the Endless Territories… the Palace of Immortals of the Dao Alliance!

The Dao Alliance operated on the principle of governance through inaction. Although many battles took place within its territories, it remained the undisputed number one organization of the Endless Territories! Its roots and its foundation were unfathomably deep.

The Brightshore Kingdom, the Aberrants, the Ancient cultivators… these three organizations all had Hegemons! But even the three Hegemons weren’t confident in their chances if they were to face off against the Dao Alliance. In truth, they were quite envious of the Dao Alliance. No one dared to challenge the Dao Alliance’s position.

During the Dawn War, the Dao Alliance had risen to sudden prominence with incredible speed, catching up to the Ancient cultivators in power. After the Dawn War ended, the Dao Alliance quickly outstripped the entire race of Ancients. By now, its power was simply unfathomable. It had many generations of powerful Eternal Emperors, such as Emperor Heartsword and Emperor Mirrorsnow, who left the Dao Alliance to go wandering about freely. The Dao Alliance didn’t try to control them at all, continuing to operate on a laissez-faire basis. In truth, this was also a sign of its supreme confidence. One could only imagine how terrifyingly deep its foundations were!

“Hahaha!” Loud laughter rang out from a bridge located deep within the Palace of Immortals of the Dao Alliance. The laughter came from two people; a bald alien covered in golden fur, and a black-haired, black-robed elder. Both of them radiated auras of incredible power.

“Old brother Blackcloud, your disciple truly is quite astonishing!” The gold-furred alien roared with laughter. “He just amazed everyone and beat the Radiant King!”

“This disciple of mine is an absolute fanatic.” The black-haired, black-robed elder was all smiles as he said, “When he became a Daolord, I allowed him to choose a single treasure from my treasury… and he chose an incredibly evil bloodblade which had been left behind in the Terror Starsea. From that day forth, he became completely infatuated with that bloodblade. In his heart, that bloodblade is probably even more important to him than I am, even though I am his master!”

“Only when one is completely devoted to one’s weapons can one unleash their maximum power,” the gold-furred alien said with praise.

“Yes. At his current level of power, he is capable of threatening quite a few Eternal Emperors.” The black-robed elder nodded and praised, “The appearance of the Voidsea Jadeseals truly is a priceless opportunity for him. If he can acquire one of them, his chances of succeeding in the Daomerge in the future shall become much greater than before.”

“Waveshift, that bastard! He was far too stingy. We watched him rise to power and provided him quite a bit of help, but in the end? He only gave us a single Voidsea Jadeseal. He hid the other five in his own Waveshift Realm! I really don’t know what he was thinking.” The gold-furred alien shook his head. “Thirty thousand chaos cycles ago, my Primaltwin ran into him on accident. He just winked at me before running off. Disloyal brat. I should be considered one of his elders!”

“Waveshift is now far more powerful than the two of us.” The black-robed elder let out a sigh. “His skills in the Dao of Numerancy have reached unfathomable and unreachable heights. Many great powers often beg him for assistance, including those lords of alternate universe and those other ancient powers. For us, travelling through the Great Dark to visit other places is an incredibly taxing journey, but for that brat? He goes wherever he wants to go. We simply cannot compare to him.”

“Yes, we really cannot. Not even the three Hegemons in our Endless Territories have as easy a life as he does.” The gold-furred alien sighed as well. “Those of us in the Endless Territories who want to go out on a trip have to wait a long, long time, but that brat? Ah, forget it. The more I talk about him, the more jealous I feel. I’m starting to wish I would’ve made my Dao the Dao of Numerancy as well.”

“Numerancy? You? Don’t make me laugh my socks off. Hurry up and go work on updating the rankings. Since my disciple was involved, it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to take part in updating the list. I’ll have to trouble you to do it,” the black-robed elder said.

“You are using this as an excuse to be lazy!” The gold-furred alien glared at the old man.

“Hurry, hurry! Stop dawdling!” the black-robed elder urged.

The gold-furred alien waved his hand, producing a golden book and then opening it. The book was filled with a list of names. The gold-furred alien poured his Immortal energy into the book, causing the rankings to instantly change. When this happened, the subordinates of the Palace of Immortals instantly received notifications, and they quickly began to spread word of this affair.

The new rankings of the Endless Territories was as follows:

The top Daolord: Winesage.

The second Daolord: Palace Lord Dawnstar.

The third Daolord: Daolord Dreamlore.

The fourth Daolord: the Radiant King.

The fifth Daolord: Sectlord Timedream.

The sixth Daolord: Daolord Skyaxe.

The seventh Daolord: King Gorsch.

The eighth Daolord: Fiendqueen Dustrain.

The ninth Daolord: Starking.

The tenth Daolord: Palace Lord Cloudwalker

The eleventh Daolord: King Cliffbank

The twelfth Daolord: King Wu

The thirteenth Daolord: Daolord Shaka


The Palace of Immortals was incredibly powerful. Within the span of a day, this information was spread throughout the entire Endless Territories. As for the many Verge-level Daolords within the Waveshift Realm, they received word as well. All of them sighed in amazement. The top three rankings hadn’t changed in over a thousand chaos cycles… and now, one of the positions had suddenly been seized! This truly was unexpected. It must be remembered that the fight over the Voidsea Jadeseals had yet to even begin. In fact, no one knew a single thing about them thus far!

As for the likes of Ning and Ninedust, the only ones they clashed against were Fiendqueen Dustrain and her two allies. The other Daolords they had run into maintained their vigilance but didn’t choose to start any battles. Clearly, everyone was being fairly conservative in the early stages.

“Once the Voidsea Jadeseals actually appear and the fights over them begin… I wonder what new updates to the list the Palace of Immortals shall make?” Countless Daolords were eagerly waiting to see what would happen. Very few of them would succeed in the Daomerge and gain eternity, which made them care even more about this ranking. To the vast majority of Daolords, getting a high ranking on the list would be their crowning moment of glory.

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