Book 34, Chapter 12 - Sithe?

Desolate Era

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Maji and the other World-level cultivators behind Ji Ning and Ninedust had started to panic long ago. If you have to hit someone, you aren’t supposed to slap them in the face! Not even Daolords would brazenly provoke other Daolords for no good reason. Ning’s provocative actions were designed to force Tianello out. If he hid back despite all of this, he would probably become the laughingstock of this world.

“Now that’s rather interesting.” Ninedust waved his right hand, causing it to dramatically expand in size. It blocked out the skies and the sun as it clawed out towards the avian. The avian let out a furious screech as it tore at Ninedust’s hand with its clans.

Whoosh! As an Ancient cultivator, Ninedust had an incredibly powerful divine body. Given that he was now a supreme Daolord, even a casual swipe from him was far beyond the likes of a golem which was merely equivalent to a Daolord of the Third Step. His giant fingers closed in around the avian, which sought to struggle but was completely unable to break free.

“What?!” Tianello was shocked when he saw this from his position aboard his ship. His golem was equivalent to him in power, but it had been captured by a casual swipe?

“He’s absolutely terrifying. They’re definitely not people that I can fight back against. I need to run.” Tianello immediately fled, not worrying about anything else at all.

Ning was standing on the ground, head raised and watching this with a smile. “Come on down.” An invisible surge of power instantly swept out to cover the entire vessel.

All of the cultivators on the vessel, Tianello included, were instantly trapped within an illusory world. The entire vessel began to descend from the skies and landed on the ground. One figure after another began to walk out of the vessel, their eyes blank. The leader of the group was the white-haired elder Tianello, whose gaze was equally vacant. He wasn’t able to fight back at all.

“T-this…” Maji and the other World-level cultivators stared at this in astonishment. The mighty Tianello had been mentally dominated before even having a chance to fight in close combat? This was inconceivable!

“Tianello,” Ning called out. “I ask you this: who are the most powerful people within this world?”

“The top three clans of the nine great clans are the Fumo clan, the Juwah clan, and the Nonti clan. These three great clans are far more powerful than the other six great clans.” Tianello’s gaze was vacant as he continued, “The Fumo clan, the Juwah clan, and the Nonti clan are incredibly powerful. Any of them could wipe out the other six great clans with ease.”

“They call themselves members of the ‘Sithe’ race. All other clans have to submit to them, and they are the true rulers of this world,” Tianello said numbly.

Ning and Ninedust turned pale when they heard this. What?! The three most powerful clans in this planet actually referred to themselves as ‘Sithe’?

“They call themselves ‘Sithe’? Why?” Ning asked.

“Don’t know. They are the most ancient and most powerful clans on this planet. No one can resist them,” Tianello said. “Those who try to do so all died.”

Ning and Ninedust exchanged a glance.

“Darknorth… is it possible that a few scattered members of the Sithe actually survived?” Ninedust said. Both he and Darknorth suspected that the Stone Hellephant Wall had been created by the Sithe! It wasn’t impossible that some Sithe survived to live on this planet.

“Entirely possible.” Ning was much more somber now as well. “If it really is the Sithe… we’re in a great deal of danger.”

“Do the three great clans have any Eternal Emperors? Does this world hold any Eternal Emperors?” Ning asked.

“None.” Tianello replied robotically, “It has been a long, long time since any Emperors have appeared within this world. The annals of history do contain records of an Eternal Emperor who launched a grand war against the three great clans, but they joined forces and managed to kill him.”

“They killed an Eternal Emperor?” Ning frowned. “Was that Emperor an ordinary Daolord who broke through, or was he an incredibly powerful one?”

“He was an ordinary Daolord who broke through,” Tianello replied.

Both Ning and Ninedust let out sighs of relief.

“Should we hit’m?” Ninedust looked at Ning.

“Of course.” Ning nodded. “If they title themselves ‘Sithe’, then they are actual Sithe survivors or inheritors of the Sithe legacy. No matter what, they definitely know some of the secrets of the Sithe! If all three great clans had to work together to deal with an ordinary Daolord who broke through to become an Eternal Emperor, they shouldn’t be all that powerful.”

“At least they don’t have any Eternal Emperors at present.” Ninedust nodded as well. If they didn’t have any Eternal Emperors, it didn’t mater if they had access to Sithe technology and techniques. Ning and Ninedust were both supreme Daolords! They were both capable of slaying ordinary Eternal Emperors, especially Ning; Ning was now close to being on the same level as the eight lords of the Sacred Cities. Perhaps he was still rather lacking when compared to them, but he would be able to utterly dominate any Daolords.


As Ning and Ninedust discussed this secretive matters, they didn’t let Maji or the others overheard them. Maji and his World-level companions only watched as Tianello stared blankly as he spoke words they couldn’t hear.

“Awaken,” Ning commanded softly. Tianello immediately came back to his senses, as did the subordinates behind him. When he did so, he instantly felt terrified. He could clearly remember what he had just told Ning.

“Y-y-you…” Tianello couldn’t believe it. There was actually a person in this world capable of controlling him and forcing him to reveal some of his secrets.

“Self-claimed Sithe… interesting.” Ning looked at Ninedust. “Let’s do it.”

“You first,” Ninedust grinned.

There was a limit to how strong the three great clans were. They didn’t even have a single Emperor! They did, however, claim themselves to be the ‘Sithe’, which meant they definitely were in command of certain Sithe mysteries. Given that it shouldn’t be all that dangerous, how could Ning and Ninedust just leave?

“Heartworld, descend!” Ning immediately unleashed his heartworld projection.


The vast heartworld projection came crashing down, filling every single inch of this entire planet. The powerful sense of pressure brought terror to all of the countless living beings in the planet… but of course, Ning didn’t use it to attack any of those weaklings.

“What’s going on?”

“Why do I feel as though an illusory world just fell upon us?”

The countless living creatures all raised their heads to stare upwards.


“This must be a Heartforce Cultivator’s heartworld projection.”

“It has been a long time since a Heartworld Cultivator has appeared in our planet. Has a new one arisen?”

“This heartworld projection is far too powerful. Even I feel a sense of fear! If it releases just a bit of its power, it could kill the two of us with ease.” A male and female pair of Daolords raised their heads to stare into the skies, a look of shock on their faces.


“Who is it?”

“Who dares to act with such arrogance, using a heartworld projection to suppress my Nonti clan!” A furious roar rang out from a beautiful golden palace.


Everyone on this entire planet, from the three great clans to the countless ordinary living creatures, all raised their heads to watch as the awesome heartworld projection descended. A short while later, the image of a white-robed youth who had a sword on his back appeared within the heartworld projection. He was absolutely towering in size, and he stared down upon the great earth, his gaze seeming to fill every inch of it.

“I hear that the Fumo clan, the Juwah clan, and the Nonti clan are the three most powerful great clans of this world and have unified it under their rule! But… no matter how hard I try, I can’t discern anything particularly impressive about these three great clans. I was planning to wipe them out, but their Daolords are so weak that I can’t even be bothered to do so.”

“Listen closely. I can’t be bothered to wipe your three clans out, but from this day forth you should obediently listen to my commands. If you do so, I’ll let you live. Otherwise… hmph!”


“He’s courting death.”

“Where did this fool even come from?” Three enraged roars rang out from the three great clans, shaking the entire planet. The leaders of the Fumo, Juwah, and Nonti clans had been thoroughly enraged. They had ruled this planet for countless years. No one dared to challenge them… but this mysterious Heartforce Cultivator was being far too arrogant.

“Haha, you seem rather bold. I, Darknorth, shall be waiting for you at the Cranesoar Mountains. If you insist on coming to your deaths, feel free to come find me here.” The illusory white-robed youth within the heartworld projection peered downwards at the three great clans. “But I really suggest that you not come. You’d simply be throwing your lives away if you did… because all of you really are quite weak. Aha, ahaha, ahahahahaha!” Ning’s laughter echoed throughout every inch of this planet.

The wilderness at the base of the Cranesoar Mountains.

Maji and the other World-level cultivators stared at Ning and Ninedust, completedly dazed. Tianello and the World-level cultivators behind him were dazed as well. All of them had seen that heartworld projection and had heard Ning’s provocations.

“He’s… actually challenging the three great clans?” Tianello’s voice was trembling.

“W-who in the world are they?” Maji and the others were petrified as well.

Ning and Ninedust, however, remained quite calm. “All done.” Ning nodded at Ninedust. “Given the status these three great clans hold, there’s no way they’d just take that lying down. They’ll definitely attack.”

“Agreed.” Ninedust concurred. “That way, this battle is at a time and place of our choosing. That’s of benefit to us.”

Given that these three great clans called themselves the Sithe, Ning and Ninedust were concerned that their headquarters probably wouldn’t be easily destroyed. Thus, they would choose a different place for the battle! Ning’s deliberate provocations were aimed at forcing his enemies to come to the Cranesoar Mountains, as there were no dangerous formations here to worry about.

Although Ning was talking tough, he wasn’t so foolish as to actually charge straight into the headquarters of the three great clans.

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