Book 35, Chapter 18 - Spacetime Disc

Desolate Era

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“Hmph. Once I kill you, I’ll still end up with your treasures,” Archon Silksnow said coldly. “I’m at least willing to let you keep your weapons and your armor; this is an unusual display of mercy from me. As for searching through your memories… I merely wish to learn where you acquired the realmship parts from.”

Realmships were relics created by the Sithe. Since Ji Ning and Ninedust had somehow acquired realmship parts, Archon Silksnow felt certain that they must have visited Sithe ruins . Every single Sithe ruins was akin to a treasure trove; Archon Silksnow naturally wished to learn everything he could about such a place.

“Search through my memories? I’d choose death over that,” Ninedust said coldly.

“Archon, we can give you the realmship parts! We can also swear to keep it all a secret,” Ning said coldly. “If you accept, we’ll hand over the parts right away. If you refuse… our only choice will be to do battle.”

“Hahahaha…” Archon Silksnow raised his head and began to laugh loudly, his laughter echoing throughout the sealed region of ten billion kilometers. “You dare to try and haggle with ME?” A savage, murderous look appeared in his oily green eyes: “Then die!”

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Six streams of dazzling, enormous saber-light chopped downwards towards Ning and Ninedust like curved moons.

“Let’s do this.” Ning and Ninedust exchanged a glance, no longer hesitating at all.

“Arise!” Ninedust growled. Instantly, a layer of black light filled with countless flickering runes erupted on the surface of the planet. Space in the area around the planet seemed to have been completely frozen, causing the six curved streaks of saber-light to slow down.

Moments later, blood-colored formation-flags appeared throughout the planet, causing it to descend into a sea of blood.

Finally, a series of roaring beast phantoms appeared. A total of nineteen beast phantoms charged straight towards Archon Silksnow.

“Go.” Ning activated the treasures he had set down as well. Clank clank clank! A series of deep blue chains appeared out of nowhere behind Archon Silksnow, coiling towards him in an attempt to bind him.

A massive formation appeared as well, transforming the skies into an enormous white chessboard. Directly below the planet, an enormous black chessboard appeared within the void. These two giant chessboards slowly swiveled, causing endless streams of light to connect them together in a cage around Archon Silksnow.

Crack! Boom! Dark-gold lightning flickered and crashed downwards towards Archon Silksnow as well.


“Quite a few treasures.” Archon Silksnow smiled coldly.

Ning and Ninedust truly were being quite cautious. They had set up treasures and formations of tremendous power. Although Archon Silksnow was extremely strong, these things would still tie him down for a period of time.

“Break!!!” Archon Silksnow let out a savage laugh as a golden disc flew out of his body. The disc rose vertically, its edges incredibly sharp. It emanated a ripple of terrifying power.

Tiiiiiiiiiiing! The disc emanated an ear-piercing sound that caused the hearts of Ning and Ninedust to tremble. It suddenly expanded in size, becoming almost as large as the planet itself as it spun in a chopping manner at the planet.

Clang! Archon Silksnow wielded a warblade in each of his six harms, effortlessly blocking the deep blue chains that were coiling towards him from behind.

Slash! The giant spinning disc was able to forcibly cut through everything in its path, breaking through all of the various formations! It must be remembered that even Archon Silksnow would have been forced to spend quite some time and energy breaking through these formations if he was relying on his own power. Now, however, he used the disc to blow through them like rotting deadwood.

All of the formations atop the giant planet were instantly destroyed, and even the planet itself was chopped in half before the remaining power of the disc was used up. Finally, the disc crumbled apart and dissipated.

Ning and Ninedust were both rather caught offguard. “Our formations clearly weren’t capable of killing him. Why did he have to use a treasure to tear through them like that?” Ning’s face was ashen.

“Archon Silksnow is famous for his overbearing manner. I finally understand what that entails.” Ninedust felt a sense of grief.

“Die!” After having destroyed the entire planet the two were on, Archon Silksnow charged straight towards Ning and Ninedust.

Ning waved his hand, pulling Ninedust into his estate-world. “Ninedust, I’ll come up with a way to escape. I think I have a chance of fleeing, but if I cannot… just pray.”

“Darknorth.” Ninedust gritted his teeth after being drawn into the estate-world. However, he knew that the difference in power between him and Archon Silksnow was simply far too great. Ning might be able to struggle for a bit, but it would be suicide for Ninedust to try and fight as well.


After putting Ninedust away, Ning immediately charged into the skies and began to fly even higher. “Break!” Ning attempted to tear through space, but the blurry golden light which covered an area of ten billion kilometers around them caused spacetime to stabilize to such a degree that there was no way to tear through it at all.

“Let’s go.” Ning produced a strange black-and-white disc in his hands. This was the spacetime disk which Hegemon Brightshore had given him all those years ago. He instantly activated the power hidden within it, causing a terrifying ripple of might to descend and envelope him, then tear forcibly through the frozen spacetime.

Rumble… the vast halo of golden light began to shudder as though it was trying to suppress the effects of the item.

“What?!” Archon Silksnow revealed a look of shock. “Is that… a spacetime disc? Hegemon Brightshore’s spacetime disc?” Given how long he had been around for, Archon Silksnow was naturally quite familiar with this type of spacetime disc. In truth, all of the top-tier elites of the Endless Territories knew how much Hegemon Brightshore cared about his royal clan, the Brightshore Imperials, and how much he cared about the Daolords of the Twelve Palaces.

For Hegemon Brightshore to bestow a spacetime disc upon a Daolord was a sign that the Hegemon viewed that person with great favor. Most major powers would give face upon seeing it and not act against the person in question.

“Hmph. For the sake of the realmship and the Sithe legacies, I’ll just bear the consequences,” Archon Silksnow said with a cold smile.

The power of the spacetime disc was doing its best to tear through spacetime, while the ten billion kilometers of blurry light was doing its best to stabilize and suppress it. The two were battling against each other.

Crack! The black-white disc in Ning’s hands suddenly and completely shattered apart. The blurry light covering the surrounding area was now much dimmer… but it was still there.

“It failed.” Ning was stunned. This was the most formidable escape treasure he had available to him… but he still hadn’t been able to breach the frozen field of spacetime. “What should I do now?”

Ning’s heart was ice-cold. His most formidable fleeing treasure had failed, while he wasn’t strong enough to overcome his opponent… what was he to do?

“If Hegemon Brightshore was here in person, he might be able to breach this field… but that treasure of yours was nothing more than something he created and infused with part of his power. He’s gifted them to quite a few Daolords! If that’s all you have, you won’t be able to escape… and if you won’t be able to escape, you are going to die. That Ninedust Sectlord hiding in your estate-world will die as well.” Archon Silksnow’s voice boomed outwards. He surpassed Ning in every single aspect, save for the [Heartsword] art! Ning’s [Heartsword] art was still too weak; he had merely reached the tenth stance and was still at the first ‘stage’ of it. It simply couldn’t make up for the overwhelming disparity in power between the two.

If Ning was like Emperor Heartsword and had mastered all fifteen stances, he would be truly and freakishly powerful. Alas, breaking through each stage of the [Heartsword] was simply too difficult, as was making a breakthrough with the Omega Sword Dao.

“I can’t die. If I die, Ninedust is doomed as well.” Ning felt a powerful urge to stay alive. If he died, he would be revived thanks to the Dao-seal he had acquired in that alternate universe… but his weapons and treasures would all be gone. The nine novessence arts and the protective divine ability he had trained in would be lost as well!

The loss of the treasures was secondary, as he would be able to come back to life. Ninedust, however, could not. Ninedust didn’t even have a Primaltwin!

“Die then.” Archon Silksnow had already appeared in front of him.

“I cannot lose. I cannot be defeated. I still have a chance, a tiny chance!” A terrifying blaze of light appeared in Ning’s eyes. “Time to go all out. This sort of deadly battle is extremely effective in helping one understand sword-arts better. I’ve been training in seclusion for hundreds of millions of years, but I still haven’t been able to reach the fourth stage of my Omega Sword Dao. Perhaps if I gain enough insights from this fight, it’ll aid me in making my breakthrough.”

“If I can reach the fourth stage of the Omega Sword Dao… not only will I be able to stay alive, I’ll be able to win!” Ning’s eyes were blazing with unshakable resolve.

“Die.” Archon Silksnow’s saber-light descended. It was so cold as to freeze Ning’s heart, so fast as to cause Ning to shudder. This time, Archon Silksnow struck out at Ning with all six sabers at the same time. Clearly, he wanted to leave nothing up to chance at all and was seeking to slay Ning with one attack.

“I absolutely have to block this.” Ning strove to execute his sword-arts, generating an enormous black hole around him which sought to devour all of the saber-light.

BOOM! This collision was far larger than the last one. Ning was sent flying through the air, a line of blood leaking out from the corner of his lips.

“Haha, you really have some power after all. I used six sabers and struck at you with my full power. I thought that I’d be able to reduce you to dust… but you only suffered a few light wounds. Your protective divine ability truly is formidable.” Archon Silksnow’s voice echoed through the void as he continued to charge after Ning, not pausing at all.

“Thankfully, his strikes are within the realm of what I can endure.” Ning licked the blood from his lips. “Although he’s strong, he won’t be able to kill me. Given my Hegemon armor and my protective divine ability, only a real Hegemon should be able to crush my body in one shot. I still have a chance. I still have a chance!”

“You were able to block me once… but will you be able to block ten times? A hundred times? You are doomed.” Archon Silksnow’s oily green eyes were filled with an awesome savagery.

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