Book 38, Chapter 16 - The Shocking Chaos Primordial

Desolate Era

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These Black Emperors moved far more slowly than the Flamewing God, and the terrifying dark-red flames had only caused them to slow down even further.

As for Lord Wulf coming to reinforce them? They immediately gave up that notion. Given his speed, by the time he flew over, the Flamewing God would’ve pretty much killed them all. Thus… they had to take care of themselves!

“Join forces.”

“Work together to buy some time.”

“We only need to hold on for an instant.” The onyx humanoids were all absolutely terrified. It was as though they had met their natural predator! Fortunately, the nine of them had charged over together and thus were quite close to each other. By the time the Flamewing God had killed two of them, the other seven had already quickly gathered together.

“Hide inside this estate-treasure first.” One of the Black Emperors tossed out an estate-type treasure.

Crack! The dark-red flames were powerful enough to kill even Hegemons. This top-grade Eternal estate-treasure instantly began to crack apart, followed by the treasure being completely destroyed.

Whoooosh! Bathed in flames, the Flamewing God’s wings fluttered a single time, sending it straight towards the seven Black Emperors.

“Block!” The seven Black Emperors simultaneously swept out with their palms as the silver diagrams covering their bodies began to light up. An awesomely cold aura swept out from them as ice began to form over their gigantic black palms, sweeping towards the attacking Flamewing God.

“Grrr… die!” Flamewing was a dominating force of nature; it naturally chose to meet their attacks head-on! It flew straight towards its opponents, its giant bear-like paws smashing downwards with such power that even Ning and Azurefiend felt their hearts tremble as they watched from afar. Its attack collided head-on against the giant black palms of the seven Black Emperors.

BOOM! This was a collision of incredible power, and it instantly caused space around them to completely collapse and crumble.

When the seven Black Emperors joined forces, they were able to unleash an amount of power that was equal to that of an Otherverse Lord’s. Although they were clearly at a disadvantage when battling the Flamewing God, they were at least able to briefly pause it in its tracks.

As for the seven Black Emperors themselves, they were knocked flying backwards, their bodies trembling and crackling as a large amount of tears and injuries appeared on them. They had suffered incredibly heavy injuries; even they would need quite a long period of time to completely recover.

Whoosh. The Flamewing God was enraged at having been briefly stopped in its tracks. It once more fluttered its wings. Swoosh! It instantly swept through the void and charged at the Black Emperors, who were still in the process of being blasted in each direction. They didn’t have the chance to recover yet.

“Not good.”

“Flee separately.”

“Save yourselves!” The Black Emperors had all suffered heavy injuries, and they had been blasted backwards with such force that they had lost control over themselves. It was impossible for them to once more join forces to block the Flamewing God, and so they simply followed the momentum of the previous blast and began to flee for their lives.

Riiiiip! The Flamewing God was able to move at incredible speeds. Its claws swept past the body of one of the fleeing Black Emperors, instantly tearing the Black Emperor’s chest open. Quite a number of critical systems lay within the chest, and so this strike was a lethal one.

“GWAAAAR!” Flamewing opened its giant maw and bit down, crushing a Black Emperor to bits with its teeth, then crunching through the remains and swallowing them.

This was one of the most terrifying beasts in existence in the Chaosverse… a Chaos Primordial! They would often eat entire realmverses when hungry. In comparison, these onyx humanoids were devoured with ease by Flamewing. In fact, Flamewing rather enjoyed the chewiness.

“Stop that immediately!” Lord Wulf had finally arrive. Slash! Lord Wulf had moved to bar Flamewing’s path, but Flamewing was still able to land a clawing blow to a Black Emperor’s back, causing his spine to completely cave in and a series of crackling sounds to emanate from his body. The Black Emperor’s aura instantly whittled away into nothingness.

“DIE, damn you!” The enraged Lord Wulf suddenly drew a saber in each of his two hands. SLASH! SLASH! A pair of rainbow-like streaks of saber-light chopped through the skies, filled with Lord Wulf’s boundless rage and murderous will. The twin blows chopped straight towards the Flamewing God, who simply fluttered its wings and used them to block the two strikes like a shield. BOOM! The shockwave from this collision was even more powerful than the one generated by the clash between Flamewing and the seven Black Emperors.

Lord Wulf was sent flying backwards, while Flamewing came to a halt as well. It glanced at Lord Wulf, slightly surprised.

“Damn, damn, damn!” Lord Wulf glanced behind himself, only to see the four heavily wounded surviving Black Emperors fleeing towards the distant realmship. This caused Lord Wulf to feel a sense of pain in his heart. “I had nine Black Emperors… and now, I’ve suddenly lost five of them. The Icepeak Army has never, in all its history, suffered such catastrophic losses before!”

The Icepeak Army had conquered all within its path, stirring up one war after another, but even then its total losses had merely been eight Black Emperors. This time, they had been planning to slay this puny Daolord with ease… and yet they had instantly lost five of their Black Emperors?!

“You are pretty strong. You should be on par with those Otherverse Lords. I probably won’t be able to kill you,” Flamewing growled. “So you can go ahead and fuck off. Can’t be bothered to fight you! If it wasn’t for the fact that those seven were able to block me briefly, I would’ve wiped them all out by now.”

Indeed. Given the Flamewing God’s terrifying speed, he was in fact capable of killing all of the onyx humanoids before Lord Wulf had arrived. However, that extra moment of time the seven Black Emperors had bought themselves by joining forces had caused the Flamewing God to briefly slow down, resulting in ‘just’ five perishing and four escaping.

“Y-you…!” Lord Wulf felt even angrier. He had never suffered such catastrophic losses before, and felt as though he was about to go crazy. “DIE!”

“I can’t beat you to death so I was planning on not beating you up at all… but you insist on attacking ME?” Flamewing let out a furious roar as he charged over.


Space for ten billion kilometers around them completely collapsed, with the void itself having been ground up into countless tiny scorching pieces of space-sand as the titanic Flamewing battled furiously against that golden figure.

This was combat on a completely different level, a clash of the titans. Flamewing had the advantage and was completely dominating the golden figure, smashing it backwards over and over again! However, Golden Emperors simply had incredibly durable bodies; not a single scratch could be seen on Lord Wulf’s golden form, and so Lord Wulf continued to attack again and again with his indescribably exquisite Hegemonic saber-arts.

The terrifying clashes caused Ning and Azurefiend to both tremble.

“So this is what a battle between Otherverse Lords looks like?” Ning nodded slowly. Flamewing was indeed quite a bit stronger than an Otherverse Lord, but it was still incapable of actually killing them. In the end, its insights into the Dao were simply too weak. It completely relied on its innate gifts to do battle, and thus Otherverse Lords were able to stay alive in the face of its onslaught. However, there was no way they could actually overpower Flamewing in a frontal clash.

Even someone whose body was as durable as Lord Wulf, a Golden Emperor, was sent flying backwards with every single clash. However, rage caused Lord Wulf to continue to press the futile attack.

It truly was a scene of apocalyptic might. Even Hegemons would perish before attacks like these! “And this is just one of the Icepeak Army’s generals…” Azurefiend let out an amazed sigh.

“He is a Golden Emperor. Even the Lonely King himself is just a Golden Emperor,” the nearby Emperor Waveshift said. “The Lonely King’s advantage lies in his war machines, but those war machines would barely tickle your Flamewing God; there’s no way they can damage the Flamewing God’s nigh-indestructible body. Thus, even if the Lonely King came he would still be dominated and abused by your Chaos Primordial. This is what makes those creatures so terrifying.”

Ning nodded. Suddenly, a spacetime ripple appeared off in the distance, followed by a white-robed, white-bearded elder with six curved horns on his head emerging from a spacetime rift. It was Hegemon Brightshore.

“What terrifying shockwaves!” Hegemon Brightshore stared ashen-faced at the apocalyptic scene before him. This was a level of combat which was vastly beyond him, and these shockwaves were on a completely different level as well.

“Such power! Is this the terrifying force which Realmslord Windgrace spoke of, the force which is beyond even his ability to control?” Yet another figure appeared in the distance. It was Hegemon Windrain.

“A Golden Emperor? One of the legendary Golden Emperors, who are supposedly on par with Otherverse Lords, is being completely dominated in battle? Where the hell did this beast come from?!” Hegemon Netherlily appeared as well. The terrifying shockwaves from this battle had been sensed by all three of the mighty Hegemons of the Flamedragon Realmverse, and so they had all hastened over here.

On one side was Hegemon Thunderstar and his realmship, along with the four surviving Black Emperors. On the other side was Ning’s party and the three newly arrived Hegemons. All of them stared, stunned, as the battle progressed between Flamewing and the crazed Lord Wulf.

“Damn, damn, DAMN! AAAAAAARGH!” Lord Wulf let out an infuriated bellow which rang out in every direction, his voice filled with rage, resentment, and humiliation. He had never been as angry as he was right now! He had launched countless attacks, but he wouldn’t be able to continue fighting like this. This was because the energy stores in his body would begin to be exhausted if he kept this up, at which point he would be in mortal danger.

“Daolord Darknorth, I won’t forget this. I won’t forget this!” Lord Wulf turned to glare at the distant white-robed youth, his eyes filled with terrifying hatred and malice.

“Let’s go!” Lord Wulf immediately began to flee.

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