Book 42, Chapter 18 - Iyerre

Desolate Era

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When Exalt Bowenya saw this, he felt as though a bucket of cold ice had just been dumped over his head. He was completely stunned, shaken, and stupefied.

As a Sithe Exalt, he instantly knew what the scene in front of him represented! Daolord Darknorth had been surrounded by five spacetime continuums, but he had been able to simultaneously destroy all five of them in two seconds. Clearly, the spacetime maze was no longer any danger to him at all, as he was able to easily see through the mysteries of spacetime they employed.

“I’m finished.” Exalt Bowenya’s face turned ugly. “Thankfully, I still have a bit of time left. The closest path to me will still require him to pass nearly a thousand spacetime continuums. It’ll take him a while to get here.” Bowenya began to frantically consider what options were available to him.

“Obey my orders!” Exalt Bowenya immediately began to issue new orders: “All Hegemons and Emperors, attack Daolord Darknorth’s position with everything you have. I’ll give you his exact location.”


“Understood.” The various Hegemons and Emperors all acknowledged his orders. As for Exalt Bowenya, he took control over some of the Daoguard Tower’s treasures and used them to assault Ning, who was still surrounded by countless spacetime continuums.

Now that the spacetime maze was no longer of any threat to Ning, Bowenya’s only choice was to use his Emperors and the Daoguard Tower’s own treasures to attack him.

Boom! Whoosh! Slash! All sorts of attacks rained down upon Ning from every direction, passing through various spacetime continuums. Exalt Bowenya remained in full control of spacetime here, and thus he was able to make it so that the various continuums allowed attacks to pass through them without impediment.

Ning stood there without moving, his Sword Dao Domain active around him. He was able to use it to sense how spacetime was operating around him, and in doing so he was able to quickly dissolve the various continuums his domain touched. This time, he was actually a bit faster than previously. Every single continuum was deconstructed with ease.

What he needed to do was to get a clear picture of how each of the continuums operated. Upon doing so, he would be able to deconstruct them!

“Eh?” Ning suddenly felt a premonition that dangerous attacks were raining down towards him from every direction. “What’s with all these attacks?”

The Hegemons and Emperors were all scattered throughout the Daoguard Tower, which was why prior to this Ning had only had to deal with a single attack each time. Now that Exalt Bowenya had abandoned using the spacetime maze to trap Ning, all of the Emperors were attacking at the same time.

Some were so very far away that their attacks had to fly through spacetime for an extremely long period of time before reaching Ning, who was able to use his Illusion Sword Dao to dodge the vast majority of them. The only ones which were dangerous were the ones coming from nearby Hegemons and Emperors who were attacking from close range. The ones who were just ten or twenty million kilometers away were especially dangerous.

Whoosh. Ning was forced to use his Water Sword Dao to defend. His Sword Dao Domain was currently only able to expand to a maximum of eight million kilometers, and so these attacks were able to easily saturate this entire region with attacks.

Pop! Pop! More surrounding spacetime continuums were destroyed, with Ning continuing to deconstruct them faster and faster.

“Daolord Darknorth!” A voice rang out from afar. “I know that we are going to lose this battle. My only request is that you spare the countless mortals who live within our homeland. Give them a chance to survive!”

“Boundless, how dare you betray me! Attack! Attack and kill Daolord Darknorth!” Exalt Bowenya screamed frantically.

“Boundless… why even bother with him?” Angry, desperate, and grief-filled voices rang out. These came from the other Hegemons and Emperors within the Daoguard Tower, and the rain of attacks pouring down upon Ning began to slow down.

Pop! Pop! Pop! Just four seconds later, Ning was able to destroy four more continuums towards his left. He instantly saw the Hegemon known as ‘boundless’ who was controlling treasures from the dimensional seam beyond those continuums. He was looking at Ning, a pleading look in his eyes… and his aura was rapidly weakening.

His truesoul was breaking apart. Even his body began to break apart and decompose.

It must be remembered that these Hegemons and Emperors had all sworn lifeblood oaths to obey Exalt Bowenya’s orders! Exalt Bowenya had ordered all of them them to attack Ning. If they were perhaps a bit slow while they attacked or took it easy on Ning, that would be one thing… but if they suddenly and completely halted all of their attacks, that would constitute a violation of orders and therefore a violation of their oaths. They would be punished for it.

They had all sworn oaths with extremely heavy consequences. As a result, every strand of truesoul within Boundless’ body was breaking apart, as his body itself began to crumble and break apart as well.

“Brother Boundless.”


Many voices rang out. Quite a few of the Hegemons and Emperors present were Sithe descendants, and they all felt grief. Clearly, Hegemon Boundless had many friends amongst their ranks.

Ning gazed at Hegemon Boundless, who continued to stare at Ning with a pleading expression even as his body broke apart. Ning couldn’t help but let out a sigh. Why?

The Sithe descendants… they felt much more love and attachment towards this hidden dimension than the true Sithe did, as this was the place they were born and bred. They had lived here for countless aeons, and they were willing to die for the sake of their homes. Now that they had no further hopes of defeating Ning in battle, their only choice was to beg him.

“When I captured the other Hegemons and Emperors, I promised long ago that I would not destroy your homeland. There’s no need for you to worry.” Ning’s voice echoed throughout the Daoguard Tower as he continue to destroy the spacetime continuums surrounding him. By now, it took him less than a second for each ‘cycle’ of destruction. Ning could as easily deconstruct nine or ten continuums simultaneously as he could two or three. There was no real difference. Anything he could ‘see’ through his Sword Dao Domain, he could deconstruct.

“Farewell, Brother Boundless.”

“Brother Boundless.”

Some of the Emperors and Hegemons began to dramatically slow down their attack rates. They were bound by their oaths to continue attacking, but now they were just doing the bare minimum necessary.

Ning’s Sword Dao Domain continued to expand, reaching ten million kilometers, twenty million kilometers, and more. It gradually began to encompass some of the nearby Hegemons and Emperors, who Ning captured and transferred into his estate-world. Almost none of the descendants fought back; in fact, most were quite calm. The true Sithe, however, resisted fiercely, unwilling to give up.

Ning could sense the deep feelings the Sithe descendants had towards their home. This caused him to feel a sense of admiration towards them, but it also increased his distaste of Bowenya. Bowenya truly didn’t treat these people as living beings at all!

Rumble… the Sword Dao Domain continued to rapidly expand in every direction, destroying more and more spacetime continuums as Ning moved closer to the heart of the Daoguard Tower.


Within the dark room inside the heart of the Daoguard Tower. The giant formation-base millstone continued to slowly swivel, and next to it were three other formation-base millstones of varying sizes which were swiveling slightly faster and the big one.

Bowenya flew over to the smallest millstone. This one was merely three meters long and it was semi-translucent.

“Focus.” Bowenya took control over that millstone, pouring the power of his Daoguard Tower inside it.

Rumble… a pillar of blurry light instantly appeared above the semi-translucent millstone. The pillar of light slowly began to resonate with another distant location. Finally, a blurry humanoid figure began to appear in the middle of the light. The figure slowly began to solidify further, resolving into a barefoot, gray-robed man who had a benevolent smile on his face, one which seemed to whisper of the pity he felt for the plight of mortals. He was dressed in loose robes and was balding, but his body was extremely muscular. His eyes contained a strange, irresistible magnetism, as though anyone who stared into his eyes would be forever trapped within them. Not even Exalt Bowenya would dare to stare this man in the eye.

“Almighty Iyerre!” Exalt Bowenya bowed reverently.

The respect he showed came from every fiber of his being. He was like a servant in the presence of the master.

“Bowenya, why have you contacted me directly?” The tall, balding, barefoot Iyerre cast his gaze across spacetime to stare at Bowenya. Bowenya felt both embarrassed and terrified, and as a result his voice became even more respectful: “Almighty Iyerre, I have discovered that this Chaosverse has given birth to a Daolord who controls an Eternal Omega Dao.”

“An Eternal Omega Dao? Yes, I’ve heard of this as well. His name is ‘Daolord Darknorth’, I believe. His name has been spread throughout this entire Chaosverse. My servants have notified me of this long ago,” Iyerre said calmly.

“He is currently within the dimension I control. In fact, he’s right here inside my Daoguard Tower!” Bowenya said hurriedly.

Iyerre’s eyes suddenly shone with dazzling light. He wanted very much to kill Daolord Darknorth, but he knew that the man would be able to summon Autarchs to assist him. Killing him anywhere in this Chaosverse would be extremely difficult. Iyerre was the supreme commander of the Sithe forces here, and his goal was to take over this entire Chaosverse. It was important that the local cultivators not even know of his existence.

Thus, all high-ranking Sithe had been forced to swear oaths not to divulge his presence! As a result, neither Ning nor the Autarchs even knew of Iyerre’s existence.

“Have you killed him?” Iyerre asked.

“I have not. He’s already solved my spacetime maze and will reach the heart of my Daoguard Tower soon,” Bowenya said hurriedly. “I’m no match for him at all.”

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