Book 45, Chapter 13 - Wiped Out

Desolate Era

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Iyerre naturally knew just how deadly Darknorth was now that the man had mastered Oblivion. He immediately sent consolingly, “Don’t worry. Although I can’t revive you if your truesouls are destroyed, I’ll ask my master to do so! Neither of us have any way out of this. We have to beat Darknorth in battle. As long as we can win, any of you who do end up dying will be revived as well.”

Normally, in order to bring someone back to life, the process which both Autarchs and Omega Autarchs used involved reverse spacetime to call back the truesoul fragments! However, once you became a Lord of Chaos, things were completely different. To a Chaoslord, whether or not the truesoul fragments were destroyed didn’t really matter much.

“Alright.” The silver-robed woman and the other two had no choice but to trust Iyerre. They were going to follow this path to the bitter end.

“The deaths of those five Exalts actually…” As Ji Ning slew those five Sithe Exalts, he could clearly sense that the entire Chaosverse was slightly strengthened after draining away their truesouls. “It actually allowed the Chaosverse to heal. Mm. In the past, when we slew Sithe Exalts their truesouls would return to the Sithe Chaosverse. Those five, however, could not. I completely destroyed their truesouls, transforming their energies into pure life energy.”

“Does that mean… that my power over destruction is also able to nourish the Quintessence of the Chaosverse?” Ning was beginning to get an inkling of what this portended. However, now was not the time for training. It was the time for fighting!

“Slow him down! The three of you, slow him down while I look for an opening,” Iyerre barked mentally.

“Alright.” The three black warbeasts began to circle around Ning, doing their best to impede his movements.

Ning’s six Northbow swords were all filled with the aura of Oblivion, and they completely suppressed the three black warbeasts. Each blasting strike unleash Oblivion into the bodies of the black warbeasts, causing the three to feel rather miserable. However, their bodies were far stronger than those of most Exalts and so they were fully capable of enduring this. This made it so that for now, Ning was unable to do anything to them.

“These black warbeasts are completely indestructible.” Ning knew how tough these things were. They weren’t a match for him, but they were able to slow him down.

Whoosh! Iyerre unleashed a dazzling burst of light that spread everywhere, while he himself hid within the light to launch repeated sneak attacks against Ning. Ning felt a sense of pressure, as Iyerre was an Omega Autarch who had an even higher level of insight than Ning himself. Although he was now much more powerful than before, those three black warbeasts made it so that he was unable to fully focus on battling Iyerre.

“Hmph. This is my homeland. My power is endless here, but the Sithe? They’re using up energy at a frantic rate. They won’t be able to last.” After realizing that there was no way for him to immediately win, Ning switched to a defensive-oriented strategy.

“Damn.” Iyerre, still seeking an opening, felt his heart sank. Ning was far more powerful than the Sword Titan had been. Ning had three heads and six arms, whereas the Sword Titan only had two arms. Ning was also at a higher level of enlightenment than the Sword Titan. If Ning had furiously pressed the assault, Iyerre might’ve been able to find an opening and exploit it to achieve victory… but now that Ning focused on defense, it was going to be very, very hard to win.


This battle was raging throughout the Grassland World as Ning clashed repeatedly against the Sithe. He dropped from the third layer of clouds to the second layer, then fought all the way back to the fifth layer.

In truth, Ning would’ve been able to leave whenever he wished, but he knew that if he did so then Iyerre probably wouldn’t take on the risk of pursuing him. Thus, he continued to battle them within the Grassland World!

“Damn, damn, damn!” Iyerre had repeatedly tried to exploit openings, but Ning was so cautious that Iyerre was unable to succeed at all.

“Iyerre, this warbeast isn’t going to last any longer!” the black-robed man sent frantically. “It is almost out of power!”

“What?!” Iyerre was shocked. The three black warbasts would only be able to battle for one hour under normal circumstances. Linked up with Iyerre via formation, they consumed energy even faster! The situation was worsened after the Sword Titan had unleashed that ‘desperation blow’, causing heavy damage to all of them.

It must be remembered that when faced with an enormous attack, even an ‘invulnerable form’ would have to consume a tremendous amount of power to survive it. The same was true for these three black warbeasts! The one which the black-robed man commanded had been the one which absorbed the life-core of the white-furred, red-eyed humanoid. It was comparatively weaker and so its power was the first to run dry.

“I’m out of power! Save me!” the black-robed man sent frantically, his warbeast beginning to flee. Boom! The formerly-stable formation and the black-white light within it began to destabilize. Given his insight, Ning immediately realized what this portended.

“Die!” Ning willed two Northbow swords to fly out, moving far faster than Ning himself could. They instantly crashed onto that black warbeast… and their blows were like the straws that broke the camel’s back. The black warbeast trembled and then began to rapidly dwindle in size, no longer able to stay in war-mode. As it shrank the black-robed man appeared outside of it, his face a mask of terror.

“I need to escape!” The black-robed man wanted to flee through spacetime, but as soon as the spacetime rift appeared next to him those two Northbow swords sliced through both the dimensional tear and his own body.

Whoosh! Both were wiped out. The black-robed man opened his mouth, his eyes filled with shock and resentment, but he was completely annihilated by the power of this terrifying Oblivion Sword Dao. His truesoul fragments were completely devoured.

“Coldnoon!” the other two called out frantically.

“Eh?” Ning could clearly sense that the prime essences of the Chaosverse had grown quite a bit more powerful after devouring the black-robed man’s energies. The effect was actually superior to when it had drained those five Sithe Exalts! “All by himself, he vastly surpassed five of those Exalts? Where in the world did he come from?”

Many thoughts flitted through Ning’s mind, but he cast them away and seized this chance to press the attack. He was going to make use of this opportunity to wipe all the Sithe out, sparing no one!

“Flee!” “Let’s flee!”

The silver-robed woman and the red-robed man no longer had any inclination towards continuing the fight. Now that one of them had died, their formation had been destroyed and they were dramatically weakened. To continue fighting would be suicide.

Clang! Clang! The Northbow swords in Ning’s hands shot out once more. This time, all six of them flew out. Four of them flew towards the two remaining black warbeasts, while two chased after the already-fleeing Iyerre.

“It’s over! It’s all over!” Iyerre’s heart was cold and gripped by despair. Although Ning had only taken a single step into the realm of Omega Autarchy, this was his homeland! He was able to unleash an unlimited amount of power here. Now that Iyerre no longer was being supported by that formation, his attacks were too weak even though his techniques were profound. There was simply no way for him to continue battling against Ning.

“I need to go!” Iyerre glanced at the two black warbeasts and the shrunken ‘doll’ which had fallen down to the clouds. Although he ached at the loss, he no longer had the time to prevent it. Swoosh! Iyerre instantly tore through space, warping away and disappearing.

“Die!” The two Northbow swords sliced through the dimensional rift and crushed it, but they were just a moment too late. Ning frowned. “He’s a fast runner!”

Ning knew that for him to kill Iyerre would be extremely difficult, as Iyerre’s level of insight was simply too high. He vastly surpassed Ning in many areas, such as spacetime; it would be very difficult to stop him once he decided to flee. The only way to kill him would be to keep his swords circling around Iyerre, destroying every single spacetime rift the man created. However, Iyerre had been too fast and had perfect control over this battlefield. As soon as things had begun to go south, he had immediately fled.

“It doesn’t matter if he escaped. I’ll get rid of these two first.” Ning charged towards the two remaining black warbeasts.

“Emperor Darknorth! Spare us, spare us!”

“We were forced to do this! This is all because of Iyerre!” The two terrified and fleeing black warbeasts both began to beg for mercy. They knew that thanks to the repeated attacks by the Northbow swords, their own warbeasts were about to run dry as well. They had sought to tear a spatial rift out of the Grassland World and escape, but each time the two Northbow swords would prevent them from doing so.

In truth, even if they did manage to escape, they would remain within the Grassland World! Iyerre, however, had been able to truly escape with ease.

“Spare you? Who ‘spared’ all the cultivators who died?” Ning’s eyes were filled with murder. There was no way he was going to show mercy.


“Damn that Iyerre!”

The two black warbeasts once more began to shrink and transform into dolls, having used up the last scraps of their energies. The silver-robed woman and the red-robed man were both annihilated by Ning’s sword-light, and their energies were devoured by the Chaosverse.


Iyerre had frantically warped through spacetime numerous types, fearing that Ning might chase after him. Finally, he reached an empty region in space which was at one of the ‘border areas’ of the entire Chaosverse. This was a place where many different spacetime continuums were gathered together. There were countless such ‘gathering spots’, each of which represented the borders between the Chaosverse and the Infinite Void.

Slash! Iyerre waved his hand, causing the void before him to split into two halves and revealing the dazzling sight outside. This was the beautiful, stunning Infinite Void.

Iyerre stepped out, departing from this Chaosverse and entering the Infinite Void. Only then did he finally manage to let out a sigh of relief.

Iyerre turned to look backwards at the awesome, endless celestial object below him. This was the homeland which Ning and his fellow natives belonged to, an enormous Chaosverse. Iyerre had been smitten by it and had gone crazy in an effort to conquer it. This was the Chaosverse which Iyerre had dreamed of controlling for so long.

“Damn. Damn it all.” Iyerre was no longer able to calm down, and his eyes were filled with resentment. He had prepared for so long, but he still ended up failing. It had been a complete defeat, and he was the only one to escape and survive.

“I’ll go find Master.” Iyerre could think of no other solutions. He had to go beg his master for help. He truly didn’t wish to accept this defeat.

Whoosh. He began to advance through the vast Infinite Void, headed towards his master’s residence.

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