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Desolate Era

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The Sword Titan and the Avatar Titan both continued to charge downwards. Whoosh! Whoosh! The clouds had become much sturdier now that the quintessence had been ignited, but before the might of Ji Ning’s Sword Titan and Avatar Titan they remained unspeakably fragile.

Sword-light flashed as they pierced straight through the clouds, charging all the way down to the second layer of clouds. Right at this moment, they all suddenly sensed danger.

“Eh?” Ning was the leader of this formation and was constantly on guard for any possible movements. Suddenly, three enormous black warbeasts appeared from the clouds nearby. They looked much like armor-clad apes, but they each had a pair of curved horns on their heads. Their knees were bent into a half-stooped position, and they stared intently at the Sword Titan and the Avatar Titan.

“Where the hell did these three come from?” Autarch Ekong sent mentally. “All of them seem dangerous.”

“This is probably one of the trump cards the Sithe have been hiding the entire time. Now that the last battle has begun, they no longer see a need to hide themselves,” Titanos sent back. “These three beasts have odd auras. Be careful, Darknorth.”

“Alright.” Ning nodded.


“Die, cultivators!” The three warbeasts attacked simultaneously, first surrounding the nearby Avatar Titan. The Avatar Titan lifted up his twin swords, ready to meet their attacks.

The furious claw-strikes of the warbeasts caused the very heavens to darken as they lashed out with overwhelming power towards the Avatar Titan. In turn, the Avatar Titan swept out with his right hand, generating an ephemeral streak of sword-light in the air which struck out at the warbeast. Whoosh! The sword-light immediately retracted, while the warbeast simply howled and continued to press the attack.

“These three machine warbeasts are extremely powerful.” Ning and the others were all shocked. “They’re actually able to fight our Avatar Titan to a standstill. Our sword-arts will only be enough to hold off two of them at most.”

“Die!” The three warbeasts fought with uncommon ferocity. Clearly, they wanted to destroy this weaker-looking titan as soon as they could.

Whoosh! The nearby Sword Titan had already charged over, sending an awesome stream of sword-light slashing through the air with unstoppable force. One of the warbeasts immediately used both of its paws to block this attack head-on. Both combatants had extremely marvelous techniques, but an explosion rang out as soon as the paws struck against the horizontal sword-strike. The warbeast was sent flying backwards, and it only managed to catch its footing after flying a million kilometers backwards. Then, it once more charged over.

“It is extremely strong, and its scales are just as tough as the black tower which houses the sphere of annihilation. There’s no way to injure it at all.” Ning was secretly alarmed.

Clang! Clang! Clang!!! A series of clanking sounds could be heard as one violet-gold chain after another began to appear. They were like great serpents which blotted out the skies, emanating auras of awesome power as they swept out towards the weaker Avatar Titan and sought to destroy it.

“The chains aren’t that dangerous.” Ning didn’t worry too much about them at all.

The three black warbeasts and the nine violet-gold chains continued to furiously assault the Avatar Titan, but the Avatar Titan and the Sword Titan fought alongside each other. The Sword Titan was especially mighty, with each of its blows sending the black warbeasts flying with ease and making it impossible for them to gain a true advantage over the Avatar Titan. The warbeasts truly were rather troublesome, as their techniques were brilliant and they were completely impervious to damage.

“Eh?” Ning, Titanos, and the others suddenly sensed a new threat approaching. They hurriedly turned to look towards the skies, only to see the figure of Iyerre appear. Iyerre’s robes were fluttering around him, and his body was covered by an awesome aura of power formed from the energies released by the ignited quintessence core. He was currently diving downwards head first, his hands folded in a prayer position before him. An absolutely dazzling stream of golden light was emanating from between his hands, preparing to spread outwards.

Omnipresent… light.

It almost instantly illuminated the entire Grassland World. The light was blinding, and it weighed down heavily upon both the Sword Titan and the Avatar Titan.

“Die!” Iyerre changed his stance, pulling back his left hand while pushing out with his right. He had once used this technique against Mogg, but now that he was using the ignited quintessence core’s power this strike was now much stronger than before. When fighting Mogg, he had to spend quite a bit of time to accumulate the amount of energy necessary. This time, he was quite fast.

“Iyerre isn’t all that powerful, but he’s at such a high level of insight that he can employ his energies to terrifying effect.” Ning immediately made the Sword Titan to slice upwards with a sword, blocking Iyerre’s downwards palm.

BOOM! This unfathomably powerful palm crashed head-on against the all-encompassing sword.

Iyerre staggered a few steps backwards, a frown on his face: “This formation-giant is incredibly strong. Darknorth is making perfect use of these native cultivators’ powers.”

“Hmph.” The Sword Titan had been able to block Iyerre with ease. Even when Iyerre was using his most powerful strike, he was only 30% more powerful than the machine warbeasts. It wasn’t enough to threaten the Sword Titan.

“Light!” Boom! Iyerre began to glow with even more dazzling light. The light was everywhere, filling the entire world with an iridescent glow. What worried Ning the most… was that he could no longer find Iyerre! After releasing that blast of infinite light, Iyerre had actually vanished into the light itself. Ning could neither see him physically nor track him via godsense.

Suddenly, an alabaster arm reached out to grab at the Avatar Titan.

“That’s Iyerre!” The Avatar Titan hurriedly moved to block. Since Ning was controlling both titans, he was able to make them work in perfect concert. The Sword Titan immediately went over to help out as well.

The dazzling light continued to suppress both the titans, while Iyerre launched one sneak attack after another with incomparably profound techniques. Blocking his attacks was very taxing, and eventually one would get through.

“Everyone, prepare the World of Liberation,” Ning sent.

“Alright.” Titanos, Mogg, and the others all knew that the moment had come. They had been planning to save this trump card for use at a critical moment, but they were now at such a disadvantage that they were finding it hard to even maintain their defenses. It was too hard for the Sword Titan to defend against the warbeasts, the chains, and Iyerre at the same time. The Avatar Titan was in tremendous danger right now, and once it was destroyed their foes would be free to focus their attacks against the Sword Titan. When that happened, the situation would become even grimmer.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Suddenly, six surges of power shot out simultaneously. Golden bridges began to appear directly beneath the feet of the Sword Titan and the Avatar Titan. It was the Golden Bridges of Freedom! The six Golden Bridges of Freedom joined together into a hexagonal shape, forming a single complete edifice! They began to accumulate awesome amounts of power from the Chaosverse that surpassed even the power of the ignited Grassland World.

It must be remembered that the Golden Bridges of Freedom were modeled off the Daoguard Towers. They were able to accumulate and make use of large amounts of the Chaosverse’s energies. Once they linked together, they were able to use even more!

“WORLD STANCE!” Ning roared. This was the only domain-type stance he had created for the fusion sword-arts – the World stance!

Rumble… Ning, Titanos, Bolin, Skyfeeder, Mogg, Stonerule, and Ekong began to simultaneously unleash their respective domains. Autarch Bolin actually unleashed two domains, one for the Claw Daobirth Essence and one for the Samsara Daobirth Essence.

As for Ning, he was responsible for controlling and unleashing the Eternal Omega Sword Dao Domain!

All eight domains came together, drawing upon the power of the Chaosverse as well as the power of the golden bridges themselves!

Ning’s ‘Omega Sword Dao Domain’ was able to perfectly connect together all of these different domains, allowing the different types of power to merge together into dazzling streams of sword-light. The entire world became filled with countless streams of sword-light, each of which was formed from a different type of domain-energy. The power of this domain vastly surpassed Iyerre’s domain of light.

“This is…” Iyerre and the warbeasts felt as though countless streams of sword-light had enveloped them and were pressing down on them, forcing them to resist it with every single movement they made.

“These eight different types of domain-energy and the power from the Golden Bridges of Freedom have been perfectly joined together to form this domain – the World of Liberation.” Ning and the others were all excited. As soon as the ‘World of Liberation’ domain was released, Iyerre and the others were dramatically weakened. Even the nine violet-gold chains were weakened significantly, and as a result Ning and the others immediately gained the upper hand.

“Join forces to kill Iyerre! Once Iyerre dies, those three indestructible warbeasts will begin to fall apart on their own,” Titanos sent mentally.

“Kill Iyerre!” Bolin barked.

“Attack!” Their eyes were filled with murder. The three warbeasts had been suppressed by their domain, reducing them to 70% of their normal power. Even if all of them joined forces against the Avatar Titan, it would still be able to defend against them using the Cavebright stance.

As for the powerful Sword Titan, it had only one target: Iyerre!

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