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Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 107: Stingham's collapse

“Sacrificial Halo and Brambles Backlash!”

Moss was suddenly startled.

His clan wasn't a giant clan with an especially pure lineage compared to some ancient clans, and they long ago ceased to worship these already destroyed giant kingdoms as the lands where the souls of their ancestors rested. Yet, for anyone with some giant blood, these two legendary arcane skills bought absolute shock, because these two arcane skills were once the symbol of the giants' glory.

In many ancient records, in these epic-level scenes, the scene of a giant wearing scalding lava rock armor, attacking while ignoring almost every arcane skill, fighting shoulder to shoulder with companion beasts as huge as small hills, was far inferior to the shock of a giant wrapped in a golden halo, seven forking, snow-white brambles blossoming around him, their thorns gleaming with light, instantly killing seven mighty arcane masters at the same level as him.

Liszt added, his tone lazy, yet still carrying a trace of emotion as he evoked an era past, “After the War of the Dragons, the fight between arcane...

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