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Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 112: Dwarven burial ground

The darkness before dawn shrouded Windsough Canyon.

Here was the only road to the southern desolate lands. Humans had never settled anywhere in the southern wastelands at any time in history, though they were five times the area of the kingdom of Eiche. No one founded glorious ancient kingdoms there. Even the earliest beastmen tribes didn't like the wastelands' barrenness, preferring wilder and nastier environments like the demon forests where beast, monsters, and poisonous creatures gathered.

Some gnome and dwarven tribes had always lived in these lands. These dwarven and gnome tribes weren't very open for the most part, living in seclusion from the world, to the point they had always meticulously hidden their tracks out their innate dread of the outside world. They were as barren as the wastelands, as desolate, surviving thanks to some simple farming and gathering.

What was worth mentioning was that there was once a gnome tribe called “Moro.” They were innate tradesmen, careful and cautious by nature. Unlike the earliest dwarven kingdoms that...

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