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Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 150: Strange comprehension

“I wonder what kind of powerful figure this new Golden Stag substitute will turn out to be.”

Watching Gezny, the second contestant for Golden Stag, take to the field, looking as thin as a bamboo stick, such a thought floated in everyone's mind in the stands.

Imperceptibly, everyone had come to the subconscious belief that Windsor, the member representing Snow Wolf, couldn't possibly win this bout.

The very skinny-looking Gezny didn't have the slightest desire to trade words with his opponent. When he came into the field, he directly signaled his readiness at Kleis.

Hence the fight started very quickly.

“Snow Spirit!”

The moment the fight began, a white ball of snow appeared around Windsor, fluttering in circles around him like a snow spirit in the depths of a forest on a snowy night.

This was clearly a very standard strategy. Launching an arcane skill integrating attack with defense, this was the first choice for almost every arcane master in a fight.

The dazzling brilliance of arcane particles also appeared on Gezny's hands.

His body, and even the clothes he wore suddenly turned into an extremely bright red.


There was a collective gasp in the stands.

In fact, even without using your eyes, you could judge what kind...

This chapter requires karma or a VIP subscription to access.

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