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Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 185: Holy Angel

In the stands, all the spectators couldn't help but feel their breath become heavier.

Now that he was onstage, Rinsyi seemed to give off a formidable pressure that they could feel even from the stands.

A genius from Clan Baratheon, the bloodline of storm dragons.

One year ago, Rinsyi had already displayed a monster-level strength. One year later, how much farther had this captain of team Golden Stag gone?

“What a fearsome feeling... No matter victory or defeat, merely fighting with an opponent like that is a form of courage,” a spectator couldn't help but say.

“Are you ready?”

Even Kleis added a few more words when he saw Helena gesture she was ready.

Only after another gesture from Helena did he wave down the flag and declare the start of the match.


The instant Kleis' voice rose in the field, two clan tenets flashed in Rinsyi's mind.

Bizarre rays of light suddenly flashed in his cross-shaped, pale-yellow eyes.

Almost no one could react. The dazzling light of arcane particles had barely started flashing from Helena's hands when,...

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