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Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 193: Shocking battle

The instant the dark-red mist rose from the ground, it immediately became a seven-colored rainbow whipping on Rinloran.

Rinloran's skin and even his silvery-white hair instantly became a mix of seven colors, looking unspeakably strange.

“Oh no! Rainbow Poison Burn!”

In the stands, Ivan's face suddenly sank.

“It's over.”

Many people in the stands shook their heads at the same time.

Rainbow Poison Burn was a poison arcane skill unique to House Tully. Arcane masters struck by it quickly lost their ability to move.

In a fight between arcane masters, the battle could sometime be a very intense back and forth, but sometimes you could fall to the enemy's schemes with but one moment of carelessness, your defeat then written in stone.

Such a victory was common, but a fight ending before they could even see any of Rinloran's abilities was regrettable.

A flash of satisfaction glinted in Shukla's eyes when he saw the rainbow poison land on Rinloran.


But his eyes immediately flashed with surprise...

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