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Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 205: Let's Be Friends

Eichemalar sparkled with bright light even after nightfall.

In the Office of Special Affairs' first interrogation bureau, a dwarf only half as tall as a normal adult was fastened on a bed, seven dark-green metallic threads piercing were the seven arcane gates were located inside him.

Only, this bed was entirely cast from metal. It was impossible to lie comfortably on it.

The dwarf's eyes were open, but his gaze seemed to drift vacant like those of a sleepwalker. Five arcane masters were gathered around him.

Liszt, Donna, Songat, the arcane master wearing a white wooden mask, as well as a woman clothed in a white robe, both her hair and her eyes white as snow.

These five were arcane masters standing at the very top of the kingdom.

And not far away from the interrogation bureau, inside a black building shaped like a lighthouse, three aged arcane masters were anxiously waiting for the results of the interrogation.

These three old arcane masters were judges from the Office, men with the authority to decide the...

This chapter requires karma or a VIP subscription to access.

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