Chapter 277: A Failed Robbery This chapter requires karma or a VIP subscription to access.

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 277: A Failed Robbery

In a corner of the underground laboratory, a number of miscellaneous items had been piled up like a bunch of trash.

A perfectly round golden yellow crystal about the size of a fist faintly glowed within as an incredibly pure draconic aura radiated from it.

“Such a pure draconic aura,” Ayrin exclaimed.

“Ayrin, you are truly a natural born scoundrel and thief. You were unable to be awoken and had to be carried down here by Wilde, yet the moment this dragon crystal appears, you immediately awaken,” Stingham said as he turned his head and looked at the still sleepy Ayrin in annoyance.

“What is this place?” Ayrin asked in a half-asleep daze.

“It is an underground laboratory which is researching grafting techniques. We found it during our investigation earlier.” Charlotte used the simplest words she could think of as she explained their current situation to the bewildered Ayrin.

“Just what kind of dragon crystal is this?” Stingham abruptly blurted out the question on everyone’s mind.

Although everyone was certain that it was a dragon crystal from the pure and unmistakeable draconic aura radiating from it, all the...

This chapter requires karma or a VIP subscription to access.

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