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Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 374: Hot-blooded Brothers

Just as Moss was worrying over whether or not Belo would be able to live through his match, Rinloran was in a state of extreme danger!

Beneath Rinloran’s feet was an extremely coarse and bumpy floor made of black stone.

Countless rifts had been cut into the floor, seemingly with a sword, spelling out: “Peerless Sword: First Style.”

On the other side of this dim training room about twenty meters away from Rinloran stood a swordsman made of light who was more or less the same size as him.

This swordsman was an entity of arcane energy condensed by the training room.


A drop of blood-containing sweat flowed along Rinloran’s face and dripped onto the black stone floor, crisply breaking the silence within the training room.

Atop Rinloran’s pale forehead was a single bloody line.

After a moment of slight hesitation, Rinloran took a deep breath and began to approach the swordsman yet again.

The motionless swordsman abruptly drew its sword.

Rinloran’s eyes filled with shock as he quickly withdrew...

This chapter requires karma or a VIP subscription to access.

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