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Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 384: News Of Death

Surrounding the Kingdom of Doa’s palace were all buildings reconstructed immediately after the Era of the war with Dragons ended.

Various precious stone and wood materials, in addition to hearty usage of paint made from gold powder and gem powder, allowed those buildings to remain standing to the current date. They still shined gloriously under the sun.

All buildings were built in a stacking manner. Steps and steps of finely carved marble stairs looked like a climb to heaven. The entire palace was built from flat ground, but seemed to be built on a mountain when seen from afar.

Following the palace guards, Jean Camus entered the palace.

It was the most grandiose royal stronghold on the entire Doraster Continent. A coup d’état during the Magus Era had destroyed some of the original buildings. However, the usurpers were quickly suppressed and Doa royalty reclaimed their authority. The palace that was built afterwards used a large amount of crystal and glass ceiling, making it even more glamorous.

The paths within the palace were covered with red carpet. Red curtains hung next to the crystal windows. However, Jean Camus did not like such decorations each time he was here.

Perhaps the sunlight shining...

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