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Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 397: Goat Horn Team


Hunting Forest is a monster forest similar to the Southam Demon Forest. Like the latter, apart from the huge trees covering up the sky, various python-like vines hung on the tree trunks. The only difference was that this primeval forest seemed to have more animals than the Southam Demon Forest. Turtles, reptiles, rodents, rabbits, various small animals could be seen everywhere. Even trails of huge beasts and monsters that could gather arcane energy and pose a threat to arcane masters like demonic apes, wind wolves, spike beasts, carrion monsters, salt armor monsters could often be seen.

When arcane teams travelled through such a primeval forest, they must be even more careful. According to the natural law of food chain, such a large quantity of low rank animal ecosystem would definitely generate more powerful lord level monsters.

A five-men arcane team was quickly dashing through the forest.

They all wore tight dark green arcane uniform. It was made with the skin of a certain python,...

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