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Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 409: It Did Wonders


“This is the Banshee Queen Forest in House Roland’s territory? Isn’t it too beautiful?”

“It’s beautiful to the point of bewitching......”

Looking at the ancient forest before them, Ayrin and the rest were mesmerized.

That place was House Roland’s central territory, called the Banshee Queen Forest.

It was completely different from House Eclipse Moon’s territory despite it being a primeval demonic forest with the same climate.

Even those gigantic trees over a hundred meters tall and the thick vines entwined on those trunks were mostly flowering species, with various kinds of flowering blooming on them.

The forest was just like the garden of the legendary Banshee Queen. All kinds of flowers could be seen in a glance.

Some trees had flowers the size of half a room, the pollen that fell looked like pieces of bread. However, some trees had tiny flowers. Tiny flowers dotted the entire tree, like snowflakes decorating the tree.

On the trunks, different flowers bloomed on symbiotic vines. On the ground, countless different...

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