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Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 446: Strange Discovery


The intimidating presence spread out in the air, rapidly becoming a storm.

They were three shining figures. Waves of arcane energy became several dazzling golden huge swords around the three.

Along their path of advancement, any withered grass that came into contact with the light around them were minced into powder and burned. Even the soil beneath their feet was upturned by the powerful output and became three trenches like plowed ground.

“It’s the Champion Sword Team!”

“It’s the strongest arcane team in the Sword Sky Village of the Kingdom of Doa. They are also attracted by the Storm Dragon Egg!”


The chilling air at the Northern border of the Kingdom of Eiche suddenly became heated. A terrifying domain aura spread out from the three shining arcane masters.

Every hidden arcane team was shocked.

They immediately used the strong defensive skill ‘Champion Sword’, then released a terrifying domain power right after that. It was not the impulsive behavior from greed, it was the attitude...

This chapter requires karma or a VIP subscription to access.

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