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Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 463: Grandmaster Screwface


“So deep!”

Stingham’s cries continued.

There were actually a few sewer holes beneath the huge fountain-like water current, each over thirty meters deep at least.

The water coming out from the sewer holes fell into the dark river below like a big waterfall.

Splash! Splash!......

The group fell into the dark river like dumplings. They only managed to balance themselves by controlling the flow of arcane particles flowing on their bodies.

“It’s really huge! Was this built by the Mountain Dwarf artisans?”

Ayrin leapt out of the water. There were platforms on both sides of the dark river made from stone slabs. The dark river was clearly man-made.

As they looked up, they could see covered bridge-like passages and the obvious ruptures on the water passage.

It seemed that if not for the broken parts, there would be no waste water flowing up to the surface. The wastewater would definitely flow along the dark river to a faraway place, probably some lake or a deep valley of some mountain range.

“Ayrin, you still dare to open your mouth...

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